Discovering your core values

You can find the ‘Discovering your core values’ webinar below.

It comes with a list of values too.

You can listen to this call on the go. But you may prefer to listen when sitting down at a computer, because the call does have slides alongside it. And you may want to print off the values list and choose your values as I go through the webinar. 


CLICK HERE to watch (it is 58 minutes long)

Passcode: zg80s!vj

CLICK HERE for the accompanying core values PDF

Please note that this was recorded in early summer 2023. And over the last year, I have gone through a huge period of growth and self-connection / self-development.

My core life values as of July 2024 are:

    • Happy and upbeat – spring in my step and finding joy, building my optimum self-energy
    • Kindness and consideration – creating a positive ripple effect wherever I go as I go the extra mile to connect with others and myself; combining self-kindness and caring / looking out for other humans and me!
    • Love, affection and honesty – leading with love, human touch, being open and vulnerable
    • Creativity and variety – Embracing seasons, unleashing my ‘ideas brain’, noticing all the different things around me
    • Health and mischief (dance with life / fun)– Relaxed energy whilst being consistent with health, seeing health as freedom not a trap, laughter and light-heartedness (also linked to my magic value)
    • Community and inspiring others – Breathing life into my neighbourhood with small contributions, leaving a positive legacy with as many people as I can in my work
    • Nature and the outdoors – Feeling connected with the world, enjoying my beach life, being outside as much as I can
    • Magic and intuition – dancing with life, self-trust, connection to the inner Janey and history