BONUS Pilates Workouts with Jo Flury

These videos are taken from the Sugar HIIT program and I’ve included them here as bonus videos.

Please note for some of the videos, you need a resistance band (you can get these from amazon/online for a few pounds or from your local sports store).


Pilates introduction (password: MTE123)

A brief introduction to what Pilates is, and correct posture and technique when standing.


Pilates floor technique (password: MTE123)

An introduction to correct technique and positioning when doing exercises on the floor.


Pilates one (password: MTE123)

Pilates for beginners – basic moves all floor based. Great for establishing how to engage the core, and move all limbs under control.


Pilates two (password: MTE123)

A great core workout, with all moves floor based.


Pilates three (password: MTE123)

Floor exercises on your front, great for engaging the core and working the lower back.


Pilates four (password: MTE123)

Floor exercises on your side, working both your legs, and your oblique abdominals.


Pilates five (password: MTE123)

Seated exercises, working the core.


Pilates six (password: MTE123)

Advanced seated exercises for the core


Pilates seven (password: MTE123)

Standing exercises using resistance band, working the core, upper body and legs.


Pilates eight (password: MTE123)

Seated and lying resistance exercises, great for the core!


Pilates nine (password: MTE123)

Advanced seated and lying resistance band exercises.


Pilates stretching (password: MTE123)

To finish, a good full body stretch, utilising the resistance band to complement the stretches.