Don’t be a cheeseburger!

If you’re someone who gets distracted from goals, finds following through and consistency really difficult and often changes their minds around goals, to do lists and actions, then this blog is for you!

I recently did some online training via the Female Entrepreneur Association (that I’m a member of) and a lady called Susan Ferraro ( who was a guest expert one month, was helping us see where so many women are going wrong with their businesses – in particular with regards to the law of attraction. This blog isn’t about the law of attraction, but she refers to a cheeseburger order analogy –  about how women can often screw up their vibe, focus and success by constantly changing what they want, confusing themselves and those around them and not getting what they want. It really hit home as I could see how so many of my clients (and me a little!) are doing exactly the same thing with health, fitness, personal and business goals.

So I’m going to pass the inspiration on to you in the hope it helps you get CLARITY, you keep things SIMPLE , that you really STICK to what you say you’re going to do, and most importantly GET TO WHERE YOU WANT to, whatever your goal may be.

The story goes something like this (with some add-ons from me!) …

A woman goes into a restaurant and she decides she wants a cheese burger and chips and orders it from the waiter. A minute later she changes her mind and decides she wants a salad with her cheeseburger too, but decides she doesn’t want chips. She calls the waiter over (who’s already placed the order in the kitchen) and changes her order. As the waiter goes back to the kitchen to change the order, the woman decides that actually she does want chips, but not the bun. She apologies to the waiter, calls him back and changes her order. Once again, the kitchen staff have to restart the order to accommodate her change of mind. Then she decides she actually would like the bun, but only half of it, like an open cheseburger and that she doesn’t want tomato. She calls the waiter back and changes her order again, putting through cheeseburger and chips, half a bun, no tomato. She also sees someone else order a cream soda and decides that she wants one of those too, so orders that. The more she thinks about it the more she over thinks it, contemplating all her options regarding her cheeseburger. Then she feels a bit anxious, so decides to look at her phone to keep her busy. She sees a ‘fitspiration’ woman on her instagram feed who is looking fit and happy, and thinks that she has not ordered the right things. She then changes her order one last time by changing the chips to sweet potato fries, asking for extra gherkin as she got rid of the tomatoes and not having the cream soda, but water and lemon instead. By this time the waiter is losing his patience and the kitchen are losing their mind. It’s become a bit of a stress for everyone involved with all the chopping and changing but they eventually deliver the cheeseburger as ordered. But by the time she gets it, she realizes that it’s not really what she wanted after all.

Sound familiar? As Susan read her little analogy out to us, I was laughing out loud because I know soooo many women doing similar things to this in most or all areas of their lives. Chopping and changing, over thinking, being pulled from pillar to post with all the options and choices around them, cherry picking the bits they want but only to be disappointed when the end result isn’t really what they wanted or went in for in the first place.

Now as I say this was in some law of attraction training and for those that don’t know, many experts believe that in order to get what you want, you need to choose, order and focus on it. So in terms of the law of attraction, women ‘think’ they are ordering what they want, but the reality is the universe can’t respond to all that chaos!

But I really think this analogy can be useful to help us with regards to goal setting and that’s my main reason for sharing. Here are three main things I’m seeing at the moment and some top tips and solutions underneath…

  • I am seeing sooooooo many women starting health programs, but only doing a couple of days, before blending in some new ideas they’ve seen on social media, with some diet tips their friends have been talking about or may have seen on a TV program. Then they’re taking parts out of the program they don’t like, mixing the rest with other things they like from else where, changing it all up (or in some cases making it up!) and a few weeks later they are confused and most importantly not got the results they want.
  • I am also seeing women get so confused over their goals and making things so complicated by not having the ability to focus on one thing at a time. You cannot prioritise everything and just because you can choose an array of options, you don’t have to have them all! Some women start the week prirotising their fitness goals, then the next day that has been put completely to one side and it’s business goals, then the following day they are jumbling up business and fitness AND home goals and by the next day they are overwhelmed, confused and feeling demotivated. By the 5th day, they’ve not achieved anything they really wanted to and feeling flat or frustrated or both.
  • I’m also seeing many women unnecessarily stressed with even more confusion and overwhelm in their lives because they are skimming through so much and not taking the correct and proper information in. The fact there are so many options and that there is so much information – and of course the fact that we are now used to scrolling – means women think they are reading / actioning everything such as instructions, but in reality they aren’t. How many of you really read the important detail of things you’re interested in / sign up to / pay for / invest in? How many of you are allocating enough time to read thoroughly and properly for some advice or education you might need to get to a goal?


Here’s some ideas for you to make simple choices, follow through and get what you want!

Take some time to think about what you want – Ideally unplug and find a quiet place. Don’t decide as you’re doing things or multitasking. Take a break to help you connect with your goals and dreams, then order your cheeseburger. Don’t be deciding as you’re actioning. Decision first, then action!

Prioritise what you want – Cross comparing is a good way to do this, timetabling what you’ll focus on when can also help and even giving yourself a focus for each month. In other words have a cheese burger and chips this month, maybe next month go back and have the sweet potato fries next month. Or have the cheeseburger and chips for lunch and a salad for dinner! You can’t and don’t need to do it all at once, got it?

Keep things simple – As the cheeseburger story implies, too much choice and the fact that we can chop and change so much and last minute in this modern world gives permission for chaos. If there was only a cheeseburger and fries on the menu with a ‘no swaps out’ rule, you’d order a cheese burger and eat a cheeseburger wouldn’t you. Simple and successful right?!

Invest in and focus on one thing at a time – If you’re going for a cheese burger, go for a cheese burger. Don’t get swayed to try the different sides. Pay for a decent cheeseburger, get stuck into your cheeseburger, get value from your cheeseburger and most importantly follow through and enjoy your cheeseburger.

Be really good and get stuck into one or two things rather than be half hearted and not very good at loads of things – Many women tend to think they need to do or experience loads of different things to be successful and get great results. Strip it back, do less and be clear. In my BEST program we teach our clients the importance of understanding your strengths and weaknesses and strength strategist Marcus Buckingham says that women’s happiness and success are constantly being compromised by this self-limiting cultural habit of doing too much. Do one or two things and REALLY DO IT!


I hope this has been useful to you all, I know when I’ve shared this cheeseburger story with clients this summer they have really identified with the lady and her cheese burger! It is just habit, it can be overturned and I promise you that with the tips I’ve shared above, goal setting and most importantly getting what you want will seem a LOT easier and more enjoyable!

If you think one of my programs could help you get the results you want, take a look at your options HERE. Make sure you choose ONE to start with and take it seriously! Then when you’ve done one, you might find another useful, based on a different goal or challenge you face. If you need help wondering which program could help you, then please contact the office, I’m happy to have a quick chat with anyone who might be unsure. I’d rather get you on the right program than to see a confused cheeseburger client, ha ha!

Janey x





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