We are going to be adding lots of new freebies to this section of the website throughout February and March 2022.  So that you can be the first to find out about them, don’t forget to join the Sunday Set Up newsletter, HERE! 10 ways to worry less and cope better – 15 minute […]

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Healthy Flapjack recipes

Over on my Female Health & Mindset Community Facebook group , everyone has been posting tons of fab recipes, including their healthy flapjacks – and I thought it would be great to share some in a blog! It’s always best to make food from scratch and batching up once or twice a week really helps.  These […]

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Make the next decade YOUR decade!

If you want to make the next decade YOUR decade and want to be inspired and motivated to make some incredible things happen for yourself, then you’ve come to the right place! In January 2020 I ran a 5 day mastermind which was a huge success – the good news is, you can now access all […]

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Amazing BEST client case studies!

I’m so happy to share some case studies from my AWESOME clients! Read on to be inspired and find out more and lots of new BEST testimonials! “I have found BEST to be a great resource with lots of great ideas for making my life easier and more fun, starting from the inside out. If […]

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The YOU ARE ENOUGH 5 day challenge!

Welcome to the YOU ARE ENOUGH challenge! This challenge is about helping women to feel better about themselves and their lives. Too many women struggle in silence with very strong and self-limiting beliefs and feelings that they simply are not enough. It’s absolutely heart breaking and a total waste of women’s precious time, energy and […]

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What my fitness looks like this summer!

Today my children’s summer holidays kick off! And the work-kids-home-summer-fun juggle starts! I believe in doing this all positively which is why I set up my healthy, happy summer campaign!  Catch up on my last two blogs, ‘How to have a healthy happy summer’ and ‘5 ways to have a fun and stress free summer […]

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