Busy Woman’s Bootcamp – Testimonials and feedback!

Here’s some amazing feedback from clients who have completed the Busy Woman’s Bootcamp!


Just wanted to say I’m really enjoying this bootcamp Janey! Best one yet. You were spot on changing to an easier format- I’m actually keeping up this time! Normally I end up getting so behind with the workouts that I give up. But this is very do-able and so I’m sticking to it…thanks! ??”


“Loving this bootcamp Janey, really enjoying the videos and really like the short and sweet morning email and audio format, really powerful but perfect whilst boiling the kettle! I’ve also enjoyed having rest days within week one of bootcamp whilst also feeling focused and on a mission. Great program!”


“I just did 3 of the videos back to back as was busy with work on Monday and Tuesday and they have killed me but I really loved all the moves. Love the seagulls too, they made me smile all the way through! I will do the other 3 videos on Saturday as I’m away with work today and Friday and I really like the fact I’m still on track. Next week I’ll try your 2 x 30 mins format. Thanks for such a great program so far, I didn’t realise how much I missed your bootcamps until Monday morning. Loving the daily emails too! Right, off to catch my flight, just wanted to email you to say thanks!”


“Such a nice feeling to exercise with you again”


I really like the fact you’re teaching us to be on Facebook less! Usually I see everyone’s posts on the support group and feel bad that I should be doing something. But this time I’m actually getting on with my bootcamp and being so much better with my time management. So many helpful tips this week too – I’ve loved the mini planning slots throughout the day!”


“Just wanted to say I am loving all the exercise videos and format of the Bootcamp too, I’m on maternity leave with a 4 month old so they are the perfect length to do while he is kicking around on the floor, before he wants to be lifted, so I’m managing to keep up for once!”


“Been really enjoying the videos and the format – definitely the easiest to follow! Really like using the weights as well”


“I just did today and tomorrow’s workouts! Fantastic! Love them Janey!”