Top ten mindset secrets

Learning how to manage your mind is so unbelievably powerful in all areas of your life – and it’s right at the end of our fingertips too! Here are my top 10 mindset tips to make your life easier and enjoyable right now…   A thought is just a thought. When you’re thinking stressful things […]

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Your beautiful life

What happened in Paris last Friday was shocking. And when something as tragic like this occurs I think it can make us feel quite negative and fearful of the world around us. But what something like this makes me want to do, is absolutely embrace, seize and enjoy my life even more. Every single person […]

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Cup Cake

Remove temptation or manage it?

If you haven’t watched Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush program yet, I highly recommend it. It has been great to see someone like him finally get behind the seriousness of the health issues this country and others are facing from high sugar consumption.   Diabetes has increased 60% in a decade, there are over 7000 amputations […]

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Can you retrain your mind?

It’s a question I’m asked all the time. Along with ‘Is it too late to change?’ and ‘Am I a lost cause?’ Our minds are wonderful things, but my god can they hold us back and screw us up! But the even more wonderful thing about them, is that with the right approach and of […]

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Are you creating a life on your terms?

Last week, I wrote a blog about creating time and I was inundated with emails from people saying I made it sound so easy. My daily photo food diary blogs have also got quite a lot of attention. Less so about the food, more because of the amount of sleep I have! The lifestyle I lead is created from […]

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