**NEW!** 3 month program option now available!

Start anytime, get all the BEST program content upfront PLUS 12 weeks of Q and As and fortnightly group coaching & accountability calls – more info below!

BEST is a mindset program and described as “Teaching women to fly” and an “Essential lifestyle management program for every busy modern woman”.

100% of previous BEST clients have said they enjoyed BEST, it was good value for money and would recommend it to other women. 

Would you like to become the best version of yourself and create an authentic life where you truly thrive?

Become less stressed and overwhelmed with the modern day world and much more in control of your time, boundaries, choices, communication and actions?

Get clarity on who you are, stop comparing yourself to others and lead a life where you feel content and at peace every day? 

Not worry what others think of you, manage your negative inner voice and have way more confidence in yourself?

Do you need help and support to navigate your way through all the big changes currently happening?

To learn how to put your focus on what you CAN control and let go of the rest?

To be taught a variety of techniques to help you feel positive and empowered to deal with whatever life throws at you?

To be able to cope with challenges, fears, frustrations, stresses and struggles with a powerful mindset?

Would you like more inner confidence and calm? 

To be able manage or park difficult or unhelpful emotions? 

So you are freed up to focus on practical solutions to any problems you face?

Communicate how you feel better to others and be able to listen and understand others more?

To be able to handle limbo and the unknown more calmly?

So you feel great about yourself and your life?


“BEST is the thing that has made the single most difference to how I live my life and approach things.  I loved the structure, I found it so user friendly, it didn’t take over my life and it was completely manageable. The content was LIFE CHANGING. Janey is life changing”


This phenomenal mindset-changing program works through a series of nine steps and 40 sub-steps to change the way you think and live forever. Along with a big tailor-made coaching and accountability option to help you implement the BEST principles, go through any questions you have and enable you to be fully supported in your BEST journey.

For the first time ever, BEST is being offered as a 3 month package option! When you sign up you gain access to all the main BEST program content up front PLUS 12 weeks of Q and As and fortnightly Zooms!

The weekly Wednesday Q&A audios where you get tailor-made and live-time advice to any struggles or challenges you need help with (which according to our clients are the best bit of BEST – see below for more on these!). And every other Friday lunchtime at 115pm, I do a group coaching zoom call – where I share how I’ve been using BEST principles and mindset in that fortnight AND where I can do mini coaching sessions and set BEST clients little exercises to help them get the most out of their BEST experience. These are really popular!


There is also a hugely supportive and interactive closed Facebook which is packed full of inspiration and support, a place where you can meet and chat (if you want to!) with fellow BESTies.


“I did not anticipate how much of an effect BEST would have on my life. It soon became apparent from the first few calls that the journey that we were about to venture on would be amazing – and it didn’t disappoint! Every week brought new, relevant topics to the fore and every week I took something away and was able to implement it into everyday life situations. BEST is invaluable. The advice from Janey and Gill is just out of this world and will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing program and bringing a brilliant group of women together.”


1 – Take control

  • Time to get real
  • Resetting yourself
  • Removing denial
  • The right goal setting for you

2 - Create more self-respect

  • Building better body image
  • Becoming less critical
  • Being nicer to yourself
  • Learning to really like yourself
  • What others think of you is none of your business

3 – Look after yourself

  • Creating more balance
  • Pace yourself
  • Nourishment not punishment
  • Invest in yourself

4 - Let things go

  • Leaving the past behind
  • Having no regrets
  • Stress mindset
  • Removing comparison

5 - Sort your priorities out

  • Putting first things first
  • Getting organized without stress
  • Removing road blocks
  • Friendly project planning
  • Creating the right environment

6 - Lighten up

  • Free yourself
  • Feel good
  • Removing perfectionism
  • Understanding happiness

7 – Find your inner confidence

  • Lowering your fear
  • Trusting your ability
  • Building your strengths, conquering your weaknesses
  • Knowing yourself
  • Believing in yourself

8 – Beat self-sabotage

  • Removing negative messages in your head
  • Identifying patterns
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Re-affirmation for long-term success

9 - Make things easy

  • Simplify your life
  • Guilt free living
  • More being less doing
  • Love more
  • The BEST wrap up call


“An incredible course, I have loved and learnt so much from each and every call”

“I can’t express to you both how much I have loved doing BEST this year. I have enjoyed the year so much; am always eagerly checking my email for the next call or Q&A and can honestly say that I have taken something from each and every week that has helped. Loved it all.  I just wanted to say that you are both amazing people, and that I can’t imagine my life without the BEST programme, the Facebook group and the weekly calls. It has truly changed my life.

“A year ago I was very highly strung, stressed and depressed. After a year of BEST, I feel so much more calmer and focussed and this is because BEST has given me in incredible set of tools to use in various situations. It’s been really incredible the change in my thought patterns and how I deal with and process issues that arise.”



Each week on BEST, me or me and my co-coach Gill answer questions from the group. This means that over half of the BEST content is tailor-made to the participants.  The BEST clients can submit questions on literally ANYTHING THEY WANT (submitting questions via a mind dump email or our anonymous survey link) and they are all dealt with a non-judgemental way. Gill and I dissect language, re-frame the way the women see things, provide helpful coaching questions, top tips and advice, practical solutions and lots more.


We always ensure that despite the content, we can make it relevant to everyone on BEST by bringing in BEST principles, psychology education and how you can transfer the advice we give not all sorts of scenarios and situations.

You can change details when submitting questions to protect your identity (i.e. if you have 2 boys, you can say you have 3 girls, you can say you live in Australia rather than London etc).   Q and As are emailed out every Wednesday to the BEST group and and we always guarantee that every questions submitted by our clients in answered.   You can submit unlimited questions throughout your BEST program experience too.

As you can see from the BEST testimonials pages, the Q and As are the women’s favourite part of BEST. Here are a few of my faves…

“The Q and As are my favourite part! Hearing the response to someone else’s question can be humbling, enlightening, revealing, useful. LOVE the Q&A’s”

“I was surprised at how much I got from the Q and As and  I thought the balance of Janey and Gill was spot on. Gill’s no-nonsense and Janey’s upbeat / positive approach plus the way they were delivered with a sense of humor and rapport, yet also professional and full of top tips”

“Gill and Janey are a formidable team, their knowledge is fantastic and the fact they are such strong friends brings trust and confidence when you listen to them”

“Love the combination of different styles and approaches from Gill and Janey which work really well together to give actionable advice”

Janey and Gill make a great team, and having both offered unrivalled feedback and suggestions.”

“Gill works really well with Janey giving a different – but just as useful – perspective”



BEST has an optional closed Facebook support group and for many this is the icing on the cake for their BEST experience. So many of out BESTies (as you’ll get to be called) have become very close online friends and great friends in ‘real’ life too!  We know that Facebook isn’t for everyone and as part of BEST, we do encourage people use social media less. However we believe that quality social media use is the best way to enjoy the online interaction technology advances give us, without it becoming overwhelming.  You can use the Facebook app if you’d rather stay off your main Facebook feed and most clients are pleasantly surprised to see how trusting and empowering this support group is 🙂



BEST – 3 month option

  • All of the BEST audios available upfront to work through at your own pace (lifetime access to these) – you DON’T need to listen to all 40 audios in 3 months
  • Q&A audios emailed to you weekly for 12 weeks – these are pre-recorded the day before so you don’t have to be anywhere at anytime for these
  • Fortnightly group coaching zooms every other Friday at 1.15pm on these dates: 10th September, 24th September, 8th October, 22nd October, 5th November, 19th November, 3rd December and then from January 7th
  • Access to the BEST Facebook support group until end of 2021The cost (one upfront payment)


sign up now!

“Very, very good value for money. More than that though, it really is invaluable”


BEST Rolling membership

This membership is only available to clients who have already paid for the main BEST program (at anytime since is started in 2013)

  • Monthly payment with no commitment – start and stop any time
  • Q&A audios emailed to you weekly whilst membership is active
  • Access to group coaching and accountability calls every other Friday
  • Access to the BEST Facebook support group whilst membership is active


Direct Debit

£29.99 per month (ongoing, cancel any time)

sign up now!


“The best investment in myself I have ever made”

“Worth every penny!”

“100% the best value coaching / health program out there”

 It will be the best money you’ve ever spent”

“I have loved BEST – I’ve now done it for three years and feel my mindset has changed so much in that time. When I started BEST, I was struggling with life as a busy mum of 3 who had lost sight of who she was, trying to juggle too many things and not doing anything very well. Without needing to make drastic, practical changes to my life, BEST has really helped me with my mindset – I’m now so much happier and content with my life and more confident in myself and my abilities. Every audio leaves me feeling uplifted and helps keep me on track. I’ve taken different things out of the audios each year, allowing me to continue growing and developing. I would recommend BEST to anyone – whether they have major changes to make in their life or small little tweaks.”

“Last year I was miserable, toxic and frustrated with life. Now I’m carefree, in control and always happy”


And for hundreds and hundreds of BEST testimonials, please check out the following pages!


Unsure whether BEST is for you? Please email the office janey@janeyholliday.com where you can book in a 15 minute complimentary call with me!


“I signed up to BEST because I was feeling very lost and had very bad anxiety issues, I thought I was probably signing up to something that would be a waste of money and wouldn’t work. How wrong was I! From the very first call I felt myself change and I have loved every week of best. Each week I have felt myself improving and becoming a better version of me!”

“It has given me the confidence to make my dreams a reality. If it had not been for BEST my husband and I would not be moving to Australia in the new year to embark on our next chapter together… we really are going to live our dream!”

“If the NHS invested in programmes like these for their staff and patients I truly believe we wouldn’t be having the mental health crisis we are at the moment.”