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Corporate Coaching and Consulting

I am an experienced mindset, life and business coach. With 22 years in the coaching, wellbeing and speaking industry.

Through my “VIP Fast Track Days”, I help busy people and CEOs, take back control of their mind, time, business and life.

And with my “Team Booster” packages I help staff members and teams improve their mindset, motivation and mojo. And create better productivity, boundaries and that all important time, energy and headspace – both at work and home.

I also offer corporate bundles. Which are blocks of 10-50 hours of my time and expertise; that can be used in any way you wish.

1) VIP Fast Track Days

Three and a half hours of coaching and mentoring; delivered in three separate sessions, but in ONE day. Aimed at people who want to make big changes and need quick solutions. And those who don’t have the time, patience or inclination for spaced out, weekly sessions. These sessions usually combine adjustments (or overhaul!) that are desperately needed in business and home life.

These are perfect for you if:

  • You’re coming up for air after Covid and want to recalibrate your business / career
  • You want to be successful, but you need to reclaim some boundaries and perhaps make different choices from now on
  • You are questioning whether there is a different or better way to run your business, show up at work/ home and live your life; but haven’t yet had the confidence (or time!) to rip up the rule book and redesign it.
  • You may feel you’d like to be more present, relaxed and engaged with those you love. Or might need to create more time, energy and headspace for personal challenges outside work; such as divorce, blended families, neuro-diverse children, teenager’s mental health struggles, your partners / parents needs etc.
  • You’re shattered and overwhelmed from being in urgent mode and know something needs to change. But because you’ve been juggling so much, you’ve found yourself brushing some  things under the carpet.
  • You may struggle to find the time, energy and motivation for health and fitness. Or possibly drinking or eating too much to cope with the stress and imbalance in your life
  • You want to maximise profit, productivity and peace of mind, by potentially simplifying your business. And perhaps you crave better time and energy management strategies that can be easily implemented.
  • You may want to bridge some gaps that are holding your business back, such as clarity on roles, procedures and training required. And need help to push through some roadblocks (practical and/or mindset)
  • You’re ready to look at what works and what doesn’t and make some long overdue, positive changes. But you need someone to help you work out what – and a roadmap to get them underway.
  • You know you need some time to be ON your life for once, rather than chasing your tail IN it.
  • And you’re worried if you carry on the way you are, there will be consequences further down the line.


Here’s what one CEO said about their recent VIP Fast Track Day:

“It’s no exaggeration to say that a day spent with Janey will help you change your life.

Why did I turn to Janey?
– she came as a strong recommendation from someone whose opinion I trust
– I was at a stage in my life when some things needed to change so that I get to live a life I love – both at work and at home

If you’re lucky enough to be able to secure a VIP day with her, I can’t encourage you enough to do so. In just a few short hours, she’ll have you pointing in the right direction, taking all the actions you need to get your life in order.

She’s funny, empathetic, insightful and reflective. I’ve already recommended her to two others who have booked in their sessions.

Thanks, Janey. You’re a superstar!”

Simon Marshall, CEO TBD Marketing, Bristol


Your VIP Fast Track Day includes:

  • 3.5 hours of coaching in one day (can be split over 2 days if preferred)
  • A detailed follow up – with key bullets from all sessions; including action points, tips & recommendations (plus replays of sessions if needed)
  • 30 mins top up session after the session when needed
  • Cost £699 (or 5 hour’s of credit can be used from the Corporate bundles below)

(VIP Fast Track Days can be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday term time. And usually take place online, but can take place in person too depending on location – I’m based near Exeter)

BOOK NOW – £699

(Or scroll down for the Corporate Bundle options below)

Here’s what another VIP Fast Track client said about their experience:

“Janey’s help has been a game changer for me as the founder of a growing business and a mother of teenagers; juggling work, family, health issues and caring responsibilities.  The day I spent with Janey is already paying huge dividends and will continue to improve the way I run my life and my business and support my family for months and years to come. It was so helpful to sit down with someone who gets it – as a business owner and mother of a child with special needs herself. And Janey is wise, insightful and straight talking.  The one-day format meant that we really focussed, and she helped me to make a number of decisions and changes which – like all the best ideas – seem obvious in hindsight but have genuinely changed my life for the better.  I now have more focus on where I add most value at work, better support at work and at home and more time for myself and my family, and I can’t thank her enough!

Florence Brocklesby, Bellevue Law, Wandsworth Common

2) Team Boosting Services

If you’d like to lift your team – benefitting themselves as individuals – as well as your organisation.

I offer tailor made packages to:

  • Boost mindset, motivation, mood morale and mental health.
  • Positively impact productivity, focus, work-life balance, compartmentalisation and enthusiasm.
  • Help people to develop a mind, work and life tool kit. With simple, but impactful thought, time and energy management techniques; transferrable across the work place and home life
  • Build better performance and flow, reducing overwhelm, procrastination and being in urgent mode
  • Teach people how to respond better to challenges (within and outside the workplace) and be less anxious and stressed.
  • Create an empowering and positive ripple effect through your organisation with a happier and healthier workforce.
  • Encourage people to switch on fully at work, but switch off fully outside work. And help them find the time, energy and headspace to do more of what brings them joy; so they are thriving, not just surviving in life and at work.

Team Boosting Packages include:

  • Uplifting keynote talks to help, inspire and support people with what they need most (delivered online in 1-3 hour sessions)
  • A short, anonymous survey can be sent to staff members ahead of these; so content is tailor-made to each individual organisation’s needs and goals. (These are created in survey monkey by my PA, questions are approved by organisation.  And also include an analysed results report which is emailed to the organisation for data) For an example of a typical survey CLICK HERE
  • Further tailor-made resources provided where needed (training videos, handouts, regular keynotes, mini online programs)
  • With the option of 121 coaching or mentoring sessions for team members; including VIP Fast Track Days
  • In person packages also considered; depending on location.
  • Prices for these depend on hours involved – please see corporate bundles below
  • And please email to discuss the options of your package if you’re unsure

3) Corporate Bundles

Power hour – £149 – CLICK HERE to book

10 hour bundle – £1399 – CLICK HERE to book

20 hour bundle – £2700 – CLICK HERE to book

30 hour bundle – £4000 – CLICK HERE to book

50 hour bundle – £6500 – CLICK HERE to book

These hours can be used for a combination of VIP Fast Track Days, Team Booster keynotes, bespoke resources and training and 121 coaching / mentoring.

About Janey Holliday

Janey is an experienced mindset, life and business coach. Who helps people take back control of their mind, time and life.

With an uplifting, friendly and very practical approach; Janey delivers inspirational, high impact sessions. With an ability to break things down into bite size chunks; so people can implement changes and solutions easily.

And with 22 year’s experience in the wellbeing, coaching and speaking industry. Along with over three thousand hours of 121 and group coaching sessions. She provides incredible expertise and value.

Janey has been delivering corporate keynotes since 2010. And works with many high profile people and CEOs.