BEST Testimonials – The input from BEST co-coach Gill Harvey-Bush

BEST Testimonials 

The input from BEST co-coach Gill Harvey-Bush?   

The input from BEST co-coach Gill Harvey-Bush

  • Great to have a different perspective on the issues, Gill’s expertise and advice is so valuable.
  • A great balance with Janey’s advice.
  • I was dubious about Gill to start with as she was very different to Janey but within a few calls I realised why Janey has brought her on to balance it out.
  • Gill always had insightful comments and didn’t hold back (in a good way!) She is also encouraging in difficult situations.
  • I think Gill adds some extra weight to Janey which is great.
  • She clearly has significant depth of knowledge. She is adept at picking up on the undercurrent of what is really going on very quickly. Amazing!
  • Gill is a great balance – a different voice and style, gives weight and a psych/research/clinical input which helps support the topics and I love the Gill/Janey combo.
  • Gill and Janey work well together and it is clear they respect each others’ work.
  • Worked well together.
  • Very knowledgeable and excellent delivery/tone when answering questions.
  • I like Gill’s approach and manner and she works very well with Janey.
  • I can see how well Janey and Gill work together. I often hear Gill in my head saying ‘what’s the worst thing that could happen’ etc.
  • Both Janey and Gill are no nonsense but in different ways. I like Gill’s methodology and approach based on theory and it combines well with her practical and pragmatic advice. Again, both Gill and Janey are there with you, but you’re doing it yourself. This is how it needs to be!
  • Always good to get a different point of view and understand things from the psychological side.
  • “Gill and Janey are a formidable team, their knowledge is fantastic and the fact they are such strong friends brings trust and confidence when you listen to them”
  • “So great having that second voice of reason and a different perspective” (2018)
  • “I’m biased as I know and LOVE Gill, but I think Janey and Gill make a great team, and having both offered unrivalled feedback and suggestions.”
  • “Good to have a different point of view.”
  • “LOVE Gill! The combo of her and Janey is so powerful. Love the way she dissects the language and also when she uses the F word! She’s a real woman that gets real women and she has real balls”
  • “Always!! Compare and contrast with Janey…fab combo”
  • “Gill gives a different perspective and has really helped me cope with any anxiety I have had.”
  • “Amazing nuggets from Gill as always. Her ability to read so much from the words we use as well as helpful advice that can totally turn me on my axis and help me see things differently.”
  • “Loved the psychology and NLP also great Gill offers a different generational perspective I found that hugely grounding.”
  • “I have done BEST for 4 or 5 times and I love hearing the different perspectives from Gill and Janey. Invaluable to hear these on so many different questions that come in”
  • Love the combination of different styles and approaches from Gill and Janey which work really well together to give actionable advice
  • Janey’s style is great, non-judgemental and friendly. It is particularly helpful to hear how she does things
  • Janey helps cut through the clutter to the nub, but in a friendly and supportive way
  • Janey is really upbeat and chatty. I always finish a call feeling more positive
  • Gill works really well with Janey giving a different – but just as useful – perspective
  • Gill is a legend, such wise words always come and I love the more psychology based points of view