BEST: Business


I believe all businesses can and should be successful AND enjoyable!

And as a mindset coach that has also been coaching small business owners for over 16 years, I see the same issues come up over and over again that prevent this. These are also the exact same things I have struggled with myself and pushed through – in the last twenty years of running my own businesses!

These are a lack of simple strategy and planning, out of control thoughts – i.e a negative inner dialogue, unhelpful beliefs, lack of confidence, comparison, self-doubt and fear. Small business owners making things waaaay more complicated than they need be – and often not doing the most important things that take them to where they want to be.

Plus, roadblocks, procrastination, demotivation and self-sabotage get in the way! And of course the struggles of solo-working from home (distractions, loneliness, time management and boundaries). As well as visibility resistance and frustrations of social media to name a few.

 Sound familiar? Well whether you are wanting to set a new business up, pivot and push an existing business, take your business to a whole new level or just change how you do business, BEST:Business is for you!

“Best business is the best investment I ever made in my business. The ROI in terms of value for money was beyond my expectations. Janey invests her total energy and passion into mentoring everyone on the course. …It’s rare to find such a dedicated mentor. I highly recommend joining – you won’t regret it. I also met some inspiring women who supported each other through out the course”

Janet Henson and BEST:Business 2020 graduate / 2021 repeat client

BEST:Business – can be bought individually or also included in The Women’s Mindset Business Club

BEST:Business consists of 30 x 30 minutes BEST:Business mindset audios and tailor made bonus content. And you can purchase the 30 audios and have access immediately!


“I can’t recommend Best Business highly enough and I haven’t even finished listening to all the content yet! Janey’s coaching style  is the perfect mix of gentle coaxing and a ‘just get it done’. If you need help to see the wood from the trees, you need this course. If you know where you’re going but just need the confidence to make the next steps, you need this course. In fact, every woman running a small business would benefit from this course. The support from Janey and her colleagues is brilliant and the community she creates gives you a feeling of having a team behind you every step of the way. I’ll definitely repeat this in 2021, it’s the best business investment I could have made!“

Amanda Sefton from the FAB @sipsipwine 


This program is on my GIFT TO WOMEN option (formally known as “give and gift it on“ )

This means that 5% of ALL my bookings – either from individual programs or my One Life Hub membership (details below) will be donated to Women’s Aid (Women’s Aid is a grassroots federation working together to provide life-saving services and build a future where domestic violence is not tolerated) via Work For Good.  Work for Good is an official platform that makes sales fundraising easy and legal.


The Women’s Mindset Business Club

You can now access BEST:Business through The Women’s Mindset Business Club



BEST: Business takes you through a series of important but inspirational steps, delivering 30 audios containing advice, ideas, practical solutions and thought management switches that will help you ‘GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!’ But with an energy and vibe conducive to you. You can listen to these at your own pace and access them as soon as you sign up.

BEST:Business will teach you things from simple strategy, planning, productivity and pricing/packaging. ONLY doing the most important things that will take you where you want to go. How to push through fears and procrastination, unravel and override unhelpful beliefs (that WILL be holding you back and keeping you stuck!) and explore your authentic selling power.

“Janey’s coaching style is what brings me back to her programs, year after year – open, honest, transparent, fun and of course, her incredible knowledge bank. And she also knows how to get the message across without it becoming boring or over-complicated”

Karen Zimmerman-Grant, BEST:Business 2020 graduate and 2021 repeat client from Soul Shimmer Designs 


BEST: Business will encourage you to be more visible and to get yourself out there (doesn’t have to be social media either!) as well as finding solutions to your weaknesses and roadblocks.

It will teach you to up your game without the pressure that is usually associated with that, to break big, scary things down into bite size chunks – as well as helping you to keep calm and in control of what you need to do.

And it will help you feel supported and ENJOY your business more too!

Before BEST: Business I was feeling stuck with a list of dreams, but no specific plan and now I know it was a lack of confidence holding me back. I had a gremlin on my shoulder for sure. The course made me realise I had a unique offering & that I had the passion needed and that I could do it – I just needed the encouragement, focus and support of the BB course & ’tribe’ to help me get out of my own way. And I have!” – Wendy Welpton from Reclaim Natural Movement




  • Setting your 6 month business goals
  • How can you achieve this? Looking at what your business does and what it could do
  • Making decisions on what you’re going to focus on for next 6 months
  • Packaging and pricing power
  • Your 6 month plan & most important to do list finalised


  • How you feel about your business is everything. Exploring your business values and beliefs
  • Authentic selling power. Your business gold
  • Why you and your product? What do you want you and your business to be known for?
  • Crushing impostor syndrome & business comparison
  • Pushing through your business fears


  • You need to shine bright
  • Beautiful branding & brilliant business mission
  • Get yourself out there!
  • Connecting with people who will sell for you
  • Only talk success!


  • What are your current weaknesses and roadblocks? What’s not working and why?
  • What solutions or systems or support do you need?
  • Pushing through procrastination
  • Distraction management
  • Learning the art of saying NO in & out of your business


  • How to make yourself do the things you don’t want to do
  • How far are you off achieving your 6 month goal?
  • Consistency conviction
  • Getting so behind your business it feels great
  • New level new devil

Step 6 – WHAT'S NEXT?

  • Final important action points of the year
  • Learning from your mistakes
  • Celebrating your wins
  • 6 (or 12) month strategy for next year
  • Getting you and your business ready for its next steps


  • Time blocking
  • Easy Money Management
  • Brilliant branding & a wonderful website (with Rachael Bowie my designer)

“Take a chance and join BEST:Business! This course is so relevant to so many of us right now and it takes away the feeling of solitude that starting a business can bring. The clarity you will get is everything!”


BEST:Business Cost: 

Access all the content straight away in The Women’s Mindset Business Club



“Many people talk about having a critical monkey on your shoulder, that prevents you from doing and tells you unhelpful things. Well Janey is the angel on your shoulder each day – saying you CAN! She is always helping you find solutions and you also have a power posse of amazing women supporting you too. From doing BEST:Business, I’ve managed to turn down the noise of that monkey and create more confidence and self-belief”  – Julia Oldham from Designs on Cushions


“I bitterly regretted selling my business back in 2009 and now, more than ten years later I’m looking forward to launching a new brand. My children have grown up and sadly I am divorced but I have more time now than ever before and am throwing myself into this new venture. At 57, my energy and enthusiasm levels have never been higher! I was expecting to do this completely alone but by chance I watched a LIVE with Honor Marks and Janey, and the next day I signed up! What a great decision. Janey’s level of support is above and beyond all expectations and the sense of camaraderie within the group is exceptional. Janey’s advice, her ideas and her energy are inspiring and so incredibly motivating. Suddenly I have work colleagues and I’m no longer in this alone. Thank you Janey!” ~Mitty from Bridie and Bert


Think the BEST

Be the BEST

Create your BEST business

Let’s do this!


“Janey’s business coaching sessions are positive, inspiring and practical. After just one call I felt so motivated and clearer on what I needed to do, to move from the place I had felt so stuck in for so long. Janey is so supportive and gave me strategies to implement together with a lot of belief in myself. The difference I felt in the first hour working with Janey was incredible and I am making leaps and bounds in developing the business of my dreams thanks for her wonderful guidance”

Victoria Jones, 1:1 and 2020 BEST:Business client

“Janey has changed my life twice. First time, in the middle of a major career change, I went to her with a dozens ideas buzzing through my head. She helped me distil them down to a working plan that launched me on the road to success. Five years later, when I was looking to diversify and expand, Janey again used her practical knowledge and ability to inspire and draw the best out of clients to get me focused and up and running”.

R Love, Small Business Coaching client


“I applied to take a big step up in my professional life, and engaged a consultant to help with the form and interview technique. However, the best investment I made was having some 1 to 1 coaching sessions with Janey. She helped me overcome the imposter syndrome which was creeping in, and to think about why I was making the application, and what I had to offer. The confidence boost that was given to me – not by Janey but by the exercises she set me and things she made me think about – made all the difference, and I was successful” – R. Parish, VIP and BEST client