Recently I did a talk about Comparison for a group of women in my home town of Sidmouth.  It was such a hit, I decided to create an online version!


In this positive and uplifting 45 minutes talk, I go through:

1. The number one mistake women make when they compare themselves (well actually there are three!)

2. The common self-limiting beliefs women hold that make them compare

3. Why technology and social media make women compare themselves even more

4. How comparison holds women back and keeps them stuck

5. The most powerful things you can do to lower (or obliterate!) comparison


And for the last 15 minutes,  I also share some of the Q and A part of my talk including how to help and inspire others to stop comparing themselves (including a teenage girl who might not want to listen to you!), how to stop comparing yourself to a former version of yourself, and how to change a self-limiting belief you might have.

I also share some helpful resources that I refer to on the call that could well be a complete game changer if you’re someone that struggles with comparison.

If you’d like to access this webinar and resources, please sign up via the box below.

Please note that I am fully GDPR compliant and you will not be bombarded with emails! All you’ll get is one email with details of how to access the comparison talk and one follow up email. (I absolutely hate opt ins where you’re constantly bombarded for weeks afterwards, so would never do that to my clients / followers!)





I hope you find this useful and inspirational and that you learn to lower, or even better OBLITERATE comparison for good!