VLOG: 3 things you probably don’t know about comparison and women’s minds


In this short video I share three KEY things regarding women and comparison…


1) The difference between classic media and women’s minds and social media – one very KEY difference you need to know about

2) The impact on women’s minds with the AMOUNTS of women that we see AND the difference between 2D and 3D comparison women make

3) Finally, the link between self-esteem and comparison and the vicious cycle you can fall prey to if you don’t change the programming and tackle your beliefs that drive the need to compare



If you’d like to know more about comparison and in particular HOW TO crush it, come and join my 3 day COMPARISON CRUSHER CHALLENGE taking place from Tuesday 23rd to Thursday 25th June!


⭐Daily 30 minute masterclass videos on Zoom at 1230pm, with a Q and A section at the end.

⭐There is an optional pop up facebook group for questions and interactions with me and your fellow comparison crusher challengers!

⭐Each day I will give a comparison masterclass and set you a little comparison crusher task!


Tuesday 23rd June – Understanding comparison and the issues it brings

Wednesday 24th June – How to reprogram yourself to not compare anymore

Thursday 25th June – What you can do to focus on YOU and obliterate comparison for good!


You also get a little comparison Crusher mini self-coaching E-book to take away with you too!




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