How to solidify your new identity – Reprogramming your identity upgrade and confidence boosting for long lasting change

This week, I cover 10 steps to help you build and cement an upgraded identity / life experience:

  1. Becoming crystal clear on where you’re heading identity / life wise and what you do / don’t do
  2. Visualisation; imagination that’s real to the brain
  3. Reprogramming with repetition and instructions we want to give to the brain
  4. Becoming your future self now (even if in parts) -to create momentum of small shifts that gather evidence
  5. Adopting upgraded self-perceptions
  6. Rewriting a new story for yourself
  7. Gathering upgraded / refined characteristics and attributes
  8. Actions; not just planning and dreaming but doing
  9. When you falter; think of what the NEW identity would think / do / say
  10. Headspace for regular reflection

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