BEST: Business

Like no other small business online coaching and support program out there!


BEST: Business will be running again in 2021 – register your interest below!


Whether you are wanting to set a business up, pivot and push an existing business or take your business to a whole new level (or indeed online), BEST Business is for you!

By the end of the year you will have made SO much progress in your business, you’ll be kicking back and celebrating going “WOW, did I just do that?!” AND commenting what an enjoyable journey it was too!

It is a great time to be an entrepreneur, really.

And business does not need to be stressful. Or  scary. But you do need clarity on you want to achieve AND be really, really clear on all the things you and your business must do to get there. And the things you must leave behind that don’t take you towards your revenue or business goals.

And you do need confidence. Confidence and clarity is EVERYTHING in a small business! Made even more powerful with a great mindset to match!


“Janey’s business coaching sessions are positive, inspiring and practical. After just one call I felt so motivated and clearer on what I needed to do, to move from the place I had felt so stuck in for so long. Janey is so supportive and gave me strategies to implement together with a lot of belief in myself. The difference I felt in the first hour working with Janey was incredible and I am making leaps and bounds in developing the business of my dreams thanks for her wonderful guidance” Victoria Jones, Small Business Coaching and BEST client


If you work by yourself, as I have for 18 years, it can be lonely and thoughts can spiral, especially in the changing times around us. But working alongside an amazing group of women online,  under my expertise, coaching and guidance – I’m going to help you make your business successful AND enjoyable, no matter where you are in your journey.

BEST: Business takes you through a series of steps, delivering 6 months of inspiration, support, advice, ideas, practical solutions and thought management switches that will help you ‘GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!’ Yes even with what’s going on around us at the moment.

It will teach you things from simple strategy, planning, productivity and pricing/packaging. And ONLY doing the most important things that will take you where you want to go.

I’ll teach you how to push through fears and procrastination, unravel and override unhelpful beliefs (that WILL be holding you back and keeping you stuck!) and explore your authentic selling power.

BEST: Business will encourage you to be more visible and to get yourself out there as well as finding solutions to all your weaknesses and roadblocks.

You’ll be taught how to keep your business simple but your mission and message magical. Brilliant business language, so you’re so behind yourself and how you must learn to say NO to the wrong things in and out of your business.

It will teach you to up your game without the pressure that is usually associated with that, to chunk big, scary things down into bite size chunks – as well as helping you to keep calm and in control of what you need to do.

There will visibility and revenue challenges (including how to make money quickly if you need to because of Covid-19), accountability, boundaries and balance – because business does NOT have to be stressful.

Unlike a lot of small business coaching programs out there, there is a HUGE tailor made side.

So as well as the 30 BEST Business audios (see the list below!), there is so much tailor-made advice via the weekly Q and As.

“Janey has changed my life twice. First time, in the middle of a major career change, I went to her with a dozens ideas buzzing through my head. She helped me distil them down to a working plan that launched me on the road to success. Five years later, when I was looking to diversify and expand, Janey again used her practical knowledge and ability to inspire and draw the best out of clients to get me focused and up and running”. Roger Love, Small Business Coaching client


PLUS everyone on BEST: Business, has a 45 minute laser coaching session as part of the program price, meaning you get a 1:1 with me on Zoom, which we share in the group. If you don’t want to share your laser coaching session in the group, you can pay a small top up fee and make it a private 1:1.

However, I want BEST: Business to be a business version of my BEST program and I want the women on the program to really become a closed knit, power house team and work together, with me by their side, every step of the way.

There will be a closed Facebook group, where you’ll be able to post and share your triumphs and troubles, successes and solutions. This group will be a huge part of the BEST: Business program and there will also be FB Lives and bonus Zooms in there from time to time.

“I was at such a cross roads and now I can see a way forwards thanks to the session and your support. I’ve felt stuck for a long time and been grappling with feeling unfulfilled and feeling lost especially in relation to purpose, work or setting up my own business.  Now I feel able to let go of the weight of these things and focus instead on what I’d love to create, what I’m passionate about sharing with the world and still stay true to my boundaries.

I love that you’ve helped me take the pressure off myself so I can flow more easily and see what’s next for me with fun and ease.

I’m feeling relieved, calm and buzzing at the same time! The investment has been worth every penny and I know that once I’ve got my venture up and running the time and money spent on the coaching will pay itself back in no time. And more than that I can’t put a price on feeling so happy and light since the session” – Annie Frere, Small Business Coaching and BEST client


It’s going to be an incredible six months and numbers will be capped. Because unlike a lot of business programs out there at the moment, the main part of this is the tailor made side of things. The BEST Business audios will teach you all sorts of amazing things but the Q and As and laser coaching calls are all about YOU and getting you to implement them. I’ll also be bringing in my BEST co-coach Gill Harvey Bush from time to time as we tackle your unhelpful business beliefs and fears that really do get in the way of women and their business success!

You’ll have coach with you every step if the way AND a group of women working alongside you who have your back!

I literally cannot wait to get started. And see what all you amazing women can achieve between now and the end of the year!


Month 1 – WHAT DO YOU WANT AND NEED? (Monday 1st June)

  • Setting your 6 month business goals
  • How can you achieve this? Looking at what your business does and what it could do
  • Making decisions on what you’re going to focus on for next 6 months
  • Packaging and pricing power
  • Your 6 month plan & most important to do list finalised

Month 2 – CLARITY AND CONFIDENCE (Wednesday 1st July)

  • How you feel about your business is everything. Exploring your business values and beliefs
  • Authentic selling power. Your business gold
  • Why you and your product? What do you want you and your business to be known for?
  • Crushing impostor syndrome & business comparison
  • Pushing through your business fears

Month 3 – SHINE BRIGHT (Saturday 1st August)

  • You need to shine bright
  • Beautiful branding & brilliant business mission
  • Get yourself out there!
  • Connecting with people who will sell for you
  • Only talk success!

Month 4 – GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY (Tuesday 1st September)

  • What are your current weaknesses and roadblocks? What’s not working and why?
  • What solutions or systems or support do you need?
  • Pushing through procrastination
  • Distraction management
  • Learning the art of saying NO in & out of your business

Month 5 – UPPING YOUR GAME (Thursday 1st October)

  • How to make yourself do the things you don’t want to do
  • How far are you off achieving your 6 month goal?
  • Consistency conviction
  • Getting so behind your business it feels great
  • New level new devil

Month 6 – WHAT'S NEXT? (Sunday 1st November)

  • Final important action points of the year
  • 6 (or 12) month strategy for next year
  • Learning from your mistakes
  • Celebrating your wins
  • Getting you and your business ready for its next steps

BONUS CALLS - Available 1st June!

  • BEST: Business principles
  • Time blocking
  • Easy Money Management
  • Brilliant branding & a wonderful website (with Rachael Bowie my designer)
  • Authentic & imperfect social media (with Honor Marks my client / friend turned Insta coach)
  • What and how to sell online swiftly

Q and As

Your opportunity to come and ask me anything!

There are weekly Q&As for the 27 weeks of the program length

I guarantee that every question will be answered and these will either be pre-recorded audio or Zoom Q and As.


“I applied to take a big step up in my professional life, and engaged a consultant to help with the form and interview technique. However, the best investment I made was having some 1 to 1 coaching sessions with Janey. She helped me overcome the imposter syndrome which was creeping in, and to think about why I was making the application, and what I had to offer. The confidence boost that was given to me – not by Janey but by the exercises she set me and things she made me think about – made all the difference, and I was successful” – R. Parish, VIP and BEST client


Laser coaching

As part of your BEST: Business investment, you will get one personal laser coaching session on Zoom (that we share in the group) where I will coach, mentor or advise you on a topic or issue you and your business needs help with. These will start from 1st June and slots will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so the sooner you book, the sooner you can have your session!

If you’d rather keep this private to yourself, you can pay a £25 top up, for it to be only seen by you 🙂



If you need 1:1s throughout the 6 months, these are just £60 an hour instead of £80.


The cost

For the 6 months which includes 30 Best Business audios, 27 weekly Q&As, your own laser coaching session and all the laser coaching sessions from your other BEST biz buddies AND the secret Facebook support group with bonus Zooms and FB lives, the cost is:


£499 upfront payment


6 x direct debits of £99 per month (total price £594)

BEST 2020 client discount:

£449 upfront payment


6 x direct debits of £85 per month    (total price £510)



Think the BEST

Be the BEST

Create your BEST business

Let’s do this!


BEST: Business is currently SOLD OUT, but it will be running again next year.  Sign up below and you will be notified as soon as it goes on sale!