Amazing BEST client case studies!

I’m so happy to share some case studies from my AWESOME clients!

Read on to be inspired and find out more and lots of new BEST testimonials!

“I have found BEST to be a great resource with lots of great ideas for making my life easier and more fun, starting from the inside out. If you want to make your life better, sign up for BEST” – client feedback survey 


Rachael is my designer and after hearing her share some mindset struggles last year I suggested that she signed up for  this year. She has loved BEST and it’s helped in her all sorts of ways, managing some health challenges and also to help her GET OUT OF HER OWN WAY and set up a new business that she’s always dreamed of doing! She now has a shop on Etsy where she is selling some AMAZING festive earrings which another BESTie described as “Finally Christmas earrings that don’t look tacky or like they’re for children!” Rachael and I share a mutual love of flamingoes (hence her shop logo) and it has been amazing to see her journey this year.


If you’d like to purchase some of Rache’s awesome jewellery, you can check out the Tic ‘N’ Tassel Etsy shop HERE!

Here’s what Rache said about BEST…

“I have been designing for Janey for a number of years now, so I knew all about BEST before signing up for it this year… I didn’t think I needed BEST, I didn’t think it was for me, I didn’t think I needed a mindset coaching programme… HOW WRONG WAS I?!”

“BEST has literally been the best thing I’ve ever done (and will be doing again) it has really helped me, especially with regards to my jewellery business, overcome my fear of failure, it’s helped me stop worrying about what other people think of me (as it’s none of my business) and most off all quash the seemingly endless procrastination that has held me back for years!!! Tic’n’tassel has been something I have wanted to do for a long time, and I really think that Janey, and her BEST programme have helped me make it happen! Watch out for the summer when flamingoes will definitely be making an appearance!”




Amanda has done BEST for quite a few years now and each year she has focused on a different life issue or task to crack – by putting the BEST principles into practice and getting tailor-made advice on the Q&As.

This year she has set up her own wine club for women and ran a retreat in Portugal that combined wine, yoga, surfing, food and fun, how amazing is that!

Follow Sip Sip Wine here: @sipsipwine

Amanda says…

“Sip Sip is a new wine club just for women, getting rid of all the pomp and stuffiness that often comes with buying wine. We will offer a monthly wine box to help women find different wines that they will love, as well as gifts, and tastings, events and retreats. Together with the French Yoga Garden,we just ran a hugely successful retreat in Portugal for 16 women, to allow them to step off the treadmill and find some balance – we had daily yoga on the rooftop, surf lessons and wine tastings before a delicious veggie dinner – an opportunity to relax, learn some new things and make new friends. 

This year I’ve actually combined the BEST 1 and BEST 2 audio content and it’s massively helped me with imposter syndrome, priorities, confidence and overwhelm. And the advice particularly on a recent Q&A about pushing through business roadblocks was incredibly helpful!”




Bethan has been an online client of mine for a few years now and I just had a feeling that she would really thrive from doing BEST. I’d suggested it to her a couple of times but 2019 was the year she bit the bullet and took the plunge. Seeing her journey this year has been amazing. She’s really shown up properly to every call, asked lots of questions and used all the BEST strategies to make some changes that she didn’t even know she wanted to make at the start! Her year on BEST has progressed in all sorts of ways that she didn’t anticipate and she responded with excitement and pushed herself out her comfort zone!

Find out more about Bethan here:

Instagram: @bethanwinn_critical_thinking


Here’s what Bethan said about BEST:

“BEST was a total gamechanger for me – I feel like it’s improved my mindset, my relationships, my professional life and given me the confidence to start my own business. The weekly calls are fab and in the Q&As I got several sessions directly about my situation which gave me faith in myself, my strengths and my ability to branch out on my own as a critical thinking facilitator for individuals and businesses.

Janey really knows her stuff and knows how to help women become their BEST selves. Each month builds on the last to stretch your thinking and challenge you – the more you put in, the more you get out and having put in a lot at the start of the year, I’m reaping the benefits now at the end. The teacher appears when the student is ready, and this was the perfect time for me for BEST and I’m so glad I took the plunge!”




 Honor has been a client of mine for many years but had never taken part in BEST. She signed up in 2018, went on to BEST 2 in 2019/2020 and is back for more in 2021 as she has loved the program and learned so much.

Honor runs 3 amazing gites in France, make sure you check them out if you want a fabulous holiday!

Instagram: @maisondelaroche
Facebook: Maison De La Roche

Here’s what Honor had to say about BEST…

“I joined BEST because I’m going through a long and difficult divorce and I knew I needed help to manage any anger, regret or bitterness that this was doing to me and to put me in a place of strength and resilience. It was also a safe place to come to rant or ask questions without dumping it all on my in real life friends who can’t escape from me! I feel that the BESTies have become a kind of family to me and the support I have received far exceeded my expectations. Two years on my divorce is still ongoing but I have meanwhile been living my BEST life. I’ve become more chilled and I think I’ve become a better friend and person, due to having a much better perspective on things. Im staying on for a third year because it’s about to hit the fan with my divorce and I know that Janey, Gill and the rest of the girls will be there for me and to remind me of everything I’ve learnt and will help get me through it. I can’t thank them all enough. More recently, I was feeling a bit disheartened about ageing (I’m in my fifties) and so sent in a question for a Q&A regarding mindset and comparison. The advice that Gill and Janey gave has been a total game changer and I’m definitely going to be focusing on my character rather than aiming for perfection and to embrace my imperfections because imperfect is REAL and I think women need to see more of it!”

Recently, in a recent BEST Q&A, we’ve been helping women who’ve been struggling with an aging mindset and comparison to other women. Getting them to celebrate character and authenticity rather than striving for perfection.  We looked at comparison on social media, why it’s easy to be forgiving and accepting of others and not with yourself and lots more.

We covered that wrinkles and wonky teeth and a bit of extra body weight DO NOT MATTER! It’s simply real life. And Gill and I said to our BEST group to just get out there and flaunt their imperfections!

As a result, the amazing Honor decided to write this incredible post …

“I know my Instagram is all about showing you that coming to France on holiday is the BEST thing to do… and you will love staying in my Gites! I want to also tell you that living here, is not always ‘living the dream’. Of course I tend to show you the best photos of me in this stunning region having fun, but then a photo of me with a huge black plastic bag full of my dog Bobs poo that I’ve just collected from the garden after procrastinating for weeks isn’t so photoworthy! You also don’t see the terror on my face when I open my water bill or pay my social contributions (although with free education and one of the best health systems in the world it lessens the pain a bit). You don’t see the worry on my face when I open another email from my divorce lawyer because horrible divorces also happen in paradise ? And while we are being honest I’ve decided I’m no longer going to worry about photos of my face showing all my wrinkles and jowls and unwhitened crooked teeth because apart from the fact that is me ….That won’t stop you from having a wonderful holiday here or liking me any less! Im not going to worry that the bra I’m wearing gives me 4 breasts because I’ve put on more weight because the truth is the food and wine here is really really good and I really really like food and wine. If I’m no longer a size 8 and in fact in denial that I’m probably also no longer a size 10 isn’t going to stop you from booking a holiday and having a fabulous time here is it? So if you want authenticity, you’ve come to the right place. No smoke and mirrors. Just an aging 54 year old trying to live her best life jumping around those life curve balls and seeing the very best in every thing there is around me and then giving you all the best bits when you come and stay. Instagram shows the swan gliding on the lake whilst it hides the fact that underneath the legs are paddling like crazy!”


“This is me, Jess with my gorgeous husband and son. From this picture we probably look like we have everything we need and it’s what we call on BEST a picture perfect front of house where we mind read what’s behind the image you see. The truth is this has been one of the toughest years of our life as a family with bereavement, my promotion at work and my husband and I re assessing what we thought was important for us actually isn’t what we want or need right now. As a couple we’ve had to work hard and prioritise our relationship of 17 years with ten years of marriage, which BEST has helped with. At the start of this year I started Best 2 after doing 5 years of BEST 1 (I’m a BEST addict!) and had a big lightbulb moment that if ‘I don’t do something about it nothing will change’. I’m a pretty intelligent woman with a senior role in banking and looking back the old me would have given myself a hard time. But now I appreciate this was the next step of my journey into my next chapter of life. Best has helped me to realise the strength I have and the woman I am and I need to say “it’s ok Jess, you’re doing great”. I also feel that I’ve really progressed this year – a bit like a flower that I’m finally letting open and accepting. And I’ve battled my worry about what others think and also asked questions to help me learn more about myself! BEST has been a constant source of support, inspiration, education and encouragement since 2013 and I’ve shared this journey with so many other amazing women in the BEST Facebook community group which has also been a highlight. Thank you Janey and Gill, can’t wait for round 7 next year! xxxxx”


How the Q&A’s help our clients…

As always on BEST, a lot of our Q&As are supporting women in the work place and in their businesses.

Here are just a few of the examples how we have helped women…

 Deal with a toxic work environment and bullying.

 Navigate their way through bad management and unfair dismissal.

 Helped people respond confidently to constrictive feedback in the work place.

 Given women the confidence to ask for a promotion and more pay.

 Encouraged women to give up work when it was the right decision for them and manage their worries of what others think of them.

 Supported women who have lost their jobs or lost out on promotions and helped them see that these things are often a blessing!

 Given them tool kits and mindset switches to manage anxiety and stress in the work place.

And we’ve helped lots of women push through a variety of business and work motivation roadblocks that has meant they have got their businesses off the ground or managed to up-level them!


And we also help women deal with a variety of life plot twists

Some examples of how we have helped women on BEST through the Q&As…

 Someone lost their father in the spring and we’ve done a series of grief Q and As to help her. She actually said shortly after he died ”I am so lucky to have had a good relationship with my Dad and I didn’t realise this until I did BEST”

 Someone’s partner confessed that they were feeling really depressed and stressed about life earlier in the summer, which resulted in a couple of Q and As on how to help them AND change a big life plan they were about to make as a result. She said that the advice we gave was invaluable.

 We’ve had women who have been on the receiving end of narcissistic behaviour from both family members and partners. And we’ve helped them via the Q and As to have more confidence to walk away from them and to rebuild themselves.

 We’ve helped women going through post natal depression and given Mums the confidence and mindset to go back to work after having a baby.

 We’ve helped a woman who needed support regarding a sister who has advancing dementia. And a woman who’s needed help on how to support her mother who is an alcoholic.

 We had one woman who was hospitalised with a burn out and how to make choices on what to do re her work.

 We have helped numerous women who are in the midst of messy, emotional divorces.

 Women who are the middle of a roller coaster fertility journey.

 And lots more!


BEST is now hosted in the ONE LIFE HUB, we recommend joining the ONE LIFE CLUB (all the Hub resources plus the interactive/group coaching side)


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