Coaching and mentoring

So for those who don’t know, I’m a mindset coach and a life mentor who predominantly works with busy women.


So what’s the difference between a mentor and a coach?

Well a coach is really someone who helps their clients unravel answers about themselves and their lives, by asking good questions. And mentor is someone who guides and helps their clients by supporting and educating them from their own experience and expertise. I typically use both these methods in sessions to help people adjust, improve, change and overhaul their thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, actions and life


The main areas I specialise in are:

1. Mindset and thought management

2. Food Management and alcohol management

3. Family health, including children’s healthy eating, creating better communication with children, family organisation and home routines that work for the whole family

4. Fitness plans and fitness motivation

5. Money management and debt mindset

6. Stress / worry management

7. Helping women through divorces,

8. Helping people set up / run a small businesses

9. Supporting women through big life plot twists and helping new Mums or overwhelmed Mums.

10. Helping women create the life they want


I typically use my private conference line to do sessions over the phone which are then recorded, but I also use Skype if clients prefer. This means I can coach and mentor women all over the world!

If you’re interested in some coaching / mentoring with me, please email me at and let me know where you’re at. I’ll then get in touch, we can have a quick chat where I can ask you some more questions and see whether I can help.

I have a variety of packages available from a one off session, to a block of 5 or 10 sessions and an ongoing VIP coaching support program from 1 month to an entire year.

1:1 slots take place in school hours and term time only and re-start from Monday 14th January 2019!


Here’s what some former 1:1 clients have said about my approach and sessions!

“I have worked on the VIP programme with Janey whilst undergoing lots of change in my life and coming to the realisation I had to move forward and get organised with new exciting yet challenging circumstances. Janey has been incredibly useful in propelling me forward, giving me mental strength, structure and making me feel the boss of my own life. Her experience in lifestyle coaching is impressive and her energy and motivation are a big source of inspiration, second to no-one. She is sensible yet powerful, balanced yet revolutionary…and can really have a massive impact on lives”

– Annelise, VIP client