BEST Testimonials – Janey’s style on BEST

BEST Testimonials 

Janey’s style on BEST?   

Janey’s style on BEST

  • Janey manages to be uplifting, engaging and supportive whilst focused throughout on encouraging us to take action. At the end of each audio, I really believed in myself and my abilities to make changes in my life.
  • Upbeat, happy and positive.
  • The tone of her voice and the way she delivered the audios were so motivating and uplifting.
  • Very upbeat and inspiring – Janey’s enthusiasm for life and living it well is infectious.
  • Yes, informal, friendly and open.
  • Janey is FAB – I love her style – honest, direct, relatable, supportive, upbeat, positive, encouraging.
  • Amazing, amazing.
  • I enjoy hearing about Janey’s life and also her clients’. I like the authenticity as some ‘gurus’ make out their life is perfect or only post the perfect, magazine-type pictures on Facebook. It feels like Janey is one of us.
  • Loved her passion for life, really liked the way she shared so many examples from her own life, these made it easier to see how best principles could be applied to life. Loved her style energy and humour and all this in the year she had a new baby- amazing inspiring woman.
  • Very balanced and always pushes back to ensure you are being totally honest with yourself, this is vital if change is going to happen.
  • Janey is very positive, uplifting and always has useful advice and suggestions. She also works incredibly hard and is always available for support.
  • I love Janey’s honesty and openness. To hear that she has the same struggles as us and I loved the way she gave examples of how she used Best to help herself. It was really inspiring and uplifting.
  • Janey speaks from the heart and offers practical, implementable advice. Often it feels like a big sister tackling a problem with you (in a good way). By showing the wider view, she is often able to show perspective which can be hard to see when you’re ‘in it’! I think the live stream quick fixes are a great idea and really tap into the current mindset and problems of the group across all the FB groups. Great idea!
  • Janey is very positive, uplifting and always has useful advice and suggestions. She also works incredibly hard and is always available for support.
  • Absolutely, practical advise was great.
  • “Straightforward, relateable and so practical”
  • “They’re very open, honest and upbeat”
  • “Always honest”
  • “I love Janey’s honesty and vulnerability and the practical advice she gives. I like the way she pushes back on you but does it in an encouraging way. I also love her upbeat style on the main audios and I revisit these all the time when I need some Janey inspiration”
  • “Always!!”
  • “Janey has a great approach and a very simple, down to earth way which makes her very easy to relate to. And her honesty is fab!”
  • “Love the honesty and openness. Makes all the advice relatable to real life.”
  • “Janey is upbeat positive but also real and still a work in progress really helps to hear personal input!”
  • “Janey’s honest and transparent coaching style is something I find so helpful”
  • “I only have to listen to Janey’s voice and I know I’m in good hands with great advice to follow”