BEST:Business Booster

In “The Rise of the Female Entrepreneur” – a brand new book I’ve co-written with some incredible female small business owners. I share how I’ve overcome numerous challenges behind the scenes in my dedication to help and inspire women, fulfil my business dreams and be a great Mum.

In my contribution, I mention a few key things that I do day in day out, year in year out in my own business. And the things I get my clients to do in my coaching practice and business coaching programs. Which help women build successful AND enjoyable businesses.

I also share what you absolutely need to consider if you’ve got some serious behind the scenes challenges going on. Which may mean you are stretched, stressed, tight for time, need flexibility etc.  And as a result, need to redesign your business, so it works FOR you not against you.

So I thought I’d put together BEST:Business Booster!

BEST:Business Booster is a mini version of my hugely popular 6 month BEST:Business program (that’s included in my Women’s Mindset Business Club membership) designed to help female small business owners have a little business boost!

It’s £29 in my International Women’s Day sale (or included in my Women’s Mindset Business Club) – and £5 for every sign up will go to Women’s Aid via Work for Good.

BEST:Business booster is perfect for women who:

  • Are stuck in a business rut and need to reignite their business mojo
  • Need some inspiration (definition of inspires is ‘breathe life into’!)
  • Know they aren’t maximising their business potential but don’t know where to start addressing it
  • Don’t have optimum business boundaries or their optimum week (personal and business) nailed
  • Are starting to question whether their business is working for them as it’s currently operating
  • Realise they might need to start doing things differently in their businesses because of behind the scenes stress
  • Would love to spend a few hours working ON their business rather than rushing around in it.
  • Need a bite size business boost!

There are 3 main calls:

  • The basics of building a successful and enjoyable business (inc. 3 essential time management strategies I can’t be without)
  • Where to start with redesigning your business (and how to do it with a positive, can-do approach)
  • How to shine bright and authentically sell (because most female small biz owners are like black cabs with their lights OFF and hate selling!)

Over the 3 uplifting calls, I share:

  • My 12 parts BEST:Business formula
  • The importance of dollar V effort graph
  • How to create your optimum week
  • The importance of challenging yourself to do business better
  • Compartmentalisation techniques
  • Time blocking and distraction / focus tips
  • How to turn any barriers into hurdles and get over them
  • The joy of channeling your focus into solutions
  • Examples of how I’ve changed the businesses, optimum week and lives of a variety of different business owners
  • Connecting with ideal clients and getting clarity on the unique value, solution or JOY you give your customers
  • The 3 x ‘C’ mindset issues with female small business owners – Comparison, Catastrophic thinking and Complaining
  • How to shine bright and get that light on
  • How to get over yourself and learn how to sell well – and from the HEART!

Fancy it?

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BEST:Business BOOSTER – £29

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