BEST:Business Booster



Calling all female small business owners who need help to get some key things achieved in their business between now and Christmas!

Women who would love to end this year on a personal and business high – whether your end of year business goals are big and bold or even subtle and small. 

Maybe you are a female small business owner that has some business niggles and stresses going on that you
need solutions for.  Or you have roadblocks (whether personal or business related) that are distracting you or making you feel frustrated but you’re desperate to get through them; because you want your business to work and you want to enjoy your business?

Maybe you find you often get stuck in your own head and find yourself dominated by unhelpful, self-limiting or critical thoughts. With a mindset that can dip from time to time (or all the time!) which holds you back?

You might be a small business owner that finds it lonely working by yourself. And you can struggle with motivation and procrastination. Perhaps having the habit of making things waaaay more complicated and bigger than they are! And struggle with clarity in what you need to do and the confidence to do key tasks?

You might want some tailor-made support for your business, but without the cost of 121’s or a long time commitment of a big coaching program?

Perhaps you’d love to be championed (and sometimes challenged!) by an upbeat, practical and experienced small business coach (that’s me!) AND being alongside a group of like minded women – who want to make great things happen too – so feel like they are part of a brilliant team?

If any of this resonates with you, you will LOVE my BEST:Business BOOSTER!



  • Is a positive, pro-active and powerful client-led experience for female small business owners who want to get some great stuff done and need help to get it done.
  • Is over two months and is running from Monday 3rd October to Monday 28th November (with a break for half term)
  • This two month ‘business booster lock-in’, is designed to help female small business owners achieve amazing things together, in a short amount of time, with an inspirational and impactful approach, in an encouraging, judgement free environment.
  • It also has a two month pop-up Facebook group (optional)


How it works –

  • On signing up, you have access to a BEST:Business BOOSTER coaching template to help you identity the areas you’d like to work on and need help in over the two months. We ask that you send this into me via email – to help me see any common themes amongst the women – which means I can tailor-make some of the small business booster sessions.
  • Over October and November, there are 14  x Small Business booster sessions – that will combine group coaching / mindset and motivation techniques / accountability / tips / Hot Seat Q and As, for you to dip in and out of as you wish – see times and dates list below.
  • There are replays of all calls and if you can’t make it live but have a question or issue, it can still be covered
  • At the end of each booster session I will ask my clients to share the things they are going to do in their business between sessions,  and this positive accountability I know makes a BIG difference! (There is no shaming though – some weeks you might not get done what you said you would – but that is OK! We will learn, be objective and adjust accordingly)
  • It doesn’t matter what business you run and what your back of house is
  • This is about bringing a group of like minded women who want to be inspired and supported to make some great things happen in their business by the end of the year
  • I am a very practical mindset and small business coach – and will bring in time management and planning tips
  • You also have access to my 3 part webinar series called “The Business Basecamp Formula” – helping small business owners build a strong foundation to take their business to new heights with the REFLECT, REJUVENATE and ROUTE principles. This is available Friday  30th September.


The cost of the BEST:Business BOOSTER is £195 or you can spread the payment over 2 x direct debits of £99


To sign up for BEST:Business BOOSTER, simply click one of the pink boxes below.


(By signing up for the reoccurring payments, you agree as per our terms and conditions that you will pay 2 payments of £110)



Small Business Hot Seat session dates as follows

  1. Monday 3rd October 12-1pm
  2. Friday 7th October – 1030-1130am
  3. Monday 10th October 12-1pm
  4. Friday 14th October – 1030-1130am
  5. Monday 17th October 12-1pm
  6. Friday 21st October 1030-1130am


  1. Friday 4th November 1030-1130am
  2. Monday 7th November 12-1pm
  3. Friday 11th November 1030-1130am
  4. Monday 14th November 12-1pm
  5. Friday 18th November 1030-1130am
  6. Monday 21st November 12-1pm
  7. Friday 25th November 1030-1130am
  8. Monday 28th November 12-1pm


You do NOT have to have done BEST:Business to be part of the BEST:Business BOOSTER experience (BEST:Business contains 30 x Small business mindset audios to help you think your best, be the best and create your best business). But you will get a £50 off voucher if you do, meaning the 30 audios will be £149 instead of £199.

If you’d like a small business 121 with me, you can book that with me at anytime

Any other questions please email the office

Janey x