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With a heat wave comes the inevitable, lots of BBQs!  But as I’m analysing lots of food diaries at the moment for the Best Body Bootcamp, I’m seeing lots of people undo their hard work by a lack of focus as they have fun in the sun.

If you follow my photo food diaries and blogs you’ll know that I love my food and like to indulge in nice wine and with two BBQs in two days over the last weekend, I’ve still managed to maintain some food focus. This means I’m not starting the week with an uphill struggle with regards to calories and more importantly, I’m guilt free.  Here’s how:

I only indulge in the things I really like.
I can’t bear wasting calories on things that aren’t my favourite things. For example, I’d rather have a few glasses of nice wine, have a lean burger, and eat light things around that. For example, yesterday, I had a green salad, a couple of small potatoes, some quinoa and sun dried tomatoes. I had a burger, half a sausage and although I had some nice wine, I didn’t have any bread, any pudding or crisps.

I avoid willy-nilly eating and am always mindful with what I eat and drink.
I chose olives and nuts and avoided the pate on toast that were on offer and when the cheese came round I had two small pieces of my favourite cheese but no biscuits or butter.

feel good foodI always make healthy things.
Yesterday I made a quinoa and sun-dried tomato dish, and the day before, made a really nice mixed salad. Around the meals out, I eat as well as I can, for example, around the BBQs this weekend, I’ve had lots of soups, salads and juices. This means I balance out any fun, like the wine and odd bit of cheese, but also I’ve got great nutrients coming into my body which means I don’t have the same food cravings as others do but also my body functions extremely well. This also helps when you are having a bit of fun!

I don’t feel hard done by when people around me are tucking in.
It’s about choice and you need to make peace with your choices. I choose to eat well and look good. I choose not to have bread and dessert; I choose not to have seconds so I don’t gain unnecessary weight. I’m not bitter about these choices because the key is this… To reach your goals (or maintain them), you need to give up something you want for something you want a little bit more.

Social functions for me now are not about food.
Even though I love food, it’s also about catching up with people I care about, laughing and having fun, and you don’t need to stuff yourself to have a good time. Yesterday, without a doubt, the overweight people were the ones who were the first to the buffet table, were eating seconds, and having wine, bread, dessert and cheese. You are what you eat. FACT!

I don’t ever consider myself to be on a diet. Therefore, I don’t have the need to have big blow outs at the weekends. Because I am clever with my calories and eat the things I love (that also includes the ‘naughty’ things such as controlled wine intake, chunky chips and full fat mayonnaise), I don’t feel hard done by, ever. I do eat incredibly healthily, but that is a lifestyle choice, not a short term blitz.

I exercise on the days I indulge.
On Saturday morning, I got up after having a night out in London. I stayed in a hotel and had a check out time of midday. Rather than lie in bed having breakfast, I took my gym gear with me and enjoyed a 9km power walk at 9am. This morning, post a big family BBQ yesterday, I’ll be power walking 10kms home.

fancy food I plan my indulgences and balance them out.
This last weekend has been a big socialising weekend and I knew it was going to be. Therefore last week I was extremely good with my food and had no wine and then from tomorrow, I’ll be knuckling back down again and going on a mini-detox of double juicing and no alcohol. I did drink everyday over the last four days, but I’m okay with that, because I can balance it out (and eat a lot of liver-friendly foods).

I never feel guilty.
Tonight is the last night my brother is in the UK, so I’m also out for dinner tonight to one of the best restaurants in the world – Wheelers in Whitstable. I won’t be choosing plain grilled fish and salad at a place like this. I’ll be having some fantastic seafood, probably lobster and all the trimmings. But where most people go wrong is they are strict at the wrong times. I used to be the person that was strict when I went out for dinner, but then would waste calories on snacks around the meal out and I felt hard done by. Nowadays, if I have a lunch meeting, I’ll choose a salad, but when I’m going to a great restaurant, the last thing I want to do is choose the lowest calorie meals. Life and food should be enjoyed to the full in my view!

I hope this helps and if you did eat and drink too much over the weekend, don’t feel bad – it’s done!  Just do all you can this week to balance it out and try to learn to control willy-nilly over-eating. Being mindful about food, time and life is one of the biggest breakthroughs I had on my journey to long-lasting, sustainable health.

Janey x


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Hope this blog finds you happy and healthy!

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