BEST Testimonials 2014

Here are some more BEST Testimonials, taken from our BEST 2014 online surveys….

Every Monday morning when I listened to the audio, it really helped me reset myself for the week ahead. Amazing. I loved the structure, I found it so user friendly, it didn’t take over my life and it was completely manageable. The content was LIFE CHANGING. Janey is life changing. BEST is the thing that has made the single most difference to how I live my life and approach things.

During my time on BEST I have learnt let perfectionism go which has been a massive shift for me.

I would definitely recommend BEST. There are so many women I know who would benefit from it. I really hope they do it so they can start living and being happy.

I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed the programme. At times it felt like it was written just for me.

The thing I liked most about BEST was having the monthly setup calls and the round-up emails – they always kept me right!!!  I also enjoyed Gills calls.

This programme has literally changed my life.  I was stuck, dissatisfied with life in general and scared to make changes that deep down I knew needed to happen.

This practical, no nonsense and powerful programme guided me through a discovery process that enabled me to make some big lifestyle changes and I have never been happier, more in control and calm in my life.

I plan on doing BEST again in 2015 to keep focussing on positivity and happiness and making my dreams come true!  Thank you Janey.

I really enjoyed both the weekly audios and the Q & and A’s. I looked forward to them each week.

I think BEST has been expertly thought out and follows a great plan. Each step,building on the next. It’s hard to pin point, which one was the most powerful as I think they build on each other and it’s the cumulative effect that is most powerful.

I enjoyed the information, feeling like I was on a journey of self development (with a group of others who I felt connected to despite never having met them or spoke to them). The honesty that was shared and realising that I’m normal and think like everyone else (whether or not I like that).

I felt that I got as much support as I needed and was really pleased with the personal responses. ALL my questions were answered, despite it being a group-based programme.

BEST was brilliant, it changed my life (without me even realising it)!!!

Amazing content, loved the extra audio’s with Gill and Claire.

Absolutely loved the course, can’t believe the amount of content and Janey is happy to give advice and help with any dilemma, not just those relating directly to the course content or that week’s discussion.

I love being able to go back and cherry pick audios to listen to when I need a boost. Great tips and pearls of wisdom to help you navigate the ups and downs of life and to see things from a different perspective when you can’t see the wood for the trees! Really sad the course is over!

BEST has really helped me deal with stress and put things into perspective.

I love Janey’s real life examples, the regularity of the fantastic weekly audios and the Q&As sessions with Gill were so useful.

I have absolutely loved doing BEST, the knowledge that I’ve gained is truly life changing. The 40-week format really allowed for changes to take place. It got me through a full house renovation with two children under 3 and my return to part-time work. I’m looking forward to taking part in 2015 with a focus on me and getting another step closer to being the BEST version of me!

I loved BEST and would describe it as an essential lifestyle management course for every busy modern woman.

I loved the way there was so much information/useful stuff but that it was broken down into useful bite size pieces so that it was ongoing and manageable.