How to reclaim your mojo!

One of the things my clients often say to me is “I’ve lost my mojo, please help me get it back!” and I LOVE helping women do just that! 💖 By definition, reclaiming your mojo is “To regain one’s confidence, energy, or enthusiasm, especially coinciding with a resurgence in one’s success”. And Mojo is described as your “Magic power, influence and […]

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So what type of procrastinator are you?

Knowing what sort of procrastinator you are is SO important if you want to leave your procrastination problems in the past. We all procrastinate for different reasons. There are different causes. And most importantly; different solutions (practical ones and mindset). That will help you push through your procrastination; whether peacefully or with power! And as […]

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23 inspirational quotes for 2023!

 The definition of inspire is “To breathe life into”. And I hope the following quotes do just that! I’ve picked some of my favourite ever quotes, the ones that have really helped me over the last few years. And I’ve added some extra insight and tips too! Inspirational quotes can become little positive and uplifting […]

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