10 reasons to do the Best Body Bootcamp

THE BEST BODY BOOTCAMP IS CURRENTLY ON SALE FOR JUST £28 FOR 28 DAYS! You’ll stop trying to strive for a body that you’re simply not physically capable of achieving – By understanding your body type and re-addressing your body goals, you’ll start focusing on what you can achieve instead of fighting an uphill battle […]

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3 MINUTE READ: What is self-care and how can it help you get better results & give you a nicer life!

Many of you will have seen that in 2017 I created a 28 day SELF-CARE bootcamp. It’s a truly amazing program that is designed to help women: Put themselves first Look after themselves like never before Take command of their time, boundaries and choices Prioritise their health, happiness & fitness goals And learn the art […]

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FREE inspirational audios!

As it’s January, I thought I’d share some lovely freebie audios with you all! I’ve chosen three from the SELF-CARE bootcamp and they are just a fraction of the amount of inspirational and educational content you get on our most popular 28 day online fitness program yet! Here is a 30 minute audio on consistency, […]

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10 ways to get LBD ready!

If you want to sparkle from top to toe, inside and out this party season and throughout Christmas 2018, it’s time to get yourself focused before the festive fun begins! Here are 10 ways to get you LBD ready in a few weeks… Prioritise your focus and go a little bit nuts – You have […]

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The November Challenge!

November is an awesome month to lock in and get focused with food and fitness before the festive fun. But also a great month to get to bed earlier now the clocks have changed and replenish yourself ahead of winter. Of course if you’re in the southern hemisphere, it’s the month before summer! So wherever […]

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Why accountability is the key to success!

If you are extremely self-motivated on a permanent basis, have no self-limiting core beliefs that can sabotage your actions, or aren’t someone with a busy life of work and/or family commitments that can pull you away from being focused,  this blog probably isn’t for you.  But if you experience any of the above, then you might […]

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