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This is where your coaching ebooks and resources are going to be hosted! And when we add new documents each week, we will let you know via email.

November 2023 Set Up Coaching Ebook

CLICK HERE for the November 2023 Set Up Coaching Ebook (I went through these on the Friday 27th October group coaching call – so listen to that replay to hear me explain more!)

The wheel of life, the mindset wheel of life

The Wheel of life is a really simple, but very affective tool that helps you create a visual assessment of where there are any gaps in your life. Once you have identified the scores of where you are and where you’d like to be. The idea is you take some time to work out what needs to change and what you can do to improve that score. You can do the same exercise for areas of your mindset too. You can even do it for different areas of your business if you run one, or the different areas of your work.

There is also a third section to this document about helping you choose which one to prioritise if you can’t decide. But underneath there is a separate priorities cross check exercise video!

CLICK HERE for the downloadable template.

The priorities cross check video

CLICK HERE for a 16 minute video that I made back in 2019 that talks you through the priorities cross check exercise with lots of examples!

The Life Box exercise!

CLICK HERE for the 10 minute video

CLICK HERE for the Life Box template

The worry bucket exercise!

This is a 10 minute video that helps you get your worries out of your head and onto paper! Underneath is a coaching template to help you too!

CLICK HERE for the video

CLICK HERE for the template

Change your feelings exercise!

This is a very powerful tool where you can really address what’s behind your feelings in terms of what you’re thinking / focusing on / telling yourself etc. And then, what you can think / focus / tell yourself instead to change your feeling!

CLICK HERE for the template