BEST Testimonials – Personal Recommendations

BEST Testimonials 

Personal Recommendations

“I can’t express to you both how much I have loved doing BEST this year. I have enjoyed the year so much; am always eagerly checking my email for the next call or Q&A and can honestly say that I have taken something from each and every week that has helped. Loved it all.  I just wanted to say that you are both amazing people, and that I can’t imagine my life without the BEST programme, the Facebook group and the weekly calls. It has truly changed my life. If the NHS invested in programmes like these for their staff and patients I truly believe we wouldn’t be having the mental health crisis we are at the moment.”

“Thank you for emailing me to suggest me coming on board because I honestly didn’t think I needed it. How wrong I was. Already signed up for next year!”

Thank you for a beautiful experience in and out Janey! You are a total treasure!”

” Hi Janey. I just wanted to write in to you to say a huge thank you personally for giving me the nudged to do BEST. As you know I was quite resistant!! But trusting you knew what you were talking about, I signed up and I have had the most incredible year. I signed up initially to help me manage my high stress levels and look at a change of career/role at work and BEST helped with both of these so much. When I think back to where I was in January to where I am now my stress levels have gone from a 10 to a 1 or 2 and I’ve made some really positive steps at work, creating much better working terms and most recently a promotion which I would never have gone for before listening to the BEST step 7 calls, Finding your inner confidence (they were just brilliant). But the thing BEST has helped me most with is improving my communication and relationship with my husband and also my two children… for the first time ever, I’m actually enjoying being a Mum! Thanks to your advice, I don’t compare myself to other Mums and I recognize that I am doing the best job I can and that I don’t need to strive for perfection. That line you said about not having to be an A grade at everything and that a C was sufficient in many cases really changed how I see myself as a parent and wife. My husband and I communicate so well now and he often listens to the calls with me and has even started quoting your BEST-isms! Although the main weekly BEST calls were fantastic and I took something from each and every one, the Q and As have literally changed my entire way of thinking and living. The thought provoking information you and Gill share on these is missing in the majority of people’s lives. One of the highlights for me is the advice you gave on the call you did recently on how you helped your son boost his confidence this year. It has totally changed the way I see my daughter’s education and potential and the school choices we are making for our children. I sat listening to that call in tears and had such a big AHA moment for my family. And my other favourite was the one you did quite early on about how you sometimes felt like a failure and have lots of low feelings and how you strip those back, override your self-limiting beliefs and ask yourself the right questions to break through them. I literally listen to that call over and over again because it is so empowering! And Gill’s communication Q and A calls, well as I say have changed the way I communicate with everyone (work, kids, work place, especially in-laws!) and also how I see others. I wasn’t very active on the Facebook group (although I read it all the time and found it so helpful and useful), but I’m signing up again for next year and promise to be on there more! BEST is the most incredible experience I have ever had in my life. And I wish it could be offered at schools, universities, graduate programs, in the work place, to everyone. Looking forward to doing BEST next year and a really heart felt thank you to you for creating such an amazing program x”

“I have done BEST this year for the first time and it has started the process of changing my life. I am now developing the confidence and belief in myself to challenge difficult family and health situations and to value my needs more. I have signed up again as cannot imagine my life without BEST in it! Thanks Janey! Xx”

“BEST is an amazing programme. Have repeated it a few times now and it has really helped change my outlook on life. I am no longer a huge perfectionist and have more confidence in my ability than ever before. I have learnt to communicate more effectively so all those little ties with my husband over silly little things are a thing of the past as I don’t let them mount up!! Most importantly it has helped me through some unresolved PND/anxiety this year, and I am now excitedly waiting the arrival of my second child any day now.  It is amazing to be a part of such a community of strong women who support each other, do not judge and really truly want the best for each other. I know I would be in a very different place right now if it were not for the strategies and lessons I have learnt from best.  It really is an amazing and unique programme, and Janey and Gill’s combined experience and insight is inspiring. The personalised Q&A’s where you can submit questions and receive tailored advice is an amazing part of the programme.  Looking forward to BEST 2 in Jan.”

“Thank you for the year – I know I’ve been quiet but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been interested!”

“Thank you for another great year. X”

“I joined BEST because I am going through a really horrible divorce and I know as certain phases arrive and even when its resolved, I am going to have a lot of emotions which I wasn’t equipped to deal with before now. Resentment, regret, bitterness, I just don’t want to define me. I have known Janey for over 17 years and she has always managed to help me in other ways (food management, fitness) so having read all the great reviews from her previous BEST clients it didn’t take any convincing for me to know that this was going to be essential for me to help navigate my way through the inevitable challenges and hurdles I will need to overcome. Not to mention the other stuff that goes on in my head which I hadn’t even thought about! A year on and whilst no end to my divorce in sight, I feel stronger and ready to cope with whatever is going to be thrown at me. I also know that there is no other group of people that I can rely on who will totally understand and guide me. On top of that, I (like to think) that I have become a better friend. I have had many other friends not on BEST who have had Life Plot Twists thrown at them and I have been able to offer them a “non judgemental / seeing it from another perspective” advice, which, I don’t think I could have done so articulately before. It has also helped me to know that I don’t need to compare, I am a good enough mum (although the teenager may take a few years to appreciate that) that I can do anything,  there are no problems only challenges and solutions, and what other people think of me really isn’t any of my business, I am a strong person and I’m actually a really decent person. Thank you Janey – you are truly wise and inspirational and I am looking forward to continuing with this amazing program and all the fabulous women that are involved.”

“I’ve loved BEST this year repeating it was a great way to remind myself about all the great content! Thank you Janey and Gill!” 

“I have been doing BEST a few years now and I can highly recommend it. BEST has helped me with confidence and staying sane when I was dealing with family illness. I found it really useful to be able to ask questions to Janey and Gill throughout the year. I benefited from their expertise and perspective a lot, which helped me navigate a way through an overwhelming situation.  This year (2020) it has helped me stay positive mainly during Covid and energised me into pivoting my business to adapt to changing circumstances.  I find Janey’s enthusiasm and candour very helpful and energising. BEST is like having a life coach and a supporting community with you as you navigate life’s twists and turns and at times has stopped me spiralling down. Give it a go!”