Slow cooker inspiration!

Come and be part of the Slow Cooker gang! Myself and many of my online clients have been whipping up some amazing slow cooker curries this week and we thought we’d share the recipes – they are lovely for a warming winter meal, can be incredibly healthy and of course SO easy! Slow cookers have […]

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Don’t be a cheeseburger!

If you’re someone who gets distracted from goals, finds following through and consistency really difficult and often changes their minds around goals, to do lists and actions, then this blog is for you! I recently did some online training via the Female Entrepreneur Association (that I’m a member of) and a lady called Susan Ferraro […]

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Fresh start – ready for a magic approach?

September is an awesome month for resetting after the summer and reconnecting with your goals – whether they are health, fitness, family or work-related. What tends to happen, is people make an enthusiastic ‘conscious’ decision to do something. Saying things like ‘ I am going to get really fit again!’ or ‘I will stop drinking […]

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Kids, kinesiology & kale!

If you don’t look after your body you’ll have no where to live, right? So I’m a big believer in investing in yourself (and your family) when it comes to health and well being. I’m also a big believer that our bodies tell us when something isn’t right and we must act promptly to avoid […]

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The August Challenge!

I’m a big believer that summer should be about fun, but also balanced with some focus and so that’s why I’ve created the August challenge for you all! Everyone is challenged by different things and everyone has different strengths and weaknesses , as well as different commitments. Challenges can last three days or 30 days, […]

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Summer holiday proof your body

If you’re a Mum with school age children, the chances are you may have already written off your fitness for the summer hols. Maybe you’re telling yourself you won’t have the time, or you’re not in a routine or it will be too difficult juggling it all.   Perhaps you’re suggesting to yourself that eating healthily […]

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