2 MINUTE READ – 5 fear-busting tips!

There’s a lot of fear and worry out there at the moment, so I thought I’d share 5 quick but very powerful fear-busting tips which will help you cope better with Covid. And of course these are transferrable to other areas of your life or other challenging circumstances too!   Tip 1 – When you feel […]

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FREE Power walking program!

  As a power walking addict I am delighted to share this power walking program with you!   Power walking has SO many benefits:  ? It’s low impact  ? It completely transforms your bottom half  ? It also narrows your waist from using your obliques as you walk  ? It can be done anywhere  ? […]

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Comparison Crusher Challenge!

So many women struggle with comparison, which zaps them of energy, confidence, self-esteem and peace of mind. Women compare for a variety of reasons. It’s partly habit, often linked to self-limiting beliefs and comparison is massively on the increase with the exacerbation of social media. But comparison is a choice! And women make up a […]

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