Covid-triggered mid life crisis anyone?

  In October I sent out a newsletter to my database titled “Covid-triggered mid life crisis anyone?” and it was my biggest opened newsletter of 10 years. So if you’re struggling at the moment, you are definitely NOT alone! The last 19 months or so have been a little bit crazy haven’t they? And for […]

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Women who invest in themselves go FURTHER!

  Women are typically terrible at investing themselves. But when they do, the magic really does happen!   Women tend to prioritise other people; partners, their children and families etc. So when it comes to investing in themselves…they put themselves right at the bottom of the list.   There are three main reasons why women […]

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It’s NEVER too late!

  Nothing inspires me more than women changing the end of their story!   This week I was interviewed for the “Bigger Than The Hustle” podcast and was asked what inspired me the most. My answer was women who go through difficulties in life but are determined to rise and change the end of their […]

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It’s Time To Get You More Time!

As a small business coach, one of the things I see a LOT, is women getting stuck in their business because of time and overwhelm. A feeling of being out of control, constantly pulled from pillar to post. As a result, they tell themselves that they have no time for themselves and their business. Especially […]

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10 ways to turn can’t into CAN!

As a mindset coach, something I love most about my work is seeing women turn their can’ts into cans and their dreams into plans! This blog shares 10 ways you can start doing just that, so you can make some magic happen, whatever it is that you want.   Can’t is the stuck mindset, CAN […]

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