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Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen some amazing things happen on BEST and we wanted to share a little more insight as to what happens behind the scenes of this positive, life-enhancing program.

Read on to find out about the magical (and sometimes funny!) breakthroughs women have from doing BEST!

1. Where do people listen to their BEST audios?

BEST is an audio based program which means that you can literally listen to your audios anywhere! Often, people think that to do a program like this, you need to be sat down scribbling away. On some calls people like to do that but the weekly audios are designed to inspire you as you listen to them and so BESTies (as you’ll be known if you join the program!), listen to them:

  • In the bath
  • On a dog walk
  • Doing house work
  • Driving home from the school run
  • Power walking
  • Commuting on the train
  • Doing their weekly food shop
  • Sat at their favourite local café

BEST audios and Q & As are positive, thought provoking, inspiring & invigorating – so finding 90 minutes a week for yourself to take in some great information, we believe is an essential act of self-care. Plus you don’t even need to really find extra time as the examples above demonstrate!

2. Freezer drawers?!?

People submit questions each week on BEST for the weekly Q and As hosted by myself and/or Gill (my co coach who is a psychologist, NLP Practioner and Thought Field Therapist) on a Wednedsay. Once we had a woman who’s husband wasn’t adhering to her freezer draw policy that she had created to make her life as a stay at home Mum efficient. He kept putting food in the wrong drawers, not marking on the chart what he had taken out, those kinds of things. And her email in was a massive rant about ‘Why wouldn’t he do it?!’ and ‘Why doesn’t he respect my system?!’, that he was ‘driving her mad’. But she also identified at the end of her email “Why have I become the Mum that care’s what’s in the f***ng freezer anyway?!?!?!”. You see it wasn’t about the freezer draw. It was about her being bored and frustrated as a stay at home Mum, jealous of her husband for being out the house and not having to deal with so much of the mundane stuff that goes on being a Mum, there was resentment and a complete communication breakdown. You see this is what people do, they talk about things (argue and in some cases get divorced!) about freezer draws. But it is never about the freezer draws. The freezer draws are code for an underlying issue that’s not resolved or a need that isn’t being met. BEST helps women unravel all sorts of things like this!

3. Packed lunches anyone?

Sometimes women need support with implementing the simplest of things that make a significant impact in their world. We have a BESTie who’s 3 teenage boys and husband expected her to make their packed lunches for school and work each day as well as everything else like washing, cleaning, cooking etc. But this woman worked and this woman was fed up of doing it and wanted help getting them to do it, so that they supported her decision and didn’t see it as nagging. One BEST q and a later, et voila! Packed lunches off her list and she’d freed up 15 minutes or more of her day to do something she wanted to. As in the freezer draw point, it’s not about the packed lunches, it was about the confidence to be able to ask for help / support / implement change via authentic communication. To many this may be a simple or stupid thing, but to others, a change like this make a massive difference. What aren’t you communicating about in your life? And do you need help?

4. You can’t choose your family!

One of the common themes of the questions submitted is how to deal with difficult family members, especially difficult mother in laws, siblings, siblings’ partners, step children, step parents, dominant parents, difficult children, money issues and family members who are perhaps addicts or extremely toxic. The BEST Q and As help people cope in a vast array of situations by us giving them the mindset tools to accept people as they are and that their stuff is their stuff. To not retaliate or rise to the bait when their buttons are pushed, to be able to say no or have a difference of opinion when they know their relative will be offended. To handle difficult children positively and manage finance dilemmas – all kinds of things. It is incredible how many people’s energy improves by being able to let go of these people and circumstances that you literally cannot control. Many people report of a real sense of freedom having done BEST.

5. Better confidence in the work place!

Many of the Q and As we host are based on work dilemmas and challenges, often based around personal confidence issues or how to deal with others around you who are either a bully, not pulling their weight, causing you additional work stress, making you feel rubbish – and for Mums dealing with guilt and what others think of them in the work place. We do lots of Q and As on this and people tend to make so much stuff up in their heads which leads to so much unnecessary stress. We help people look at facts and evidence and identify core beliefs. One woman had been told by someone in a previous job that she wasn’t good at something, she took that message and belief with her. But when we broke down her email in, it was soon apparent that the man wasn’t someone that she admired or respected and that she had also blocked out any positive comments others had made. Things like this hold women back and in some cases cause women to walk away from work. Could your mindset and unraveling your core beliefs in the workplace change things for the better in your career?

6. Change of career or location anyone?

Sooooo many women change career from doing BEST! From women who quit their high flying, well paid city jobs to set up a small local business, to women who quit PR & events in the London to move to the North and set up a fitness business, to women who decide to retrain and change careers in the forties, to women who find the inner confidence to go for that promotion or step up the career ladder and in one case we helped one client ask for a £15k pay rise and got it thanks to a Q and A session we did! We’ve helped women move to the other side of the world, support women in identifying they’e been doing a job that was zapping the life out of  them and to find the confidence to go on a completely different path. One of the best things about BEST, is seeing women absolutely flourish from creating a life they love that makes them truly shine.

7. Money, money, money!

Finance plays a big part in many women’s stresses but BEST really helps to a) have a better perspective around money b) get a plan to make more or clear any debts c) have the confidence to ask for money they deserve or want and d) let money go. We had a women fighting for her mother’s inheritance, dealing with a  difficult step father. In the end because of BEST, she identified that she would just walk away from the money because it wasn’t worth the stress or toxicity in her life. Another was able to tell her husband about her secret £25k credit card debt, another rebuilding her life from nothing with her husband after they lost literally everything in a duff business deal. Money is not worth any stress, yet holds so many people back. BEST helps women get a better mindset about money, whether to let money stress go, downsize, or to make more or ask for more money.

8. How would you react if you lost your job?

One of the loveliest things I’ve heard on BEST is a woman who said because of BEST, she loved her husband more after he lost his job. Instead of going into fear mode, they worked together and she said that she loved her husband more because she saw how hard she worked and respected him for it. Their marriage grew stronger and from seeing redundancy as a plot twist rather than a failure, their energy was much better, he got a better, more well paid job and there was no cortisol in sight!

9. Helping women face their demons. Many women have little demons that hold them back from being the real them and the best version of themselves. When you help women unravel, address and overcome their demons, however big or small, it is the most delightful, inspiring thing to see. Many women who start BEST don’t even realise they have them! But on some of the first weekly audios where we encourage women to take control, remove anything they’ve been in denial about and reset themselves, all sorts of things come out in the open. Our clients often tell us of the relief they feel for being able to finally get rid of these demons (often brushed under the carpet) so they can put all their energy on the positive things and a bright, authentic future. What’s in your closet that’s stoping you from being the best version of you?!

10. When you’ve become what you used to dread?! In 2017, we had a question in from someone who had literally become the person her and her husband said they never would be! The ‘Airport scanner woman’ story was one that stayed with us – as we could ALL relate to this hilariously serious question! But in life, so much mind mapping goes on, we see things and we make the rest up. BEST is packed full of helping you see things in different ways. It’s a paradigm shifter, because there is always a different way of doing things and seeing things!

11. Are you communicating in the right way to the right people? Communication is always something that comes up year after year. So many of you will be mind mapping and thinking you know what the other person is thinking and that creates all sorts of communication barriers. Plus, are you aware that people respond differently to personal language and tone. Some are auditory, some visual, some kinaesthetic, some a combination of two or all three. Knowing HOW to say what to different people so they really listen rather than get their back up and having the confidence to say what you need to say without getting angry, emotional or losing the plot, is something we help a lot of BEST clients totally transform.

12. No such thing as wrong or right, just different! We help so many women get to grips with this because there really isn’t such thing as right and wrong. It’s only different. And a lot of BEST (especially the Q and As) is helping women see the other person’s perspective as different not wrong and often making peace with the fact that when you make a decision that is right FOR YOU, others may think it’s wrong. The more you focus on you and allow people to focus on them, and really see the ‘different over right V wrong’ mentality, you’ll be amazed how it positively impacts all areas of your life!

Want to experience BEST?

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If it’s time to become the best version of you, design a powerful, enjoyable and authentic life that gives you a wonderful energy every single day of your life, come and join me, Gill and a wonderful group of women over the next year.

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Let’s make the rest of your life the BEST of your life…

Janey x

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