BEST Testimonials – How are you different since before doing BEST?

BEST Testimonials 

How are you different since before doing BEST?                   

Every year since BEST started in 2014 the testimonials keep coming in! Are you ready to join us!

Take a look at these:


“I know that I can become the person that I’ve dreamed of being, it’s all inside of me!”

  • Last year I was miserable, toxic and frustrated with life. Now I’m carefree, in control and always happy.
  • “The year I remembered who I was and took command of my present and future!”
  • I’ve just been looking at the testimonials from last year and the one about feeling more contented sums up how BEST has changed me this year. I feel so much more content and calmer, I’m less harsh and less demanding on myself, less critical and have stopped comparing myself to others. I am so much happier in myself and am enjoying life in the now more than I have in years, feeling very positive about the future.

“I am much more calmer and focussed and this is because BEST has given me in incredible set of tools to use in various situations. It’s been really incredible the change in my thought patterns and how I deal with and process issues that arise.”

  • I I am calmer and more rational, kinder to myself and try to be positive or see the positives in situations. I am also more aware of how to change my mood.
  • I have the knowledge now. I need to practice self-compassion, stop worrying what other people think of me and slowly just keep striving. But now I’ve got the tools!
  • More self aware, more in charge.
  • Mostly more positive and feel more in control of me and more confident about the fact that what I want is OK to go after rather than putting everyone else first.

“Where to start! Overcome my fear of driving. Overcome my fear of public speaking. Simplified my life (finances on a spreadsheet, housework rota, log of passwords, de-cluttered). Always ask myself “what can I manage?” in a tricky situation. Smile and say, “just let it go”. I have a wall covered in uplifting quotes. Say to myself “How” rather than “I can’t”. Have a vision box of all my goals and dreams. Tell myself that I’m a work in progress (this is fabulous!) Try to be more present and enjoy each day. Take more risks like entertaining friends – so what if my cooking is a disaster (so far it hasn’t been!) Still working on recharging and relaxing but aware I need to do more. I could go on, but yes, life has changed dramatically.”

  • I think I am more patient and understanding with my children. I exercise regularly now, having made that a goal. I have just started to tackle my health and eating too. Slow steps but big ones that will impact greatly on my happiness.
  • I’m more contented, calmer, more in control, things are ordered in my head.
  • I have made peace with my current situation and look to enjoy each day for what it is.
  • I have begun to think, plan and set goals for my life in a way that hasn’t happened before. Before I only ever did this in a work context.
  • The question ‘what do I want’ I continue to ask daily.
  • I am focusing my energy on creating the life I want for myself – not looking / hoping / expecting it to come from outside of myself. You need a bigger box for this section!
  • I am more content, happier and have a more positive mindset.
  • I have a lot more confidence in myself and am really working on leaving the past behind me. I have given up my job (last day tomorrow!) and am looking forward to being freelance in 2017 and having a lot more control over my life rather than being swept along.

“WOW – every year is a big jump…I felt that at the end of BEST last year I was in a good place and wanted to move forward with my own work, sense of self and visibility – I really have felt a massive difference between Jan 16 and now and I literally feel MONUMENTAL! I am a work in progress- the key being progress, I’m keeping moving forward.”

  • Stacks more confidence to make decisions for the good of my family and myself without worrying about the needs/comments of others. So much more laid back and relaxed in my home/family environment (don’t stress over the small things) Better relationships with family members (was able to forgive and move on).
  • I feel more confident ,happier, healthier and more in the flow of life.
  • I think bigger and have the confidence to think ‘how’ rather than ‘I can’t’. I genuinely care very little what others think of me which people pick up on in a positive way. I take responsibility for my own emotions and life. When presented with a problem, I ‘hatch a plan’. Love that phrase!
  • I think generally I am fairly balanced and of good mindset but this year I was facing a confidence issue which was causing stumbling blocks as I plan for the future. BEST helped me break this down and made me realise I needed to look at priorities and a whole heap of other things in order to address the issue. I am now calmer about where I am going, and more importantly, how and when. I have been able to appreciate what I have achieved, be grateful for what I have, and be excited about the future.
  • My confidence has improved. I’m back at work and loving. My relationship with my husband is more open and my relationship with my kids is improving day by day.
  • I am more patient and accepting of other people and am not as judgemental as I was. I am also more relaxed and confident, making decisions because they are right for me without worrying about what other people think.
  • It has given me the confidence to make my dreams a reality. If it had not been for Best my husband and I would not be moving to Australia in the new year to embark on our next chapter together… we really are going to live our dream!
  • I’m more calm, I make far more time for myself, have moved to the other side of the world and have adapted to life in Australia with my husband. I’m more focused on work at work and am being more successful at leaving work at my desk and not thinking about it. I’m more present for the task at hand in that moment… the list really could go on and on!”
  • I am confident about the things that are working and need to change in my life and feel empowered to make the changes needed. I am also aware of my nagging doubting inner voice and can squash it more effectively.”
  • I am able to distance myself from work and focus on myself better.”
  • I’ve regained confidence in my abilities and I’m less caught up in my own self-made boundaries. I’m happy to live my life my way, and who cares what others think of how I do it?!”
  • I’m stronger and more confident in myself and my abilities and what works for me and my life

“I find I’m better at being able to dissect why either myself or someone is reacting in a certain way and not taking everything so personally.”

  • I’m taking responsibility for my actions with over eating, I’m beating myself up much less and I’m getting more organised by the day!”
  • A year ago I was very highly strung, stressed and depressed. After a year of BEST, I feel so “I’m a work in progress. I’m continuing to develop my self-confidence, I have had a lot of team issues this year to manage at work and it’s been so helpful bringing in my best knowledge to help me deal with these”
  • “Completed divorce, moved to a new area, kids started at new school, one child had a major operation… and yet happy and settled and excited about what 2019 has to offer…!”
  • “I am definitely a better wife, mom and person having done Best a couple of times and letting that knowledge sink in over the last few years. Removing comparison has been a game changer!”
  • “2018 has been a challenging year for me . I have coped by being kinder to myself than I would have been before BEST and have managed to stay in the present rather than upsetting myself what might happen in the future.”
  • “A lot more open”

“BEST has changed my life so much this year. When I think back to where I was a year ago and how different I am now, it really is incredible. I’ve absolutely loved this year for so many reasons but thought I’d share my top three 1) I am enjoying being a Mum and that is something I never thought I’d be able to say! But thanks to all the BEST strategies I have turned a massive corner with learning to let things go and be more in the moment 2) The way I communicate with my partner is better than ever, yes even after 15 years! The reason this has happened is because of how much great advice on communication with partners there has been on the Q and As. I shared a few of them with my husband and he has taken so much from them too. And 3) I’ve had the confidence in the last couple of months to negotiate a better work life balance at work and also get a pay rise by working less hours. Yes more time for me, less hours for work, more money for me. Because BEST made me realise that I deserve better and taught me that when I lower fear and communicate better, anything is possible.”

  • “Not enough room here! :-)”
  • “I am more aware – but still a work in progress!”
  • “I now know how to cope with life’s plot twists and not to panic or take things personally, it’s just life!”
  • “I feel more on the right path and given me confidence to trust my instinct and decisions”
  • “I think I am a nicer person!”
  • “OMG! I died and I am in my next life where I live in my happy place! That’s the difference…”
  • “I feel I’ve had a big awakening this year, whether thats BEST or the current climate, I’m not sure. I have realised I want to keep my inner calm and bliss without feeling influenced by external forces. I’ve been kinder to myself and I realise that many things haven’t been serving me. I’m very clear about who my real friends are and feel happy to let those go who don’t bring out the best in me. I still have a lot of BEST left to do so still some areas to explore!”
  • “I have done BEST for several years now. I am still learning so much. I don’t believe I’d have coped so well with the pandemic had I not learnt so much about myself and how to face life without Best. I think I would have likely crumbled without it given all the work and study stress on top of family life.”
  • “BEST has been a great companion on my personal journey, giving me hope, practical tips and shared experiences. It’s given me the confidence to get through difficult times with humour and support. I feel lighter, more hopeful and optimistic and I’ve found myself again!”
  • “BEST helped me to move on from a toxic (narcissistic) friendship but also made me realise I’m actually doing ok.”
  • “I am continuing to evolve and have managed this year well.”