Client case study… Faith Halliday

Faith Halliday

Faith has been a client of ours for a long time, she likes to blend Fit For A Princess workouts with our online Making Things Easy bootcamps and she’s had fantastic results!

Faith is 39, she lives in Balham and is a stay at home mum with two children aged 3 and 5. Read on to find out more…


What bootcamps or programs have you done?

“The Tummy ATTACK bootcamp – I did it last year and really enjoyed it. I got loads of diet inspiration and toned up quickly. I used the program whenever I couldn’t get to the common, was on holiday, & visiting family.  I have been doing the SELF-CARE bootcamp for the last 3 months. At first I was hesitant but it’s been a total life changer. I love the videos with different trainers, the Facebook group, and Self Care audios.”


What did you think Fit For A Princess would be like before you joined? 

“I didn’t think I would like working out outdoors but when I went along for my trial immediately liked being outside and camaraderie of the women.  It’s great having a variety of different trainers and different types of workout to choose from each week, all the trainers are really friendly and offer something different and I get 13 classes to choose from each week. I also really enjoy training all year round and experiencing the different weather and seasons.”


What would you say now that you’re a regular client?

“I absolutely love it and going to classes has been a total life changer. It also helped me when I was grieving the death of family and friends. My confidence has grown massively and I’ve become friends with women I never thought I would befriend and that has been awesome.”  


What did you think an online bootcamp would be like? 

 “In the past I used fitness DVDs to exercise in my home and I didn’t really have any pre-conceptions about the online bootcamps.  But I quickly realised how effective they are, especially with the nutrition and lifestyle angle and I was surprised at the amount of content you get and by the power of the secret Facebook group. I find myself posting on it daily and it’s really motivating and makes me accountable and feel part of a team.”


What would you say now you’ve completed several online bootcamps?

“I love them and the flexibility of downloading the videos on any smart phone or computer. I’ve got the content for life so I can dip into it whenever I like.  All the online bootcamps have a different focus so they are great to mix and match. I’ve got about 12 hours of online videos that I can use at my finger tips too.”


What do you enjoy most about being a Fit for a Princess client?

“The different trainers, being outdoors, and the camaraderie of the women working out. I’ve got great results whilst having fun and look forward to my workouts rather than seeing it as a chore.”


What do you enjoy most about being a Making Things Easy client?

It’s great having access to all the different videos on demand 247, 365 days a year. Also lots of the videos are taught by the FFAP trainers I see at class, so I get to work out with them whenever I want, in my kitchen or on holiday!”


What do you most enjoy about Janey’s content and style?

“Janey is relatable and motivating”


Please describe yourself before you joined Fit For A Princess and Making Things Easy?

“I was tired and stuck in a bit of health rut.”


Please describe yourself now you’ve become a Fit For A Princess and Making Things Easy regular?

“I’m motivated, inspired and consistent in taking charge of my health emotionally and physically”


What have been the biggest changes in you? 

“On a physical level I have toned up (my body shape has changed massively from curvy to athletic) and I have lost a dress size. On a mental level I have kicked my sugar and wine habits and lowered my stress levels”


How has blending outdoor and online boot camps worked for you so well?

“I like the flexibility of doing either or both. I love doing the videos when I don’t have an hour to go to the common but can bash out 10-20 minutes online. Sometimes I do 20 minutes of videos in the morning then go along to the evening HIIT class. Also I have enjoyed mixing up the exercises of HIIT and yoga on some days.”


Can you describe to other women reading this what they could gain in your experience by doing our outdoor and online programs?

“You get the best of both worlds, online and outside on the common. The flexibility to fit the online programs around your work, school runs, and play dates. And outside in the fresh air either in the morning or evenings. I’m constantly inspired to by my fellow boot campers and becoming a better me.”


Check out Faith’s amazing before and after photos!




If you’d like results like Faith, why not sign up for our Self Care bootcamp or Tummy Attack bootcamp which both start on Monday!  And if you live in South West London, come along to our Fit For A Princess bootcamps on Wandsworth Common and you’ll probably bump into Faith in person!