Comparison Crusher Replay

The Comparison Crusher Challenge was a live challenge that ran in June 2020.

The feedback was SO great that we decided to make this available as an automated replay resource for anyone that struggles with comparison!


What you get:

3 x 60 minute comparison crusher masterclasses (Zoom replay links with a Q&A section at the end of each call) –

1) Understanding comparison and the issues it brings.

2) How to reprogram yourself to not compare anymore.

3) What you can do to focus on YOU and obliterate comparison for good!



Plus a mini Comparison Crusher Ebook that you can complete AFTER listening to the masterclasses where you can work through one of your comparisons at a time.


Here’s what some of the Comparison crusher group said about the challenge…


“Wow what a brilliant session. The comparisons were spot on.  So so glad I heard about you”

“Janey this challenge has been amazing so far. Ive learnt such a lot and have managed to implement some of it already and the difference in how I feel about myself and my life has improved such a lot!”

“I didn’t realise the link between comparison and self-esteem. The message that comparison is about THEM and self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem is all about SELF has been a big aha moment for me. Thank you for another great challenge, I could listen to you all day long!”

“Thanks Janey for this great challenge. For me already “comparing the incomparable” is such a big takeaway. As is comparing my back of house with someone else’s front of house. When I looked for the evidence that I’m doing a bad job as a Mum, or others are doing better it just isn’t there. I love the reframe mindset and have already practiced it when the comparison creeps in”

“Thank you Janey for this wonderful challenge. So insightful”

“Thanks so much for running this course Janey, I really enjoyed yesterday’s Zoom. I‘m looking forward to learning how to stop making up stories about other people’s lives and successes. To become more self confident in my own abilities”

“I caught up with the replay yesterday afternoon and then soon after had the opportunity of a real life exercise. A friend messaged asking if I’d like to pop over for a socially distanced catch-up in her garden. I’d been sweating at home all day in an old summer dress with a scraggy hairband in and I immediately thought ‘The others will look fabulously summery and on-trend. How do I look? I cant go out like this. What sort of thing will the others be wearing? Does this dress cling to my fat bits?’ Normally, I’d have found a smarter dress, satisfied myself that I didn’t look chubby, done something with my hair and delayed my departure by at least half an hour. Anyway, I just went as I was. And the reality was that we all looked a bit hot and bothered and I actually got a compliment on my dress. I had compared myself to something that wasn’t reality, it was all in my head but normally it would have dictated my actions”


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