Comparison Crusher Challenge!

So many women struggle with comparison, which zaps them of energy, confidence, self-esteem and peace of mind.

Women compare for a variety of reasons. It’s partly habit, often linked to self-limiting beliefs and comparison is massively on the increase with the exacerbation of social media.

But comparison is a choice! And women make up a LOT in their heads about how they think others are living, looking and feeling. They make them right and themselves wrong and they hardly ever compare like for like.

Women don’t stop to question or challenge their thought processes around comparison, but when you understand the ways you compare and how easy it is to stop it, everything changes for the better!


So I’ve decided to put together an empowering 3 day comparison crusher challenge, running from Tuesday 23rd June to Thursday 25th June!

I’m going to teach you all you need to know about comparison, to free yourself, empower you, be comfortable and proud in your own skin and help you become well and truly on your own side again!

Comparison is actually a form of self-abuse and as Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy”.

If you’d like a more joyous life and would like to feel really good about yourself and break away from the stress that comparing brings in so many areas of women’s lives, come and join me!

Daily 30 minute masterclass videos on Zoom at 1230pm, with a Q and A section at the end.

There is an optional pop up facebook group for questions and interactions with me and your fellow comparison crusher challengers!

Each day I will give a comparison masterclass and set you a little comparison crusher task!


Tuesday 23rd JuneUnderstanding comparison and the issues it brings.

Wednesday 24th JuneHow to reprogram yourself to not compare anymore.

Thursday 25th JuneWhat you can do to focus on YOU and obliterate comparison for good!


You also get a little comparison Crusher mini self-coaching E-book to take away with you too!


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