BEST testimonials 2018

Here’s the feedback from BEST 2018…


For the fifth year running….

100% said they enjoyed BEST

100% said it was good value for money

100% said they would recommend it to other women

100% said they found the Q and A’s useful

100% said they enjoyed Janey’s style on the audios

100% said they found Gill’s input really useful

Did you enjoy BEST 2018?

“The content is fantastic and every year I’ve taken something more”

“It was amazing. Surpassed all my expectations!”

“I love the Q+As”

“Still learning from each and every call”

“It has been great, Gill and Janey always so quick to respond to Q&A questions. Also enjoyed new content on the calls”

What did you enjoy most about BEST?

“Whilst I don’t use Facebook much, having the group there to be able to share and dip in and out of is great”

“Weekly audios”

“The Q&As as you see how the Best steps can help you. Great having Gill on board.”

“Being part of a group of powerful women”

“Learning so much about myself and also how to deal with others. The Q&As were my favourite part, each one I took something away from. And it was so empowering to know that the things I was feeling about myself and my life are what other women go through too”

“Going through the year in real time with BEST audios”

“Everything – I really miss the weekly audios over the breaks and find myself listening back and reviewing calls, the support of amazing group of women and the advice and guidance of Janey and Gill”

“Listening to the Q&As and understanding life is all about plot twists and how to handle them”


Did you find the Q&A’s useful?

“Even if you don’t think the question might be applicable to you, there is always something to take from the calls. A way of looking at things differently”

“As it is a group thing, being able to personalise it a bit was fantastic.”

“Always good to understand others point of view / life styles”

“100% my favourite part”

“Fave part”

Did you enjoy Janey’s style on the BEST audios and Q&A’s?

“Straightforward, relateable and so practical”

“They’re very open, honest and upbeat”

“Always honest”

“I love Janey’s honesty and vulnerability and the practical advice she gives. I like the way she pushes back on you but does it in an encouraging way. I also love her upbeat style on the main audios and I revisit these all the time when I need some Janey inspiration”


“Janey has a great approach and a very simple, down to earth way which makes her very easy to relate to. And her honesty is fab!”


Did you enjoy the input from Gill on the calls?

“Gill and Janey are a formidable team, their knowledge is fantastic and the fact they are such strong friends brings trust and confidence when you listen to them”

“So great having that second voice of reason and a different perspective”

“I’m biased as I know and LOVE Gill, but I think Janey and Gill make a great team, and having both offered unrivalled feedback and suggestions.”

“Good to have a different point of view.”

“LOVE Gill! The combo of her and Janey is so powerful. Love the way she dissects the language and also when she uses the F word! She’s a real woman that gets real women and she has real balls”

“Always!! Compare and contrast with Janey…fab combo”

“Gill gives a different perspective and has really helped me cope with any anxiety I have had.”


If applicable please describe the difference in yourself having done BEST

“I’m a work in progress. I’m continuing to develop my self-confidence, I have had a lot of team issues this year to manage at work and it’s been so helpful bringing in my best knowledge to help me deal with these”

“Completed divorce, moved to a new area, kids started at new school, one child had a major operation… and yet happy and settled and excited about what 2019 has to offer…!”

“I am definitely a better wife, mom and person having done Best a couple of times and letting that knowledge sink in over the last few years. Removing comparison has been a game changer!”

“2018 has been a challenging year for me . I have coped by being kinder to myself than I would have been before BEST and have managed to stay in the present rather than upsetting myself what might happen in the future.”

“A lot more open”

“BEST has changed my life so much this year. When I think back to where I was a year ago and how different I am now, it really is incredible. I’ve absolutely loved this year for so many reasons but thought I’d share my top three 1) I am enjoying being a Mum and that is something I never thought I’d be able to say! But thanks to all the BEST strategies I have turned a massive corner with learning to let things go and be more in the moment 2) The way I communicate with my partner is better than ever, yes even after 15 years! The reason this has happened is because of how much great advice on communication with partners there has been on the Q and As. I shared a few of them with my husband and he has taken so much from them too. And 3) I’ve had the confidence in the last couple of months to negotiate a better work life balance at work and also get a pay rise by working less hours. Yes more time for me, less hours for work, more money for me. Because BEST made me realise that I deserve better and taught me that when I lower fear and communicate better, anything is possible.”

“Not enough room here! :-)”

“I am more aware – but still a work in progress!”

“I now know how to cope with life’s plot twists and not to panic or take things personally, it’s just life!”

“I feel more on the right path and given me confidence to trust my instinct and decisions”

“I think I am a nicer person!”


What 3 words would you use to describe BEST?

“Best self-investment”

“Thought provoking, supportive, thorough”

“Inspirational, powerful, accessible”

“Fun, friendly, helpful”

“Safe / thought provoking/ inspiring”

“Powerful, supportive, unique”


“Supportive, Empowering, no-nonsense”

“My support system”

“Honest, inspiring, motivational”

“Empowering, supportive and positive”

“Supporting, insightful, lifeline”


What are the 3 main things you’ve taken away from BEST?

“Never say never, we’re all a work in progress, don’t worry about what other people think”

“What other people think is none of your business, never compare, never let a bad moment make a bad day”

“The concept of maps of the world, that there are no wrong decisions and how useless guilt is”

“I’m doing OK! Everyone beats themselves up. Don’t let someone else emotions/issues bring you down.”

“1. You can’t control what happens only how you react. 2. A feeling comes from a thought. 3. Stop asking why!!”

“Friends, support, pride”

“Get different things from each year…”

“Not alone, advice and knowledge about myself”

“Understanding people’s map of the world, how to take control and how not to take things personally”

“I am good enough, bad events don’t define you and everything can be learned from”

“Learnt to see things from others perspective, to know I am not the only one with problems, that I will be alright”


Would you recommend BEST to other women?

“I think all women should do BEST once. I’ve recommended it to so many people from my friend’s 18 year old daughter to my Mum who’s in her seventies. Really pleased that I can move onto BEST 2 and they can do BEST in a different group”

Do you think BEST is good value for money?

“SO good.”

“It’s an investment in me for less than a take-out coffee per day”

“Very, very good value for money. More than that though, it really is invaluable”

What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about doing BEST but is unsure about signing up?

“You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from the knowledge, experience and support of an amazing group of women”

“Do it…!”

“If you are even thinking it might be beneficial then it most definitely will be. It challenges you on so many levels and provides so much inspiration and motivation.”

“Give it a shot!”

“Where else can you get support from 2 amazing coaches and a wonderful group of women. You will learn so much about yourself. You will be amazed”

“Honestly life changing nothing to lose only to gain”

“Bloody well do it! I’m living proof of how much this program can change women’s lives”

“Dive in! Your future self will thank you!”

“Just do it – it can only help”

“I was unsure three years ago and then felt like I didn’t want to be without the support. Go for it, you won’t regret it.”

“Do it! You will see life in a totally different way”

“I am doing it and signing up again so there must be something right about it as I never part with money easily!”


Are there any other comments you’d like to add?

“BEST is an amazing programme. Have repeated it a few times now and it has really helped change my outlook on life. I am no longer a huge perfectionist and have more confidence in my ability than ever before. I have learnt to communicate more effectively so all those little ties with my husband over silly little things are a thing of the past as I don’t let them mount up!! Most importantly it has helped me through some unresolved PND/anxiety this year, and I am now excitedly waiting the arrival of my second child any day now.  It is amazing to be a part of such a community of strong women who support each other, do not judge and really truly want the best for each other. I know I would be in a very different place right now if it were not for the strategies and lessons I have learnt from best.  It really is an amazing and unique programme, and Janey and Gill’s combined experience and insight is inspiring. The personalised Q&A’s where you can submit questions and receive tailored advice is an amazing part of the programme.  Looking forward to BEST 2 in Jan.”

“I have done BEST this year for the first time and it has started the process of changing my life. I am now developing the confidence and belief in myself to challenge difficult family and health situations and to value my needs more. I have signed up again as cannot imagine my life without BEST in it! Thanks Janey! Xx”

“Have learnt so much over the last 2 years that have helped me cope with my own plot twists . So wish I had been taught this stuff years ago . Great to know you always have the support of so many amazing women , whatever life is throwing at you . Looking forward to BEST 2”

“3rd year running,  I’ve done BEST – God have I grown and been able to take on many plot twists with the help and support of Janey, Gill and of course my gorgeous Besties.  Now looking forward to start BEST 2 in Jan. Give life a better chance, what have you got to lose?”

“I joined BEST because I am going through a really horrible divorce and I know as certain phases arrive and even when its resolved, I am going to have a lot of emotions which I wasn’t equipped to deal with before now. Resentment, regret, bitterness, I just don’t want to define me. I have known Janey for over 17 years and she has always managed to help me in other ways (food management, fitness) so having read all the great reviews from her previous BEST clients it didn’t take any convincing for me to know that this was going to be essential for me to help navigate my way through the inevitable challenges and hurdles I will need to overcome. Not to mention the other stuff that goes on in my head which I hadn’t even thought about! A year on and whilst no end to my divorce in sight, I feel stronger and ready to cope with whatever is going to be thrown at me. I also know that there is no other group of people that I can rely on who will totally understand and guide me. On top of that, I (like to think) that I have become a better friend. I have had many other friends not on BEST who have had Life Plot Twists thrown at them and I have been able to offer them a “non judgemental / seeing it from another perspective” advice, which, I don’t think I could have done so articulately before. It has also helped me to know that I don’t need to compare, I am a good enough mum (although the teenager may take a few years to appreciate that) that I can do anything,  there are no problems only challenges and solutions, and what other people think of me really isn’t any of my business, I am a strong person and I’m actually a really decent person. Thank you Janey – you are truly wise and inspirational and I am looking forward to continuing with this amazing program and all the fabulous women that are involved.”

“Been a challenging year and I always knew whatever life was throwing at me I could apply what I had learnt on BEST and support was just an email away . The Facebook group would always provide support when needed . We toasted every others highs and supported the lows”

“I think it is a very well thought out program and I always felt looked after and that Janey, Gill and Rachel in the office wanted us all to feel secure, respected. Great program and great customer service”

“Thank you for the year – I know I’ve been quiet but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been interested!”

“Thank you for another great year. X”

“Thank you for emailing me to suggest me coming on board because I honestly didn’t think I needed it. How wrong I was. Already signed up for next year!”


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