BEST Testimonials 2020

We are still collating the feedback from BEST 2020, but here’s some of the recent testimonials 🙂 

“I 100% recommend BEST. It is a tailor made programme made for the modern woman, with her BEST interests at heart. It is one of the most comprehensive, beautiful and soul nourishing journeys I took together with other women. The transformations I have experienced doing BEST, the sharing of life stories and the authenticity of everyone in BEST is one of the most beautiful gifts of 2020 for me.” – Irina Childs, BEST 2020 client


For the seventh year running….

100% said they enjoyed BEST

100% said it was good value for money

100% said they would recommend it to other women

100% said they found the Q and A’s useful

100% said they enjoyed Janey’s style on the audios

What did you enjoy most about BEST 2020?

“I feel less alone when I’m part of BEST. Knowing there are other people going through similar things and having someone to turn to during moments when I’m struggling means so much to me”

“Helping me gage better my vantage point of the world. Seeing things from a different perspective. Taking time out for myself.”

“The sound advice I received, the pace, the community of women”

“Was really nice to allocate an hour or so to me each week, away from the kids and the grind. Putting myself first for once was a real pleasure”

“Being alongside such great women and being supported by two great coaches”

Did you find the Q&A’s useful?

“Even if you don’t think the question might be applicable to you, there is always something to take from the calls. A way of looking at things differently”

“As it is a group thing, being able to personalise it a bit was fantastic.”

“Always good to understand others point of view / life styles”

“100% my favourite part”

“Fave part”

“I got more from the Q and As than I ever thought possible”

“Hearing other women’s back of house and behind the scenes was completely enlightening. I learnt something from each and every one”

“I was amazed that every single question I asked was answered with such respect that came with so many different angles of advice”

Did you enjoy Janey’s style on the BEST audios and Q&A’s?

“Love the honesty and openness. Makes all the advice relatable to real life.”

“Janey is upbeat positive but also real and still a work in progress really helps to hear personal input!”

“Janey’s honest and transparent coaching style is something I find so helpful”

“I only have to listen to Janey’s voice and I know I’m in good hands with great advice to follow”


Did you enjoy the input from Gill on the calls?

“Amazing nuggets from Gill as always. Her ability to read so much from the words we use as well as helpful advice that can totally turn me on my axis and help me see things differently.”

“Loved the psychology and NLP also great Gill offers a different generational perspective I found that hugely grounding.”

“I have done BEST for 4 or 5 years and I love hearing the different perspectives from Gill and Janey. Invaluable to hear these on so many different questions that come in”


If applicable please describe the difference in yourself having done BEST

“OMG! I died and I am in my next life where I live in my happy place! That’s the difference…”

“I feel I’ve had a big awakening this year, whether thats BEST or the current climate, I’m not sure. I have realised I want to keep my inner calm and bliss without feeling influenced by external forces. I’ve been kinder to myself and I realise that many things haven’t been serving me. I’m very clear about who my real friends are and feel happy to let those go who don’t bring out the best in me. I still have a lot of BEST left to do so still some areas to explore!”

“I have done BEST for several years now. I am still learning so much. I don’t believe I’d have coped so well with the pandemic had I not learnt so much about myself and how to face life without Best. I think I would have likely crumbled without it given all the work and study stress on top of family life.”

“BEST has been a great companion on my personal journey, giving me hope, practical tips and shared experiences. It’s given me the confidence to get through difficult times with humour and support. I feel lighter, more hopeful and optimistic and I’ve found myself again!”

“BEST helped me to move on from a toxic (narcissistic) friendship but also made me realise I’m actually doing ok.”

“I am continuing to evolve and have managed this year well.”

“The year I remembered who I was and took command of my present and future!”


What 3 words would you use to describe BEST?

“Positive, community, exploration”

“Powerful, challenging, supportive”

“Such strong support”

“Enlightening; supportive; reflective”

“Community, inner strength, tribe”

“Women together supporting”

“Supportive, practical, uplifting.”
“The BEST experience”
“A life saver!”


What are the 3 main things you’ve taken away from BEST?

“1. There isn’t anything that can’t be dealt with a positive mindset. 2) Most of the negative things you think you know are actually just in your head. 3) Understanding “maps of the world” is key to understanding others and their behaviour.”

“I am enough and being myself is awesome, being mindful at mindset sabotages whether from my own thinking or others, sometimes I need longer than I expected for (doing, recovering, being) and that is perfectly fine”

“My mental strength has improved. More self belief. I still have lots to learn and put into practice”

“One thing stands out my ability to manage through crisis and allow myself to flex and grow”

“Lightening up thinking will this matter in 5 years! Knowing I don’t have to do and achieve all the time, permission to breathe and value myself.”

“That working on your mind and mindset is the greatest gift you can give yourself but also that you need to keep doing this for life!”

“That I don’t need to be perfect.. What a relief!”


What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about doing BEST but is unsure about signing up?

“It’s life changing. Definitely worth the investment. I couldn’t imagine life without it now.”

“Go for it!”

“BEST offers a full mindset toolbox, however far from the track you find yourself. It offers practical advice to improve your immediate life or deal with obstacles but also prepares for what lies ahead. BEST is a year of your life but will support you for a whole lifetime.”

“Speak with Janey, do a free webinar”

“You won’t regret it!”

“Give it a go if it feels the right fit!”

“I can’t imagine anyone not getting their money’s worth on this course”

“Put yourself first, sign up and get excited about what’s about to happen!”

Are there any other comments you’d like to add?

Thank you for a beautiful experience in and out Janey! You are a total treasure!”

“I’ve loved BEST this year repeating it was a great way to remind myself about all the great content! Thank you Janey and Gill!” – Helen, BEST 2020 client

“I signed up for BEST to deal with a situation I was struggling to put behind me. Not only did this happen but BEST also offered me all sorts of other advice and practical tips I didn’t know I needed to live my best life. Whether you are ticking along steadily or dealing with one of life’s plot twists, BEST is a mindset toolbox that can be referred to over and over again for life.”

“I have been doing BEST a few years now and I can highly recommend it. BEST has helped me with confidence and staying sane when I was dealing with family illness. I found it really useful to be able to ask questions to Janey and Gill throughout the year. I benefited from their expertise and perspective a lot, which helped me navigate a way through an overwhelming situation.  This year (2020) it has helped me stay positive mainly during Covid and energised me into pivoting my business to adapt to changing circumstances.  I find Janey’s enthusiasm and candour very helpful and energising. BEST is like having a life coach and a supporting community with you as you navigate life’s twists and turns and at times has stopped me spiralling down. Give it a go!”