1:1 Coaching

I am an upbeat and practical mindset, life management and small business coach – with over 15 years experience. I help people take command of their mind, time and life. And my style is supportive, friendly, positive, helpful and no-nonsense. I coach people on my private conference line or via Zoom, which means you can get a recording afterwards. Each coaching session is 60 minutes long.


One off coaching session – £125 – BOOK HERE

These one off sessions are designed to give you some help, support and solutions, without committing to a block of 10. These are also great taster sessions if you’ve never worked with me before or are familiar with my style.  

Block of 5 sessions – £550 – BOOK HERE


Block of 10 sessions – £999 – BOOK HERE




“I wanted to say thank you and tell you how incredible I found our coaching session yesterday. Being able to spend a proper block of 3 hours solely focussed on me was exactly what I needed. I knew it was going to be good but I am blown away by how amazing I am feeling afterwards.

The Harbour Hotel is the most perfect place to create and explore ideas. It’s not every day you get to be coached with a view of the sea! I found it really inspiring and lunch was yum, thank you.

 I found the session so powerful and so much fun at the same time. I never knew time could fly so fast! We blinked and it was lunchtime!

I loved the way you intuitively knew what questions to ask me and I felt like you really listened and helped me get to the core of where I wanted to head next in my life.

I was at such a cross roads and now I can see a way forwards thanks to the session and your support. Especially loved it when you sent the summary of our session by email after. It captured it perfectly and meant I could relax knowing you’d send me something that I could refer back to. 

As you know I’ve felt stuck for a long time and been grappling with feeling unfulfilled and feeling lost especially in relation to purpose, work or setting up my own business. At times I’ve looked back with regret and questioned what have I achieved so far. 

All that regret vanished after the session and I feel so much lighter knowing that everything has brought me to where I am now and is going to help me to bring my project ideas together.

Now I feel able to let go of the weight of these things and focus instead on what I’d love to create, what I’m passionate about sharing with the world and still stay true to my boundaries.

I love that you’ve helped me take the pressure off myself so I can flow more easily and see what’s next for me with fun and ease.

I’m feeling relieved, calm and buzzing at the same time!

You are helping me feel that anything is possible now and I can’t wait to create something amazing and right for me.

It feels like I don’t just have my own coach and mentor but that I have my own personal cheerleader with you championing me on!

The investment has been worth every penny and I know that once I’ve got my venture up and running the time and money spent on the coaching will pay itself back in no time.

And more than that I can’t put a price on feeling so happy and light since the session.

Thank you thank you Janey and see you again for some more sessions as and when I need them :-)”

 – Annie Frere, Bath


“I applied to take a big step up in my professional life, and engaged a consultant to help with the form and interview technique. However, the best investment I made was having some 1 to 1 coaching sessions with Janey. She helped me overcome the imposter syndrome which was creeping in, and to think about why I was making the application, and what I had to offer. The confidence boost that was given to me – not by Janey but by the exercises she set me and things she made me think about – made all the difference, and I was successful”

– R. Parish, VIP client


“I have worked with Janey whilst undergoing lots of change in my life and coming to the realisation I had to move forward and get organised with new exciting yet challenging circumstances. Janey has been incredibly useful in propelling me forward, giving me mental strength, structure and making me feel the boss of my own life. Her experience in lifestyle coaching is impressive and her energy and motivation are a big source of inspiration, second to no-one. She is sensible yet powerful, balanced yet revolutionary…and can really have a massive impact on lives”

– Annelise Pesa, VIP client


“You’ll never meet anyone as knowledgeable and inspirational about food and lifestyle as Janey Holliday – she’s brilliant!”

– Jo Good, BBC Radio and TV Presenter


“Janey’s business coaching sessions are positive, inspiring and practical. After just one call I felt so motivated and clearer on what I needed to do, to move from the place I had felt so stuck in for so long. Janey is so supportive and gave me strategies to implement together with a lot of belief in myself. The difference I felt in the first hour working with Janey was incredible and I am making leaps and bounds in developing the business of my dreams thanks for her wonderful guidance”

– Victoria Jones, Small Business Coaching client


“Janey has changed my life twice. First time, in the middle of a major career change, I went to her with a dozens ideas buzzing through my head. She helped me distil them down to a working plan that launched me on the road to success. Five years later, when I was looking to diversify and expand, Janey again used her practical knowledge and ability to inspire and draw the best out of clients to get me focused and up and running”.

Roger Love, Small Business Coaching client


“Janey, you are brilliant. Thank you a million times over for pushing me out of the world I’d been trying to get out of for 10 years!”

– Buchanan, Scotland, VIP client