BEST Testimonials 2015

Here are some more BEST Testimonials, taken from our BEST 2015 online surveys….


100% said they enjoyed BEST

100% said they would recommend it to other women

100% were happy with the way BEST was rolled out over 40 weeks

100% found the Q and A’s useful

100% said they enjoyed Janey’s style on the BEST audios

100% said they enjoyed the input of Gill Harvey Bush every other week on the Q and A calls

100% of those on the early bird BEST rate thought it was good value for money


What three words would you use to describe BEST…

  • Empowering, uplifting and genuine
  • Empowering, inspiring and enlightening
  • Inspiring, enhancing, uplifting – and actionable
  • Life changing, motivating and inspiring
  • Inspiring, thought provoking and life changing
  • Essential (for growth), enlightening, should be mainstream
  • Empowering, liberating and enjoyable
  • Challenging, inspiring, useful
  • Inspiring, Enjoyable, Useful
  • Enlightening, empowering, supportive
  • Positive, Life enhancing, Uplifting


What advice would you give to someone who might be thinking about doing BEST but is unsure about signing up?

  • Do it. It will be the best money you’ve ever spent
  • Do it. I honestly think most women will find it life changing in one way or another
  • Go straight to yes!
  • Do it! Everyone would benefit from doing this course in some way or another
  • Tell them that as long as they can afford it, they won’t regret it.
  • Do it! Make sure you allocate time each week in your diary to listen to calls, make sure you submit questions because you get so much from it and also trust Janey when she says it is a process. At the beginning she knew what was coming and we didn’t and now I’ve done it I know why things were put in when. Just trust the BEST process and enjoy it!
  • Just get going
  • Call Janey
  • Just try it, Janey said I could try and then pull out after a month if I want too, I think that’s a really good idea to say to people as chances are they will continue!
  • I was unsure about signing up but I’m glad that I did. I don’t think I would have grown in the ways that I have this year without Janey’s BEST voice in my ear.
  • You don’t know what you don’t know!
  • I have been surprised by so many areas in BEST
  • I think it will always be applicable as you move through life and as you grow and circumstances change.
  • Just do it! You can only benefit positively.


General testimonials

We asked ‘Did you enjoy BEST?’

  • An incredible course, I have loved and learnt so much from each and every call
  • A life-changing course on a subtle, profound and practical level. Even if I do it over and over for the next 10 years, I’ll get something different out of it each time.
  • It’s been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and I want every woman in the world to do it
  • As a stay at home mum to 2 energetic kids/freelancer trying to work around the chaos, it was really good to spend some time “investing” in myself.
  • I enjoyed being able to focus on myself and work out places where I could learn and change and grow. I have felt a little stagnant recently and BEST has pushed me to change some things – some small changes but positive ones, some bigger – and inspired me to take some time for me. Also there are some ways that I think I have changed that have crept up on me.
  • I really looked forward to the audio each week. I’ve got a huge amount from it and learnt a lot about myself. I think it’s a fantastic thing that Janey has made it her life’s mission to help other women and I am in constant awe of your ability to remain so positive about life and to practice what you preach. You should be really proud of yourself for having such a laudable aspiration.
  • The fact that it gave me things to reflect on and tools to help with that reflection. I also enjoyed the social side and hearing about other people’s lives and Janey’s as well. The feeling of being part of something
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed this program. It has given a point of focus in my life at a difficult time.
  • I have found it fascinating learning what effect our minds have on our bodies and emotions. I have never considered before that I have any control over my thoughts and emotions. Now I am discovering I have more control over my life than I ever imagined. These are skills I am going to need more practice to develop. I wish I had known all this 20 years ago. I hope I can at some time impart some of this knowledge onto others.
  • I have loved listening to all the audios and Q&A’s and I know I will continue to listen to them for a long time to come.


Which step was best?

  • I have honestly found something inspiring, uplifting and actionable in every single audio I’ve listened to. I’ve just been through my notes trying to work out which steps were most useful and really can’t – so many different aspects of life have been covered and they have all had loads of inspirational content, much of which is common sense but has been communicated in such a positive and uplifting way, with each audio incorporating a mix of small, easy wins as well as longer term goals. The most powerful subsets for me were: Taking Control Overview, Time to Get Real, Removing Denial, all of Step 2, Removing Comparison, Getting Organized without Stress, Removing Road Blocks, Removing Perfectionism, Lowering your Fear, Trusting Your Ability, Removing Negative Messages in your head, The Best is yet to come – quite a few!!
  • I found all the steps useful in different ways. I liked the mix – some steps were fairly deep, making me think about who I really am, and where I want to go, others were more about general mindset issues or ideas to make life easier and flow better.
  • The early steps were a really good grounding in positive principles and have helped me change, especially in terms of the patience I have and how I approach the children.
  • There was something within each step that was important and useful. Not everything with in each sub-set was always completely relevant.


Best things about BEST


  • I love Janey’s style and approach – very uplifting, positive and inspiring.
  • Being part of a group of amazing women who were committed to improving themselves and their lives. Having Janey and Gill as your permanent agony aunts for nearly a year. The secret Facebook group – I was really surprised at how much Janey & Gill were on it, always checking in and responding to comments and posts. Also that it made me focus on myself for 90 minutes a week. That I could listen to it on the go and listen to the calls again.
  • Best thing about BEST was having a weekly time to really focus on me
  • Loved seeing and hearing other women’s struggles and breakthroughs


What about the financial commitment?


  • It felt like a big commitment at the time. Not knowing Janey it did feel like rather a leap of faith but I’m so glad I took it! Spreading the payments by DD really helps.
  • 100% the best value coaching / health program out there. I actually think you could charge more, now I know what I’ve got out of it, but I guess that may put people off.
  • I think the early bird rate is good value but not the standard rate
  • It was a bit weird to invest not only time but MONEY in myself but worth it – if I hadn’t paid for it, it wouldn’t have been a priority to set time aside to listen to the calls and engage with the course content.
  • At under £10 per week it has been great value.


Recommending it to others?


  • I wish wish wish every woman would do this programme!! Unfortunately I don’t think a lot of women put enough focus on self-development and don’t see the value in spending the money on something like this because they have other priorities.
  • Definitely, I have recommended it to various friends and think many women would get so much out of BEST.
  • Already have to loads of women. Every woman should do this program!


Comments about the 40 week format


  • Really like that there will be a break over the summer next year. It will be useful to catch up or recap on some of the steps.
  • Format worked, but I struggled slightly in the school holidays to keep up with things, so think the August break to catch up is a great idea. I’m behind with a few Q&A’s but will be catching up on those once BEST has finished.
  • Think it would have been good to have a brief break in the summer to allow people to catch up but I know you are implementing that for next year!
  • I really liked the fact I could listen to the main calls at the weekend, could submit questions and then listen to the Q and A. I know you’re doing a month break next year and I think that would have made it even better.


Were the Q and A’s useful?


  • It’s great to hear Janey and Gill’s expertise and advice on real life, real time issues.
  • Loved hearing what challenges others are facing and the solutions offered. Whatever the challenge, I learnt so much.
  • I was surprised at how much I got from these even though I only submitted a few questions myself. I thought the balance of Janey and Gill was spot on. Gill’s no-nonsense and Janey’s upbeat / positive approach plus the way they were delivered with a sense of humor and rapport, yet also professional and full of top tips. I wish they could be turned into a book and all the top tips put in one place but I realise that probably isn’t possible?!?!
  • I like the way that we interact and get really practical in the Q&As.
  • Very useful! Specific questions were well answered. The depth and insight into the thoughts and emotions was amazing. I think Gill might just have some sort of psychic powers!!


Janey’s style


  • Janey manages to be uplifting, engaging and supportive whilst focused throughout on encouraging us to take action. At the end of each audio, I really believed in myself and my abilities to make changes in my life.
  • Upbeat, happy and positive.
  • The tone of her voice and the way she delivered the audios were so motivating and uplifting.
  • Very upbeat and inspiring – Janey’s enthusiasm for life and living it well is infectious.
  • Yes, informal, friendly and open.


The input from Gill Harvey Bush


  • Great to have a different perspective on the issues, Gill’s expertise and advice is so valuable.
  • A great balance with Janey’s advice.
  • I was dubious about Gill to start with as she was very different to Janey but within a few calls I realised why Janey has brought her on to balance it out.
  • Gill always had insightful comments and didn’t hold back (in a good way!) She is also encouraging in difficult situations.
  • I think Gill adds some extra weight to BEST which is great.
  • Absolutely. She clearly has significant depth of knowledge. She is adept at picking up on the undercurrent of what is really going on very quickly. Amazing!


How are you different since this time last year?


  • I know that I can become the person that I’ve dreamed of being, it’s all inside of me!
  • I’ve just been looking at the testimonials from last year and the one about feeling more contented sums up how BEST has changed me this year. I feel so much more content and calmer, I’m less harsh and less demanding on myself, less critical and have stopped comparing myself to others. I am so much happier in myself and am enjoying life in the now more than I have in years, feeling very positive about the future.
  • I think I am calmer and more rational, kinder to myself and try to be positive or see the positives in situations. I am also more aware of how to change my mood.
  • I have the knowledge now. I need to practice self-compassion, stop worrying what other people think of me and slowly just keep striving. But now I’ve got the tools!
  • Last year I was miserable, toxic and frustrated with life. Now I’m carefree, in control and always happy.
  • More self aware, more in charge.
  • Mostly more positive and feel more in control of me and more confident about the fact that what I want is OK to go after rather than putting everyone else first.
  • Where to start! Overcome my fear of driving. Overcome my fear of public speaking. Simplified my life (finances on a spreadsheet, housework rota, log of passwords, de-cluttered). Always ask myself “what can I manage?” in a tricky situation. Smile and say, “just let it go”. I have a wall covered in uplifting quotes. Say to myself “How” rather than “I can’t”. Have a vision box of all my goals and dreams. Tell myself that I’m a work in progress (this is fabulous!) Try to be more present and enjoy each day. Take more risks like entertaining friends – so what if my cooking is a disaster (so far it hasn’t been!) Still working on recharging and relaxing but aware I need to do more. I could go on, but yes, life has changed dramatically.
  • I think I am more patient and understanding with my children. I exercise regularly now, having made that a goal. I have just started to tackle my health and eating too. Slow steps but big ones that will impact greatly on my happiness.
  • I’m more contented, calmer, more in control, things are ordered in my head.
  • I have made peace with my current situation and look to enjoy each day for what it is.
  • I have begun to think, plan and set goals for my life in a way that hasn’t happened before. Before I only ever did this in a work context.
  • The question ‘what do I want’ I continue to ask daily.
  • I am focusing my energy on creating the life I want for myself – not looking / hoping / expecting it to come from outside of myself. You need a bigger box for this section!
  • I am more content, happier and have a more positive mindset.


3 main things you’ve taken away from BEST?


  • How to change mindset, you can reset at any time and that life is for living, don’t sweat the small stuff!
  • It doesn’t matter what other people think. You’ve only got one life. If you make the wrong decision you can always make another decision.
  • Understanding how important your mindset is in terms of living the life you want to live. Stopping comparing myself to others and worrying about what people think of me. Also how hard we can be on ourselves – focusing on the positives rather than the negatives The importance of enjoying life on a day to day basis, appreciating what we have in terms of health, family and friends and how important that is to our happiness.
  • Don’t take the perceived easy route and turn away from fear. Take control of your life. It’s short and you only have one life. Simplify to free time and energy up for the big stuff. Dream big.
  • a thought is just a thought, simplify your life, make things easy!
  • I’m doing a great job already, I need to be kinder to myself, I need to stop worrying about what other people think of me
  • Putting yourself first is easier than you think. Small changes in your mindset are actually massive when it comes to the quality of your life. I’m work in progress!
  • Greater self-awareness. More maturity. That most women are dealing with the same issues.
  • Put myself first more often, stop looking back and beating myself up, there are lots of lovely ladies out there doing great things with their lives and sharing their hopes, fears and issues which makes me feel part of something and not alone.
  • My life will never be the same again because of BEST. I think differently. I make better choices. I’m more fulfilled, I’m happier, I have a peace of mind I didn’t know existed and everyday I grasp life by the balls because we only have one life!
  • To value myself. That only I can make myself happy – other people can’t, it is my responsibility. That I need to face things (perhaps slowly) and not ignore them/bury them under the carpet.
  • That I can control my own attitude and behaviour but not other people’s. That there is little point comparing myself to others whose situation is different to mine. That it’s worth taking the time to work out your values and place them in order of priority.
  • Focus on myself – what do I want / invest in me. Do not compare – perhaps I was doing this more than I thought. Pace myself – remove the pressure to have it all right now.
  • Changing my thoughts more easily. Taking control of my life-I make it what it is. Looking after myself more


And finally…


  • BEST will change your life on a profound and practical level. You will get more out of it than you think possible right now. Wondering about signing up? Go straight to yes.
  • What I wanted to finish saying is I read all the testimonials last year and I signed up not quite knowing what I was getting, I read similar things to what I’ve put here and just decided to go for it. I’ve never looked back and now I know why it’s hard to get across what you get from doing BEST. Janey has created a life-enhancing program that was a joy to be part of and it was thoroughly rewarding working alongside a group of amazing women. Thank you! Xx
  • Janey (and Gill) have taken me on a journey of personal reflection and growth this year. I have learned that it is OK to put myself first and value myself. I’ve interacted with and met some great women. I’ve got more to learn but the beauty of BEST is that I’m going to have different experience next year I think!