BEST Testimonials – 3 main things you’ve taken away from BEST?

BEST Testimonials 

What are the 3 main things you’ve taken away from BEST?   

3 main things you’ve taken away from BEST? 

  • How to change mindset, you can reset at any time and that life is for living, don’t sweat the small stuff!
  • It doesn’t matter what other people think. You’ve only got one life. If you make the wrong decision you can always make another decision.
  • Understanding how important your mindset is in terms of living the life you want to live. Stopping comparing myself to others and worrying about what people think of me. Also how hard we can be on ourselves – focusing on the positives rather than the negatives The importance of enjoying life on a day to day basis, appreciating what we have in terms of health, family and friends and how important that is to our happiness.
  • Don’t take the perceived easy route and turn away from fear. Take control of your life. It’s short and you only have one life. Simplify to free time and energy up for the big stuff. Dream big.
  • a thought is just a thought, simplify your life, make things easy!
  • I’m doing a great job already, I need to be kinder to myself, I need to stop worrying about what other people think of me
  • Putting yourself first is easier than you think. Small changes in your mindset are actually massive when it comes to the quality of your life. I’m work in progress!
  • Greater self-awareness. More maturity. That most women are dealing with the same issues.
  • Put myself first more often, stop looking back and beating myself up, there are lots of lovely ladies out there doing great things with their lives and sharing their hopes, fears and issues which makes me feel part of something and not alone.
  • My life will never be the same again because of BEST. I think differently. I make better choices. I’m more fulfilled, I’m happier, I have a peace of mind I didn’t know existed and everyday I grasp life by the balls because we only have one life!
  • To value myself. That only I can make myself happy – other people can’t, it is my responsibility. That I need to face things (perhaps slowly) and not ignore them/bury them under the carpet.
  • That I can control my own attitude and behaviour but not other people’s. That there is little point comparing myself to others whose situation is different to mine. That it’s worth taking the time to work out your values and place them in order of priority.
  • Focus on myself – what do I want / invest in me. Do not compare – perhaps I was doing this more than I thought. Pace myself – remove the pressure to have it all right now.
  • Changing my thoughts more easily. Taking control of my life-I make it what it is. Looking after myself more
  • Nourishment not punishment, the best is yet to come and response not react (still some work to do here!).
  • Reaching out for help. Change in my sense of self and self-esteem. Growth over time – not a quick fix.
  • Increased confidence, an improved ability to manage my thoughts and the ability to let things go.
  • How best to communicate living life to the full in the most positive way possible. Block out the ‘noise’ of others and do what makes you happy.
  • Really like the concept of anxiety gap, found that really useful. Letting go and prioritising and consistency.
  • To appreciate different maps of the world. To think about what I can control, and move away from what I can’t. To shift my thoughts from positive rather than a spiral of negativity.
  • A new view of the world. Not to judge others. Be myself.
  • What other people think of you is none of your business. Make life easy for yourself. A thought is just a thought and can be changed.
  • To appreciate different maps of the world. To think about what I can control, and move away from what I can’t. To shift my thoughts from positive rather than a spiral of negativity.
  • Confidence, understanding when things are others ‘stuff’ not mine!, to not worry so much.
  • Your life is yours to take control of YOU get to choose your own mindset and be happy or sad accordingly Resets – surprising how important it is to keep resetting and adjusting to circumstances – that really banishes feelings of being a failure.


“The importance of time for myself, being present in everything I do, taking time to think before reacting.”

“I am brilliant in my own unique way, do not stay stuck because there is no such thing as a bad decision, comparison is not a good thing.”

“That I am a work in progress, that it is ok to focus on me and organisation works for me.”

“1) Give that thing a try – what’s the worst that can happen? 2) I’m fine just the way I am! 3) Zero tolerance for toxicity and parasites in my life.”

“Greater awareness each year.”

“Focusing on myself and ignoring outside influences, keeping things simple, moving on from the past.”

“That it is OK to say ‘no’.”

“That I am unique, I make decisions based from an authentic place and happiness and self-satisfaction are inside me and slowly but surely coming alive inside me.”

“It’s my life”

“1. To break-down my own reactions and understand where they are coming from 2. To do the same of other people 3. To be kinder to myself and take time on recognising what I have achieved”

“If we want to change, we have to get on and do it, we only have one life so live it to the full, it’s all about your mindset.”

“Never say never, we’re all a work in progress, don’t worry about what other people think”

“What other people think is none of your business, never compare, never let a bad moment make a bad day”

“The concept of maps of the world, that there are no wrong decisions and how useless guilt is”

“I’m doing OK! Everyone beats themselves up. Don’t let someone else emotions/issues bring you down.”

“1. You can’t control what happens only how you react. 2. A feeling comes from a thought. 3. Stop asking why!!”

“Friends, support, pride”

“Get different things from each year…”

“Not alone, advice and knowledge about myself”

“Understanding people’s map of the world, how to take control and how not to take things personally”

“I am good enough, bad events don’t define you and everything can be learned from”

“Learnt to see things from others perspective, to know I am not the only one with problems, that I will be alright”


“1. There isn’t anything that can’t be dealt with a positive mindset. 2) Most of the negative things you think you know are actually just in your head. 3) Understanding “maps of the world” is key to understanding others and their behaviour.”

“I am enough and being myself is awesome, being mindful at mindset sabotages whether from my own thinking or others, sometimes I need longer than I expected for (doing, recovering, being) and that is perfectly fine”

“My mental strength has improved. More self belief. I still have lots to learn and put into practice”

“One thing stands out my ability to manage through crisis and allow myself to flex and grow”

“Lightening up thinking will this matter in 5 years! Knowing I don’t have to do and achieve all the time, permission to breathe and value myself.”

“That working on your mind and mindset is the greatest gift you can give yourself but also that you need to keep doing this for life!”

“That I don’t need to be perfect.. What a relief!”