BEST: Business – 2020 Case Studies

Here are a selection of BEST: Business 2020 client case studies…


Reclaim Movement 

Wendy is a Natural movement coach and started BEST:Business with very little confidence in her business and a BIG fear of social media, particular videos. She’s now running online and small group sessions AND smashing social media; providing amazing content (including loads of amazing videos) and a guest expert on Insta Lives too!

For those that don’t know, natural movement is about looking at a person’s ability to move well throughout their entire day’s movements – not just in ‘exercise’ sessions, helping you become aware of the quality of all your personal movement patterns.  The benefits are helping protect against injury, strengthening the body in good alignment, increasing mobility & creating healthy movement patterns. It also gives you greater confidence to move more & move well throughout your day, whatever your age and for the rest of your life!

Check out Wendy’s website here, or follow her @reclaim.movement on social. 

“After recovering from 4 years of chronic pain, I qualified in Sept 2019 as a natural movement teacher. I had been practicing teaching with the dream of starting a business that would work around family-life, give me more fulfilment and more importantly help those who were in my position or to try and prevent it in others.  

BUT…my confidence was incredibly low and having never been a fan of social media, I was petrified about putting myself out there in any way. Despite passing my qualification I still doubted myself and had a constant negative gremlin. All of this added up to not believing I could do it and feeling very alone & stuck. 

Then I signed up to BEST: Business and slowly but surely I dared to dream. The content was timed perfectly for me to plan a September launch and focussed my thinking on my audience, what I was offering, how to show it to people authentically and so much more. I was gently nudged enough out of my comfort zone and with small wins I started to change my mindset, which was really the only thing holding me back the whole time. With the inspiration & motivation from Janey on a weekly basis (that I grew to depend on) and the encouragement and support of a group of amazing women, I pushed past myself and launched in September. I have loved being on the BB course and feel it was the perfect catalyst at the perfect time and I keep referring back to the content regularly. I can’t wait to join the team again next year”



Duck Egg Threads

BEST: Biz client Sarah Fletcher runs an awesome online fabric store and also provides patterns and online sewing workshops.

If you love material and sewing, this is the woman to follow!

Take a look at Sarah’s website here, or follow her on instagram: @duckeggthreads

“Janey’s BEST Business program has been invaluable and worth every penny. Janey is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, her style of coaching is infectious, you can’t help but be motivated, you will start to change your mindset and feel more positive about your business. I would recommend Janey and her BEST Business program without hesitation to any small business owner who is finding themselves floundering or stuck, you’ll be challenged and learn how to look at your business objectively, allowing you to find a direction that’s right for you and your business”



Sip Sip Wine

BEST:Biz client Amanda Sefton has set up this fab online wine tasing business – Inspiring women to drink wine they love! Faff-free and totally unstuffy. Wine tastings, courses, socials and concierge.
SipSipWine are running a series of free winter wine tastings and socials.

Check out all the details on her Instagram account @sipsipwine

“I can’t recommend BEST:Business highly enough and I haven’t even finished listening to all the content yet! Janey’s coaching style is the perfect mix of gentle coaxing and a ‘just get it done’. If you need help to see the wood from the trees, you need this course. If you know where you’re going but just need the confidence to make the next steps, you need this course. In fact, every woman running a small business would benefit from this course. The support from Janey and her colleagues is brilliant and the community she creates gives you a feeling of having a team behind you every step of the way. I’ll definitely repeat this in 2021, it’s the best business investment I could have made!“




Designs on Cushions

Julia Oldham makes beautifully hand crafted, personalised cushions in a variety of different styles and fabrics – check out my “Christmas with the Holliday’s!” one.  She is still taking orders for delivery in SW London for Christmas. And definitely check out her AMAZING school leavers cushions which make a great gift for your children or family – and something they can keep forever!

Check out Julia’s website here, or follow her @designsoncushions

“I’ve loved being on BEST:Business this year – fantastic audios and resources from Janey, the opportunity to have an hour one to one to discuss your business then and listening / watching to all the other Business Besties has been amazing, still of course a work in progress so excited to be able to continue on this journey with Janey and other Biz clients.  Certainly without their offering of ideas, support and cheerleading, this year would have been much harder. Thank you Janey for once again coming up with a fab course!”



JH Divorce Coaching

Janet Henson is the woman you need to know if you’re going through a divorce, in a controlling relationship or recovering from one. She’s a globally sought-after Divorce Coach who’s quest is to banish the stigma that still surrounds divorce and prove that the end of a marriage can be the most empowering, and life-affirming event. Her coaching experience coupled with her own divorce experience enables her to help individuals transform their lives by taking control of their minds AND equipping them with the strategies and tools they need to confidently transition into the next phase of their life. Janet also specialises in narcissistic abuse, high conflict, divorce in later life and expat divorces.

For more info take a look at Janet’s website here, or follow her @jhdivorcecoach

BEST: Business is the best investment I ever made in my business. The ROI in terms of value for money was beyond my expectations. Janey invests her total energy and passion into mentoring everyone on the course. …It’s rare to find such a dedicated mentor. I highly recommend joining – you won’t regret it. I also met such inspiring women who supported each other throughout the course”



Soul Shimmer Designs

Karen Zimmerman-Grant, BEST:Business client living in Switzerland runs this awesome eco-friendly, reusable ceramic cup art and personalised gifts that shimmer and shine.

See her beautiful work and craft inspiration on her Instagram account @soulshimmerdesigns

“Janey’s coaching style is what brings me back to her programs, year after year – open, honest, transparent, fun and of course, her incredible knowledge bank. She knows how to get the message across without it becoming boring or over-complicated. Without a doubt BEST:Business has improved my confidence. One particular post I made which Janey commented on, completely changed the confidence I had in my products and myself. What I found most helpful was Janey also updating us on her business journey as it went along and not just teaching us tricks, but giving concrete personal examples. We could see her journey unfolding at the same time and how she used the strategies she was teaching us in the course and applying them to her business.  For the amount of content we were provided with; Janey’s time on the weekly Zoom calls, the 30 mindset audios and the 121, it was totally good value for money. It’s a brilliant program, sign up now!”




How to Have Fun With Instagram and Maison de la Roche

I’ve done Honor’s Instagram course and it is BRILLIANT, so highly recommend for anyone who wants to have more fun (and success!) from Instagram. And when travel restrictions are lifted, I also recommend her gites too! Honor also does regular IGTV videos interviewing all sorts of amazing women.

Check Honor out on instagram @maisondelaroche, and her website is here.

“When my gites business in France was affected from lockdown, I didn’t know what I was going to do. But I did Janey’s Small Business mindset challenge in the spring and Janey suggested that I could become an Instagram coach. So I signed up to BEST:Business and made that happen! With Janey’s experts and guidance AND the support of all the other BEST:Biz girls, I have been doing online 1:1s since May and in November launched my first Instagram course “How to have more fun on Instagram” which sold out! I’m back doing BEST:Business on 2021 because the support is invaluable and my next Instagram course starts in January!”


Sandra’s Flower Workshops

Sandra Janssens has been dreaming of running her own business for a long time and this year she made it a reality! Sandra makes fresh and dried flower arrangements and wreaths. And also provides online flower arranging and wreath making workshops.

You can check out Sandra’s amazing wreaths and order via her Instagram account @sandra_flower_workshops

“I recommend BEST:Business to anybody who wants to start a business, however small! I had been thinking of doing a little Instagram business doing flower workshops, and wreath workshops around Christmas time. But it was only through the course and the encouragement and enthusiasm of Janey that I dared to try it! The other women on the course are super supportive too. Workshops couldn’t really happen so I “pivoted” my idea and am now making wreaths and table decorations, but look forward to running workshops in the new year. This was the best investment in myself and my business, and it feels so good to end the year on a high, realising what I am capable of!! Thank you Janey!”


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