Could this be the summer that changes you?

I love all the seasons for different reasons. But there’s something about summer, that I personally think you can lean into and make some magic happen.

It can be a great time to reflect, learn, change and grow as a person. And try some fun, new things for yourself too!

So below, I’ve got a few ideas for you (25 in fact!). With things you might want to try, think or do this summer.  That means this summer could well be the summer that positively changes you in some way.

Or it could even be the summer of your life!   I mean why not set out the intention for some pure gold greatness; whatever that means for you!

  1. Create amazing memories without spending much money – Try this fab article “The Money-free weekend” for stacks of ideas. A lot of my summer fun is going to be geared up to the fun, free stuff!
  2. Travel Slow – Yes it’s a concept! AND book! The amazing best selling author, Carl Honore (someone I had the pleasure of sharing an office with in 2007/2008) wrote In Praise of Slow and this new, slow-travel inspired wonderful book.
  3. Do something you’ve never done before – This could be an activity, a hobby, an experience, a restaurant. Brainstorm, schedule, ENJOY!
  4. Put your life bucket list together – And plan to do at least one of them in the next 12 months. What are you waiting for?!
  5. Fill your summer with praise – Last week in The Women’s Mindset Club we had a session on Mum’s Mindset. And I asked them to end the day writing down 5 good things they’ve done as a Mum that day. AND praise each child at the end of each day with the things you’re happy and grateful about. Trust me, this will change EVERYTHING!
  6. Create a family praise board – Linked to the above, get a white board and create a column for each person in the family. Each morning wrote 1, 3, 5 positive things about each person. You could change the theme each day – Fun thing / happiest memory / quirk / imperfection / thing that drives you mad but you still love them just as much etc.
  7. Search ‘affirmations for_____ (something you need help with) – create a list of a 100 and read (and if you can write out!) 10 each day and repeat all summer long.
  8. Block out a couple of days but don’t plan anything – And 24 hours before put some kind of last minute plan together! Who knows where you’ll end up? (let me know if you do this and what happens!) I did this in the May half term. Where I surprised my kids and got a last minute glamping deal in Salcombe. Without a doubt, some of my kids BEST childhood memories were made.
  9. Only use your smart phone 1 hour a day – I’ve decided to order myself a basic old school Nokia phone for basic texts and phone calls this summer that I will only give out to a few people. My plan is to only fire up my smart phone 2-3 times a day for 20 mins each time. (Separate blog on this!) And to create more quiet in my life.
  10. Do something impromptu and out of character – I mean go all out on this – why the hell not?! Have some fun with this 🙂
  11. Connect with an old friend you’ve not been in contact with for years – An old school friend, someone you travelled with, someone you used to work with, someone you have happy memories with but have drifted apart. Send them a message, give them a call, write them a letter.
  12. Do your Christmas shopping – It’s less than 165 days as I write this, I started mine last week. What would the December you be asking the July / August you to do? You can save money, save stress, get smug! I have a ME week next week (I always take a week off for just me, before my kids break up) and I’ll be doing a fair bit more of Christmas shopping!
  13. Create a summer family vision board – Where you all put something on it that you’d love to do. Some with everyone, some with friends, some by yourself or with certain family members. Even if your kids are teens or have left home, they can still contribute.
  14. Start journaling – First up, switch out the word journaling as I know a lot of people hate it. Just see it as pen to paper to explore various things, let go of things, build a new mindset and narrative. We have had SUCH incredible breakthroughs in The Women’s Mindset Club the last couple of weeks. See some testimonials and breakthroughs in my Instagram stories.
  15. Pivot something you do – Change your social media angle, set up a side hustle income, travel solo, change tactics in your business, show up different as a partner or parent. I love the saying “There’s power in the pivot”.
  16. Tag team – I have a client who has set up 3 tag team days a week with a friend. She has all kids one day, the friend has all the kids the next and then they are doing a half day each at the weekend. This is going to TRANSFORM their summer.
  17. Do something bold – The thing you know you probably want to do. Something that’s a bit scary. Roll up your sleeves and be brave. These leaps of faith change your life!
  18. Create the simplest summer possible – Some of you could have the summer of your lives by ripping up the rule book and stripping it right back! Just because you can, or think you should, doesn’t mean you have to!
  19. Avoid things completely that take your down – The news, social media, certain people in your life, junk food, junk thoughts! And instead; fill your time, mind, body and life with better things!
  20. Get fit – Don’t fall into the trap of ‘fitness has to take a back seat’. I’m going to start the Tummy ATTACK bootcamp a week on Monday. Not to ‘get in shape for summer’. But more because I’m feeling good and fancy a little fitness mission at the moment.
  21. Go alcohol free – I’m nearly five months AF – and I’m telling you, it will change your life! Not one area of my life hasn’t got better since I quit (look out for my “How to be a happy non-drinker” mini course, which I’m launching Bank Holiday weekend when I’ve hit 6 months). I wish I’d managed to do it sooner.
  22. Get on your money management or give some money away – If money is an area that stresses you out, don’t brush it under the carpet, own it.  I do a weekly non-negotiable money management session for 20 mins or so. And the Money Boss Express bundle is coming out v. soon! I also give money away, 5% of my Women’s Mindset Club revenue goes to Women’s Aid via Work for Good. And 5% of my personal income goes to various charities or surprising people that need it each month.
  23. Invest in yourself and get help with something you struggle with – A declutterer, a nutritionist, a coach, a cleaner, some extra childcare, whatever you need. And never think of the cost; think of the value!
  24. Listen to an inspirational audio each day – As I always say “you’re only one audio away from a better day”. If you committed to listening to one of my audios a day – whether 5 minutes or 60 minutes. Your entire summer and whole life experience would change. Remember the 10 week £99 pass is back for The Women’s Mindset Club!
  25. Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable – One of my favourite quotes! Don’t over-plan or over-do. Sometimes the very best things in life happen ‘just because’, right?!

These are just a few ideas that I came up with. I’m sure you  your own to add or replace some of these! Here’s to a wonderful summer, whatever that means to each of us!😎

You might also be interested in my Summer Holiday Sanity Planner! Particularly useful if you’re someone that struggles to juggle all the people, things and demands that the summer time can bring (especially if you have school aged kids on school hols!). It’s £19.99 for two webinars; my hugely popular Life Management Formula – and the sunshine adapted version to help you create the summer you want AND stay sane!

Any questions let me know!

Janey x


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