Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen dominance, what it is and why you need to know about it! So whilst women have been focusing on counting / burning calories in and out of their bodies for decades, mainly seeing success as being a certain size or perhaps completing a running event, women have been forgetting something big. Something that I […]

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What’s your excuse?

One thing I’ve come to realize about women is that we’re very good (myself included occasionally!) of coming up with excuses as to why we can’t do something when it comes to being focused with food and fitness or pursuing a goal or dream.  Equally one of the biggest roadblocks I see when women want […]

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The results are in!

Today I’m celebrating. As you’ll all know, I like to inspire by example. Although I keep myself active and healthy all year round, training really hard like I did in my twenties isn’t always sustainable bringing up twins by myself and running two businesses. Whilst health is one of my top values, having a really […]

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Could exercise be making you fat?

A controversial blog title I know. But there is in a fact an element of truth to it. Does that mean you shouldn’t exercise, ABSOLUTELY NOT! But if you’re exercising for reasons other than just getting fitter (i.e. for losing weight, dropping a dress size, streamlining your body, becoming really healthy, living as long as […]

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Need a mid year reset?

In need of a mid-year reset? Here’s how… I think it’s important that at certain times throughout the year, we give ourselves an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, create a fresh start vibe and have a bit of a life reset. For me this happens three times a year, September, January and June! As […]

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