BEST Testimonials – Recommending it to others

BEST Testimonials 

Recommending it to others…   

Recommending it to others

  • I wish wish wish every woman would do this programme!! Unfortunately I don’t think a lot of women put enough focus on self-development and don’t see the value in spending the money on something like this because they have other priorities.
  • Definitely, I have recommended it to various friends and think many women would get so much out of BEST.
  • Already have to loads of women. Every woman should do this program!
  • Absolutely!
  • 100%.
  • During my time on BEST I have learnt let perfectionism go which has been a massive shift for me.
  • I would definitely recommend BEST. There are so many women I know who would benefit from it. I really hope they do it so they can start living and being happy.
  • I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed the programme. At times it felt like it was written just for me.
  • I completely underestimated what a difference it would make to me and I can’t think of anyone whose life wouldn’t be enhanced by it one way or another.
  • Definitely really helpful in all areas of life, personal and professional.
  • Should be on the curriculum for teenage girls so they can start flying straight away! If women grew up like this it would be amazing.
  • I think everyone (even men) would benefit from this programme, even in a small way.
  • I have, to several friends and work colleagues. The best investment in myself I have ever made.
  • “I think all women should do BEST once. I’ve recommended it to so many people from my friend’s 18 year old daughter to my Mum who’s in her seventies
  • BEST will change your life on a profound and practical level. You will get more out of it than you think possible right now. Wondering about signing up? Go straight to yes.

What I wanted to finish saying is I read all the testimonials last year and I signed up not quite knowing what I was getting, I read similar things to what I’ve put here and just decided to go for it. I’ve never looked back and now I know why it’s hard to get across what you get from doing BEST. Janey has created a life-enhancing program that was a joy to be part of and it was thoroughly rewarding working alongside a group of amazing women. Thank you! Xx

  • Janey (and Gill) have taken me on a journey of personal reflection and growth this year. I have learned that it is OK to put myself first and value myself. I’ve interacted with and met some great women. I’ve got more to learn but the beauty of BEST is that I’m going to have different experience next year I think!
  • Have loved BEST. Found it inspiring, positive and fun.
  • BEST is life changing.

“3rd year running,  I’ve done BEST – God have I grown and been able to take on many plot twists with the help and support of Janey, Gill and of course my gorgeous Besties.  Now looking forward to start BEST 2 in Jan. Give life a better chance, what have you got to lose?”

  • Thank you, loved it. And Janey, you are awesome.
  • Thanks so much for creating this programme xxx
  • I think BEST has been expertly thought out and follows a great plan. Each step, building on the next. It’s hard to pin point, which one was the most powerful as I think they build on each other and it’s the cumulative effect that is most powerful.
  • I enjoyed the information, feeling like I was on a journey of self-development (with a group of others who I felt connected to despite never having met them or spoke to them).
  • I felt that I got as much support as I needed and was really pleased with the personal responses. ALL my questions were answered, despite it being a group-based programme.
  • BEST was brilliant, it changed my life (without me even realising it)!!!
  • I love being able to go back and cherry pick audios to listen to when I need a boost. Great tips and pearls of wisdom to help you navigate the ups and downs of life and to see things from a different perspective when you can’t see the wood for the trees! Really sad the course is over!
  • BEST has really helped me deal with stress and put things into perspective.
  • I have absolutely loved doing BEST, the knowledge that I’ve gained is truly life changing.
  • I loved BEST and would describe it as an essential lifestyle management course for every busy modern woman.
  • I loved the way there was so much information/useful stuff but that it was broken down into useful bite size pieces so that it was ongoing and manageable.
  • “I signed up to Best for the first time in 2016 and I can’t imagine not having this course as part of my life now. Best last year, with the amazing advice from Janey and Gill gave me the confidence to go from my dream to work in Australia. I secured a job late last year and this year moved to Melbourne. I am loving the life my husband and I have created here, and having the mindset shift has helped these feel easy. I’ve used so many tips and skills I’ve learnt in the last 2 years with my team at work.”
  • “BEST is my little oasis of calm that helps me grow and develop. Next year I am 40 and I am excited to challenge myself next year to progress more as I know I am a work in progress- I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for me! ”
  • “I signed up to best because I was feeling very lost and had very bad anxiety issues, I thought I was probably signing up to something that would be a waste of money and wouldn’t work. How wrong was I! From the very first call I felt myself change and I have loved every week of best. each week I have felt myself improving and becoming a better version of me! So excited to take part in Best 2018!!!”

“This is my second year and it was even better than the first. The Facebook group really makes you feel like you have a supportive group of mates there all the time, and the updating audios are fantastic. I genuinely look forward to sitting down with a coffee each week and listening and think you can get something extra each time you do it”

  • “Been a challenging year and I always knew whatever life was throwing at me I could apply what I had learnt on BEST and support was just an email away . The Facebook group would always provide support when needed . We toasted every others highs and supported the lows”
  • “I did not anticipate how much of an effect BEST would have on my life. It soon became apparent from the first few calls that the journey that we were about to venture on would be amazing – and it didn’t disappoint! Every week brought new, relevant topics to the fore and every week I took something away and was able to implement it into everyday life situations. BEST is invaluable. The advice from Janey and Gill is just out of this world and will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing program and bringing a brilliant group of women together.”
  • “I just can’t believe at the end of 2017 I own a Filofax and I’m getting a handle on my own life… It’s anything I want to  be!”
  • “I have loved BEST – I’ve now done it for three years and feel my mindset has changed so much in that time. When I started BEST, I was struggling with life as a busy mum of 3 who had lost sight of who she was, trying to juggle too many things and not doing anything very well. Without needing to make drastic, practical changes to my life, BEST has really helped me with my mindset – I’m now so much happier and content with my life and more confident in myself and my abilities. Every audio leaves me feeling uplifted and helps keep me on track. I’ve taken different things out of the audios each year, allowing me to continue growing and developing. I would recommend BEST to anyone – whether they have major changes to make in their life or small little tweaks. ”
  • “It became my GO-TO bit of peace each week”
  • “I think it is a very well thought out program and I always felt looked after and that Janey, Gill and Rachel in the office wanted us all to feel secure, respected. Great program and great customer service”

“I signed up for BEST to deal with a situation I was struggling to put behind me. Not only did this happen but BEST also offered me all sorts of other advice and practical tips I didn’t know I needed to live my best life. Whether you are ticking along steadily or dealing with one of life’s plot twists, BEST is a mindset toolbox that can be referred to over and over again for life.”