BEST Testimonials 2016

Here are some of our most recent BEST testimonials, taken from our BEST 2016 online surveys…


100% said they enjoyed BEST

100% said they would recommend it to other women

100% were happy with the way BEST was rolled out over 40 weeks

100% found the Q and A’s useful

100% said they enjoyed Janey’s style on the BEST audios

100% said they enjoyed the input of Gill Harvey Bush on the Q and A calls

100% thought it was good value for money

100% said they were planning on repeating BEST again in the future.


What three words would you use to describe BEST…

  • Insightful, energising, future-proofing
  • Supportive, emboldening, life changing
  • Uplifting, practical, kind
  • Life changing, positive, enriching
  • Inspiring, fun, helpful
  • Empowering, motivational, awesome
  • Best thing ever.
  • Life changing, impactful, thought provoking.
  • Teaches women to fly. (I know it’s four. But it does. Some of the women in the Facebook group have changed beyond recognition and it’s lovely to see and while my changes are maybe smaller they are really important to me).
  • Practical, life changing, supportive
  • Inspiring. Adventure. Community


What did you enjoy most about BEST? 

  • I have found the tailored Q&As incredibly helpful- I’ve only submitted a couple of this year but have got a lot out of listening to the advice given to the other ladies.
  • Love the Q&A’s- love audios best as I can listen anywhere any time…
  • Everything.
  • The weekly audios were really uplifting and having made a slow start I actively started to look forward to getting them. And I love all the top tips and positivity from Janey.
  • The Q&A’s.
  • Janey’s approach to life. Her optimism, humour and positive and sharing her examples.
  • The Q&A’s and the constant support from the Facebook group. Learning things I didn’t know about myself at nearly 40!
  • It’s a ‘safe’ environment with permission to explore your mind, approach and thinking. You’re doing the work but you have a host of people right behind you. And your Secret Friends are always on the end of a Facebook post which is great when you need advice. Someone has often gone through something similar and has something to offer.
  • Having support for every day life not just major life changing events. FB page has been really reassuring to know I’m not alone.
  • The weekly Q&As and regular positive intake of information, the openness of people to share their problems and the regular support from Janey, Gill and the other women.
  • Always knowing that there was support from the rest of the group.
  • I am just a massive fan of the Q and As and the real life scenario advice Janey and Gill offer – it’s so wise. That’s the reason I come back after the first Best – the calls aren’t quite as important as you absorb the mindset, but I really valued being part of the community and really love the Q and As.


If applicable- which step was most powerful/useful to you? 

  • All of them were really useful so it’s hard to pick up one but I think given certain things that have gone on in my life this year, this one (Let things go) was really important.
  • Different things each time.
  • All sections linked well together.
  • Enjoyed all of them.
  • Every single step has a positive impact on me and the way I live my life!
  • All were amazing!
  • I wouldn’t say I am a total novice in knowing how to get into a good mindset but since stopping my career and becoming a mum I have definitely experienced some crises in confidence and this course has helped me define them… but this is a work in progress. All the elements are useful for anyone though. I can’t imagine a single person who wouldn’t get something from them. Some were great reminders and reinforcers, others were ‘a-ha, why didn’t I think of that’ moments and some were the ones I really needed to focus on and work through. And revisit.
  • Different things each time….LOVE the Q&As best….


Did you find the Q&A’s useful?

  • Very. I only submitted one question but found the response great and it really helped me through a difficult time.
  • My favourite part! Hearing the response to someone else’s question can be humbling, enlightening, revealing, useful. LOVE the Q&A’s.
  • The Janey and Gill combination is really helpful.
  • Even if the calls were not applicable to my life, I always learnt something from them.
  • I enjoyed hearing so many different people’s problems on the Q&As and hearing Janey and Gill’s solutions. It’s incredible the wide range of subjects that are covered and while often the issue is not directly applicable to me I can still take a lot away from the calls. Not only does it help me but it also helps me when dealing with other people.
  • All my Q&As were answered and there were a lot of them and they were at times pretty repetitive!!! Thanks so much. I also found I learnt a lot from other people’s issues and problems. It’s been really enlightening.
  • I enjoyed hearing so many different people’s problems on the Q&As and hearing Janey and Gill’s solutions. It’s incredible the wide range of subjects that are covered and while often the issue is not directly applicable to me I can still take a lot away from the calls. Not only does it help me but it also helps me when dealing with other people.
  • Such a variety and there was always something I could take out of the call.


Did you enjoy Janey’s style on the BEST audios and Q&A’s? 

  • Janey is FAB – I love her style – honest, direct, relatable, supportive, upbeat, positive, encouraging.
  • Amazing, amazing.
  • I enjoy hearing about Janey’s life and also her clients’. I like the authenticity as some ‘gurus’ make out their life is perfect or only post the perfect, magazine-type pictures on Facebook. It feels like Janey is one of us.
  • Loved her passion for life, really liked the way she shared so many examples from her own life, these made it easier to see how best principles could be applied to life. Loved her style energy and humour and all this in the year she had a new baby- amazing inspiring woman.
  • Very balanced and always pushes back to ensure you are being totally honest with yourself, this is vital if change is going to happen.
  • Janey is very positive, uplifting and always has useful advice and suggestions. She also works incredibly hard and is always available for support.
  • I love Janey’s honesty and openness. To hear that she has the same struggles as us and I loved the way she gave examples of how she used Best to help herself. It was really inspiring and uplifting.
  • Janey speaks from the heart and offers practical, implementable advice. Often it feels like a big sister tackling a problem with you (in a good way). By showing the wider view, she is often able to show perspective which can be hard to see when you’re ‘in it’! I think the live stream quick fixes are a great idea and really tap into the current mindset and problems of the group across all the FB groups. Great idea!
  • Janey is very positive, uplifting and always has useful advice and suggestions. She also works incredibly hard and is always available for support.
  • Absolutely, practical advise was great.


Did you enjoy the input from Gill Harvey-Bush on the Q&A calls?

  • Gill is a great balance – a different voice and style, gives weight and a psych/research/clinical input which helps support the topics and I love the Gill/Janey combo.
  • Gill and Janey work well together and it is clear they respect each others’ work.
  • Worked well together.
  • Very knowledgeable and excellent delivery/tone when answering questions.
  • I like Gill’s approach and manner and she works very well with Janey.
  • I can see how well Janey and Gill work together. I often hear Gill in my head saying ‘what’s the worst thing that could happen’ etc.
  • Both Janey and Gill are no nonsense but in different ways. I like Gill’s methodology and approach based on theory and it combines well with her practical and pragmatic advice. Again, both Gill and Janey are there with you, but you’re doing it yourself. This is how it needs to be!
  • Always good to get a different point of view and understand things from the psychological side.


Did you find the secret Facebook group helpful?

  • YES!
  • Very, this was much more useful than the Forum (the Forum would be great if I could archive older online bootcamps etc and if there was a smartphone app.)
  • Not a big FB fan or user…. but dipped into the group and it gave a greater sense of the community of women on BEST.
  • Yes. I have never done an online course before and I’m not very technical- it has encouraged me to see social media as more positive and enjoyed downloads- had never used them before.
  • Definitely, everyone was so supportive and open with each other.
  • Yes, it was great that so many people were so open on Facebook…


If applicable could you please describe the difference in yourself, having done BEST. Where were you a year ago compared to now for example?

  • I have a lot more confidence in myself and am really working on leaving the past behind me. I have given up my job (last day tomorrow!) and am looking forward to being freelance in 2017 and having a lot more control over my life rather than being swept along.
  • WOW – every year is a big jump…I felt that at the end of BEST last year I was in a good place and wanted to move forward with my own work, sense of self and visibility – I really have felt a massive difference between Jan 16 and now and I literally feel MONUMENTAL! I am a work in progress- the key being progress, I’m keeping moving forward.
  • Stacks more confidence to make decisions for the good of my family and myself without worrying about the needs/comments of others. So much more laid back and relaxed in my home/family environment (don’t stress over the small things) Better relationships with family members (was able to forgive and move on).
  • I feel more confident ,happier, healthier and more in the flow of life.
  • I think bigger and have the confidence to think ‘how’ rather than ‘I can’t’. I genuinely care very little what others think of me which people pick up on in a positive way. I take responsibility for my own emotions and life. When presented with a problem, I ‘hatch a plan’. Love that phrase!
  • I think generally I am fairly balanced and of good mindset but this year I was facing a confidence issue which was causing stumbling blocks as I plan for the future. BEST helped me break this down and made me realise I needed to look at priorities and a whole heap of other things in order to address the issue. I am now calmer about where I am going, and more importantly, how and when. I have been able to appreciate what I have achieved, be grateful for what I have, and be excited about the future.
  • My confidence has improved. I’m back at work and loving. My relationship with my husband is more open and my relationship with my kids is improving day by day.
  • I am more patient and accepting of other people and am not as judgemental as I was. I am also more relaxed and confident, making decisions because they are right for me without worrying about what other people think.
  • It has given me the confidence to make my dreams a reality. If it had not been for Best my husband and I would not be moving to Australia in the new year to embark on our next chapter together… we really are going to live our dream!
  • I think this year was more of a consolidation for me, but I am pretty impressed with myself for the way I have absorbed the messages of taking control and your mindset – it’s definitely filtered through into my thinking in most scenarios. I think overall Best has really given me a far more optimistic and healthy outlook on life and that it can be a learned behaviour.

What are the three main things you have taken away from BEST?

  • Nourishment not punishment, the best is yet to come and response not react (still some work to do here!).
  • Reaching out for help. Change in my sense of self and self-esteem. Growth over time – not a quick fix.
  • Increased confidence, an improved ability to manage my thoughts and the ability to let things go.
  • How best to communicate living life to the full in the most positive way possible. Block out the ‘noise’ of others and do what makes you happy.
  • Really like the concept of anxiety gap, found that really useful. Letting go and prioritising and consistency.
  • To appreciate different maps of the world. To think about what I can control, and move away from what I can’t. To shift my thoughts from positive rather than a spiral of negativity.
  • A new view of the world. Not to judge others. Be myself.
  • What other people think of you is none of your business. Make life easy for yourself. A thought is just a thought and can be changed.
  • To appreciate different maps of the world. To think about what I can control, and move away from what I can’t. To shift my thoughts from positive rather than a spiral of negativity.
  • Confidence, understanding when things are others ‘stuff’ not mine!, to not worry so much.
  • Your life is yours to take control of YOU get to choose your own mindset and be happy or sad accordingly Resets – surprising how important it is to keep resetting and adjusting to circumstances – that really banishes feelings of being a failure.


Were you happy with the BEST format and how it was rolled out over 40 weeks?

  • The August break was brilliant as I was away for work and would have had a lot to catch up on.
  • I really missed BEST when it was the break for Summer but I have all the audios so I can review.
  • I noticed the few months where life got in the way and I wasn’t listening to my audios each week that I went a bit off track. I found that when I picked up the audios again and listened to them more regularly that I felt my life became more balanced and I was better able to implement the theory and put a better mindset in place.
  • Nice to have the break in August to catch up or re-listen to previous audios. Like the new structure planned for 2017 with April and August breaks.


Would you recommend BEST to other women?

  • Absolutely!
  • 100%.
  • Absolutely. I completely underestimated what a difference it would make to me and I can’t think of anyone whose life wouldn’t be enhanced by it one way or another.
  • Definitely really helpful in all areas of life, personal and professional.
  • Should be on the curriculum for teenage girls so they can start flying straight away! If women grew up like this it would be amazing.
  • I think everyone (even men) would benefit from this programme, even in a small way.
  • I have, to several friends and work colleagues. The best investment in myself I have ever made.


Do you think BEST is good value for money?

  • Worth every penny!
  • I’ve also signed up for next year and it is really good value.
  • I’m minded to invest in education – of all kinds – and I seek out good support and help.
  • I am a repeat client so it is a bargain!


What advice would you give to someone who might be thinking about doing BEST but is unsure about signing up?

  • Stop procrastinating and just sign up- there will definitely be parts of this that you get value from.
  • Jump in!
  • Definitely do it.
  • Do it! It’s the best thing you can do for yourself.
  • It is hugely helpful in all different areas of your life and is excellent value for money. Realistically, it costs just over £1 a day so you really have absolutely nothing to lose and a lot to gain (and you probably will!) from doing it.
  • Do it, and give yourself the time/space/resources to do it well. Expect small changes in some areas and unexpected movement in others. What you set out to “fix” or address in the beginning may well have changed to something completely different. You will be different, it will be for the better.
  • What do you have to lose? Nothing…
  • Do it.
  • Just try it for a couple of months…
  • You have nothing to lose apart from a bad mindset!


Are you planning on repeating BEST next year?

  • I’ve really enjoyed 2016 and I have a lot of change coming in 2017 so definitely- think I’ll need BEST there to help me.
  • You bet. I have been quite a quiet participant this year- now more au fait with online and Facebook I would participate more actively next time.


Any final comments?

  • Have loved BEST. Found it inspiring, positive and fun.
  • BEST is life changing. Jump straight in!
  • Thank you, loved it. And Janey, you are awesome.
  • Thanks so much for creating this programme xxx