BONUS Nutrition Webinars with Zoe Kirby

These female focused bonus nutrition webinars are incredibly interesting and useful and we really hope your enjoy these and they add to your SELF-CARE knowledge, experience and results!

As they are audios, you can listen on the go, whilst walking the dog, having a bath, doing the housework or commuting if you want!

Zoe and I share many of the same views around food, nutrition, women and self-care and there really is some enlightening content here – ESPECIALLY around nutrient robbers. Many focus on nutrients in, without looking at actions / consumptions that cost the body nutrients.

They are broken down into the following calls, please just click the links underneath the titles to listen:


Call 1: The common things Zoe sees in her practice with women, and classic mistakes she sees women make

CLICK HERE to listen, it is 33 minutes long

a)Essential fat

b)B vitamins


d)Vitamin D

e)Classic mistakes women make with food

f)Trends & Fads.

Call 2: Understanding the importance of nutrient robbers as well as nutrients – 33 minutes long

CLICK HERE to listen, it is 33 minutes long

a)Explanation of nutrient absorption and how minerals work in pairs

b)Vitamin D and calcium

c)Magnesium & Calcium

d)B vitamins

e)Whole foods

f)Nutrient robbers: sugar, stress, drugs (pill, antibiotics, antidepressants), smoking, alcohol, caffeine and bad gut health

g)What happens when women become nutrient deficient.

Call 3: Hormones and cravings – 32 mins long

CLICK HERE to listen, it is 32 minutes long

a)What causes craving

b)What minerals / vitamins do women lack if bad PMT

c)How to cope with hormones and cravings

d)Zoe’s final 5 top tips!