My top 5 autumn food prep tips and recipes

I am such a fan of food prepping because I’m very busy and it makes it SO much easier to eat healthily in the week, when I’m in the throws of work-kids-fitness-me juggle.  I make it part of my weekend routine (I do it every Sunday) and means I have lots of healthy, tasty food at my finger tips!

Here are my top 5 and some ideas for turning these into different meals too..

My famous veg soup

I swear this is the easiest soup to make and my veg hating twin boys love it! I fry off 4 chopped cloves of garlic and 1 large chopped onion in a little organic butter and olive oil for 5 minutes, add 1/2 bulb of chopped celery and 2-3 large chopped carrots. I fry these off for a couple of minutes (and add some mixed herbs as I do that) and then add some vegetable wheat free stock cubes and boiling water. I then add 2 peeled and sliced sweet potatoes and simmer for 30-40 minutes. When cooked, I blitz it with a hand held blender.

My boys have it with a slice of wf seeded toast (extra protein for them with seeded bread) when they get home from school…

And I also put left over veggies in it for an easy stew…

I often have it mid morning or mid afternoon instead of a tea or coffee and it really hits the spot. High nutrient, low calorie and warming too… WIN-WIN!


Roasted Butternut Squash

This is a staple in my autumn eating and it’s so versatile (and cheap!). I batch up a large butternut squash (89p in LIDL) and this often lasts for 3-4 lunches / dinners.

I simply halve it, scoop out the seeds and roast it in the oven with either olive oil or coconut oil with lots of fresh oregano.

I often have half cold with some hoummas a 4pm snack if I’m eating late that day, or I top it with a salad mix or I have it warmed through in the oven with goats cheese and one of my favourite autumn greens, steamed Cavelo Nero!


Tuna, bean and rice salad

I have two versions of this amazing chunky salad and it is a perfect salad topper, snack and I also throw it on top of 1/2 a butternut squash as a 5 minute autumn salad option 🙂

I either cook up brown rice myself or I buy the quinoa / brown rice mix already cooked in the super market. I love it with tuna, chick peas, spring onion and parsley. Or with mixed beans, tuna, radishes and parsley. You can mix and  match any ingredients really,  but I make a big batch up that lasts me days.

I use it as a snack on a bed of rocket…

Or on a butternut squash or slice of wf seeded toast as an easy, more filling meal…


Boiled eggs

Boiling up eggs is something I do each week too, as it means I can slice them and have them on toast for breakfast, chuck them into my tuna/bean/rice mix and eggs are a fantastic source of protein, especially if like me you eat very little meat.

For breakfast today after a big bootcamp on the beach, I had 2 sliced boiled eggs on WF toast with some rocket and olive oil / lemon. It took me 2 mins to put together!



I make this a lot for me and my daughter. My favourite (and easiest) one to make is a pea and feta one. And I chop it into small pieces so we both have it as snacks, or she can have some for a meal with some broccoli and a veggie sausage.  I also use the chopped up frittata to top salads, squashes and rice dishes to add some protein like this one I had yesterday…

I can’t stress how much putting these things together takes hardly any effort at all (last weekend I did 3 of the above whilst cooking up a roast chicken lunch). As I type this it’s a Thursday morning and I’ve eaten so well this week mixing and matching these!

I hope this has inspired you to think about some autumn food prep for yourselves. I promise you without all this healthy food to hand,  it would be very easy for me to drop my food management focus and reach for the quick wheat/dairy type options.  A little bit of effort like this goes a long, long way.

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Any questions about food prepping, please let me know!

Janey 🙂

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