BEST Testimonials 2017

Here are some of our most recent BEST testimonials, taken from our BEST 2017 online surveys…


For the fourth year running….

100% said they enjoyed BEST

100% said it was good value for money

100% said they would recommend it to other women

100% said they found the Q and A’s useful

100% said they enjoyed Janey’s style on the audios

100% said they found Gill’s input really useful

Here are some of the testimonials and feedback we’ve received so far…

Please describe yourself having completed BEST 2017…

“I’m more calm, I make far more time for myself, have moved to the other side of the world and have adapted to life in Australia with my husband. I’m more focused on work at work and am being more successful at leaving work at my desk and not thinking about it. I’m more present for the task at hand in that moment… the list really could go on and on!”

“I am confident about the things that are working and need to change in my life and feel empowered to make the changes needed. I am also aware of my nagging doubting inner voice and can squash it more effectively.”

“I am able to distance myself from work and focus on myself better.”

“I’ve regained confidence in my abilities and I’m less caught up in my own self-made boundaries. I’m happy to live my life my way, and who cares what others think of how I do it?!”

“I started best feeling very lost and now feel like I am on the path finding myself again.”

“I’m stronger and more confident in myself and my abilities and what works for me and my life.”

“I find I’m better at being able to dissect why either myself or someone is reacting in a certain way and not taking everything so personally.”

“I’m taking responsibility for my actions with over eating, I’m beating myself up much less and I’m getting more organised by the day!”

“A year ago I was very highly strung, stressed and depressed. After a year of BEST, I feel so much more calmer and focussed and this is because BEST has given me in incredible set of tools to use in various situations. It’s been really incredible the change in my though patterns and how I deal with and process issues that arise.”

What three words would you use to describe BEST?

“Strong. Inspirational. Positive change”

“Inspirational, genuine, caring”

“Money well spent!”

“Grace, peace and progress”

“Thought provoking, comforting”

“Uplifting, inspiring, powerful”

“Supportive, positive and fun”

“Friendly, inspirational, inclusive”

“Enlightening, Unique and Positive”

“Interesting thought-provoking challenging”

“Inspiring, powerful, balanced”

What are the three main things you’ve taken away from BEST?

“The importance of time for myself, being present in everything I do, taking time to think before reacting.”

“I am brilliant in my own unique way, do not stay stuck because there is no such thing as a bad decision, comparison is not a good thing.”

“That I am a work in progress, that it is ok to focus on me and organisation works for me.”

“1) Give that thing a try – what’s the worst that can happen? 2) I’m fine just the way I am! 3) Zero tolerance for toxicity and parasites in my life.”

“Greater awareness each year.”

“Focusing on myself and ignoring outside influences, keeping things simple, moving on from the past.”

“That it is OK to say ‘no’.”

“That I am unique, I make decisions based from an authentic place and happiness and self-satisfaction are inside me and slowly but surely coming alive inside me.”

“It’s my life”

“1. To break-down my own reactions and understand where they are coming from 2. To do the same of other people 3. To be kinder to myself and take time on recognising what I have achieved”

“If we want to change, we have to get on and do it, we only have one life so live it to the full, it’s all about your mindset.”

What advice would you give to someone who might be thinking about doing BEST but is unsure?

“Just do it! Just wasting time deliberating-there is so much to take away from the course, there’s simply nothing to lose!”

“It really is a life changer. It’s only 90 minutes of your week to listen to the calls and that should be something they can commit to. There will always be something to take from every call. I would tell them how it really has helped me.”

“Don’t just think about it, do it! It’s the first step to confronting any dithering doubting worrying that maybe plaguing you!”

“Why would you not want to invest in yourself?”

“If you’re thinking about it, you should sign up immediately. If you’re not thinking about it, you should be. You won’t look back.”

“Do it!! You will not regret it!”

“That it’s really worth while and the weekly positive messages always give me a boost. Even if you think you have your life pretty nailed (who are these people) there are definite nuggets of help and positivity you could get from it.”

“If you want to bring the real, authentic you back to life, BEST will give you all the tools you need to find her!”

“Commit to change”

“It feels like a big commitment but in fact the year is very varied and there is a wealth of tools you get along the journey.”

“I believe everyone could get something out of BEST. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to make big changes to your life or small tweaks. BEST will help inspire you to make the changes.”

What did you think about Janey and Gill’s style on the audios and Q and As…

“Love the combination of different styles and approaches from Gill and Janey which work really well together to give actionable advice”

“Janey’s style is great, non-judgemental and friendly. It is particularly helpful to hear how she does things”

“Janey helps cut through the clutter to the nub, but in a friendly and supportive way”

“Janey is really upbeat and chatty. I always finish a call feeling more positive”

“Gill works really well with Janey giving a different – but just as useful – perspective”

“Gill is a legend, such wise words always come and I love the more psychology based points of view”

We asked them for a general testimonial about their experience on BEST…

“I signed up to Best for the first time in 2016 and I can’t imagine not having this course as part of my life now. Best last year, with the amazing advice from Janey and Gill gave me the confidence to go from my dream to work in Australia. I secured a job late last year and this year moved to Melbourne. I am loving the life my husband and I have created here, and having the mindset shift has helped these feel easy. I’ve used so many tips and skills I’ve learnt in the last 2 years with my team at work.”

“BEST is my little oasis of calm that helps me grow and develop. Next year I am 40 and I am excited to challenge myself next year to progress more as I know I am a work in progress- I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for me! ”

“I signed up to best because I was feeling very lost and had very bad anxiety issues, I thought I was probably signing up to something that would be a waste of money and wouldn’t work. How wrong was I! From the very first call I felt myself change and I have loved every week of best. each week I have felt myself improving and becoming a better version of me! So excited to take part in Best 2018!!!”

“This is my second year and it was even better than the first. The Facebook group really makes you feel like you have a supportive group of mates there all the time, and the updating audios are fantastic. I genuinely look forward to sitting down with a coffee each week and listening and think you can get something extra each time you do it”

“I did not anticipate how much of an effect BEST would have on my life. It soon became apparent from the first few calls that the journey that we were about to venture on would be amazing – and it didn’t disappoint! Every week brought new, relevant topics to the fore and every week I took something away and was able to implement it into everyday life situations. BEST is invaluable. The advice from Janey and Gill is just out of this world and will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing program and bringing a brilliant group of women together.”

“I just can’t believe at the end of 2017 I own a Filofax and I’m getting a handle on my own life… It’s anything I want to to be!”

“I have loved BEST – I’ve now done it for three years and feel my mindset has changed so much in that time. When I started BEST, I was struggling with life as a busy mum of 3 who had lost sight of who she was, trying to juggle too many things and not doing anything very well. Without needing to make drastic, practical changes to my life, BEST has really helped me with my mindset – I’m now so much happier and content with my life and more confident in myself and my abilities. Every audio leaves me feeling uplifted and helps keep me on track. I’ve taken different things out of the audios each year, allowing me to continue growing and developing. I would recommend BEST to anyone – whether they have major changes to make in their life or small little tweaks. ”

“It became my GO-TO bit of peace each week”


And here are some of our favourites!

“I can’t express to you both how much I have loved doing BEST this year. I have enjoyed the year so much; am always eagerly checking my email for the next call or Q&A and can honestly say that I have taken something from each and every week that has helped. Loved it all.  I just wanted to say that you are both amazing people, and that I can’t imagine my life without the BEST programme, the Facebook group and the weekly calls. It has truly changed my life. If the NHS invested in programmes like these for their staff and patients I truly believe we wouldn’t be having the mental health crisis we are at the moment.”

” Hi Janey. I just wanted to write in to you to say a huge thank you personally for giving me the nudged to do BEST. As you know I was quite resistant!! But trusting you knew what you were talking about, I signed up and I have had the most incredible year. I signed up initially to help me manage my high stress levels and look at a change of career/role at work and BEST helped with both of these so much. When I think back to where I was in January to where I am now my stress levels have gone from a 10 to a 1 or 2 and I’ve made some really positive steps at work, creating much better working terms and most recently a promotion which I would never have gone for before listening to the BEST step 7 calls, Finding your inner confidence (they were just brilliant). But the thing BEST has helped me most with is improving my communication and relationship with my husband and also my two children… for the first time ever, I’m actually enjoying being a Mum! Thanks to your advice, I don’t compare myself to other Mums and I recognize that I am doing the best job I can and that I don’t need to strive for perfection. That line you said about not having to be an A grade at everything and that a C was sufficient in many cases really changed how I see myself as a parent and wife. My husband and I communicate so well now and he often listens to the calls with me and has even started quoting your BEST-isms! Although the main weekly BEST calls were fantastic and I took something from each and every one, the Q and As have literally changed my entire way of thinking and living. The thought provoking information you and Gill share on these is missing in the majority of people’s lives. One of the highlights for me is the advice you gave on the call you did recently on how you helped your son boost his confidence this year. It has totally changed the way I see my daughter’s education and potential and the school choices we are making for our children. I sat listening to that call in tears and had such a big AHA moment for my family. And my other favourite was the one you did quite early on about how you sometimes felt like a failure and have lots of low feelings and how you strip those back, override your self-limiting beliefs and ask yourself the right questions to break through them. I literally listen to that call over and over again because it is so empowering! And Gill’s communication Q and A calls, well as I say have changed the way I communicate with everyone (work, kids, work place, especially in-laws!) and also how I see others. I wasn’t very active on the Facebook group (although I read it all the time and found it so helpful and useful), but I’m signing up again for next year and promise to be on there more! BEST is the most incredible experience I have ever had in my life. And I wish it could be offered at schools, universities, graduate programs, in the work place, to everyone. Looking forward to doing BEST next year and a really heart felt thank you to you for creating such an amazing program x”