Cup Cake

Dark chocolate muffins!

My twins have a mini chocolate muffin each day in their packed lunch box. As you’ll all know, having a ‘normal’ chocolate muffin is not something I’d give my kids on a daily basis (the occasional one is of course fine, I’m no health hitler!), so i’ve found a healthier version which I wanted to share. My Mum […]

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Excuses, excuses!

OK so as a coach, I flip between being supportive and as inspirational as possible to giving some clients a swift kick up the backside to help them get to where they say they want to get to. And today, I’ve got my butt-kicking mode on! Yes often we can’t do things, or we choose […]

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Top ten mindset secrets

Learning how to manage your mind is so unbelievably powerful in all areas of your life – and it’s right at the end of our fingertips too! Here are my top 10 mindset tips to make your life easier and enjoyable right now…   A thought is just a thought. When you’re thinking stressful things […]

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Your beautiful life

What happened in Paris last Friday was shocking. And when something as tragic like this occurs I think it can make us feel quite negative and fearful of the world around us. But what something like this makes me want to do, is absolutely embrace, seize and enjoy my life even more. Every single person […]

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