Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today!

As I write this, it’s the 1st of November and I love this time of year a) because I’m a big Christmas fan and can officially say Christmas is next month (!) and b) because I have a surge of self-motivation and ‘let’s get things done or achieved’ mentality so I end the year on a high!


But I often find people ease off goals this time of year, with the ‘oh well I’ll leave it for now and start again in January’ mindset. PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! Let me sprinkle my self-motivation strategies through this blog to you all and help you end this year with a beautiful bang!


Here are my top 10 tips on making the most out of the last 60 days of the year (and this can be applied to any two months of the year really too!):


There’s still 60 days left of 2015 – approx. 17% of the year. LOADS of time to create and achieve some awesome old, existing or brand new goals.   From my personal observations of clients, I find that in January, people think they can achieve more than they actually are able to in the first two months of the year but in November really underestimate what they could do to turn their year around and achieve some great things. In 60 days you can do an awful lot! Change jobs, set up a business, lose a stone, become really fit, de-clutter your house, sort your finances out, find the man of your dreams, learn a new skill, conceive a baby, make a new best friend for life, you name it, it can happen. But be open to opportunities and make the things you want to happen HAPPEN!


Live your life like there is no tomorrow. One of my closest and dearest best friends is dealing with a terminal, aggressive, cancerous brain tumour at the moment. It came out of nowhere and they are one of the healthiest people I know. I’m hoping for a miracle and that he will somehow pull through and turn this around, not just for him, but his beautiful wife and 5 children. But this awful scenario has taught me one monumental thing. Let’s all live our lives to the full and make each day count. Let’s all aim to be fit, strong and as happy as we possibly can be each day and let’s also strive to reach our full potential. If there’s a fit person in there somewhere that is trapped because of emotional eating issues, a best selling book in that brilliant brain of yours that is being stopped by lack of confidence or a life created on your terms that you completely deserve but is being ignored because of self-sabotage & mindset issues, why not tackle these right now, this month, this year, this moment! There is no dress rehearsal in life and you can make differences in all areas of your life, TODAY. But have fun with this every single hour of the day, so you’re embracing your goals, not getting stressed or overwhelmed by them.


Get rid of all negative energy – Do you owe someone an apology? Or owe someone money? Maybe you’ve been meaning to call back a good friend all year long? This is a good time of year to do this. Create a really good vibe about you and others between now and the end of the year, and it will manifest in all areas of your life. Equally, does someone owe you money? If so, ask nicely for it back, even if it is over an agreed longer-term payment plan. If finances are your weak point, get them in order by the end of the year. Facing up to things, readjusting your Christmas budget and organizing a debt or savings plan for 2016 will create fantastic energy and help you avoid guilt and regret. What’s done is done. Put all your energy not on fighting the old, but building the new!


Lock in with people who want to be as self-motivated as you. Get fit with someone or a group of people that have the same goals as you (Fit for a Princess if you live near Wandsworth or Sittingbourne and want to do outdoor/indoor bootcamps or check out our amazing online bootcamps starting Monday 9th November if you want to train online with a group of women – we have a great group booked on and you can take part anywhere in the world!). Network or socialize with some interesting, upbeat people, hang out with the people who bring out the best in you, have a Facebook / Instagram cull of those people / groups who zap you of energy and replace with people /groups who enhance your feelings and thoughts in a positive way!


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Get in the success zone. What I mean by this is, imagine you’ve already achieved what you’ve set out to do. Take yourself on a visual journey to the 31st December where you’re about to celebrate the New Year in and ask yourself these questions: 1) How are you feeling now you’ve lost a stone/dropped a dress size / can run 10kms / overcome your confidence issues / made some progress on a big life change / started writing your secret book / hooked up with an old friend you love and not seen for ages / found your dream job (whatever your goal or goals may be!) and 2) What does that mean for you starting 2016? Is your New Year going to be easier, enjoyable, more successful for example because you started doing things now? By tackling things now and being in an action / work in progress phase, rather than in a procrastination / uphill one is SO powerful!


Just bloody well do it! What I mean by this is people spend an awful amount of time talking about their goals rather than just setting to and doing it. If you want to drop a dress size by Christmas, you can do it, you know you can do it, you probably want to do it, but you actually need to do it (and refer to point 4 about getting in the success zone!). If you wanted to make 2015 the year you did something crazy / different / new / change your life and you didn’t quite make it for some reason, address it now and start making your way towards these goals or dreams. Do it now, not in January!


Have an honest chat with yourself – What have you been avoiding? Are you in denial about something? If you said you were going to achieve something this year and haven’t, what are the reasons you haven’t done it/them? BUT, don’t make this negative, you can still turn things around with the last 60 days of the year and you can still reach the goals that you want to, or of course create some new ones, why not?!


Get excited about ending the year on a high – We will live in a world where stress, overload, pressure, comparison, anxiety, long to do lists and worry is all around us (not if you’ve done my BEST program!), so sometimes it’s hard to flip your energy around to one of excitement. This needs to come from you. Put all your focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Get behind yourself. Smile and laugh as you go about your business to lose weight / change shape / quit your job, it doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be difficult or filled with dread. Get super-super excited about where you’re going and get as excited as you can, woo hoo to 2015 (even if it’s been rubbish up until now – you can turn it around!




Prioritise the things you want to achieve – If you didn’t reach your fitness goals because of work, or didn’t nail your eating because you were tired and stressed, or didn’t look for that new job because you were distracted by kids or other people’s problems, you may want to look at your priorities. Again, people often wait until the New Year to do this, but really take a good look at these right now, this very week, month and in the last 17% of the year. What could you differently? What could you do more of or less of? What could you to do help yourself achieve your goals? You can’t prioritise everything (see my recent blog on priorities for more on this). So get savvy with your time, your limits, your boundaries and start ticking off the things on your lifestyle wish list.


Just absolutely go for it – Rather than setting out to do something half heartedly, just go nuts! Especially with a short-ish time frame like two months. Find what makes you want to do something and makes you feel good about your goals. Use pictures, images, quotes and make a mini end of year vision board. Or write yourself the top 5 or 10 reasons why you want something and have this list everywhere – on your desk, fridge, purse, bedroom door. Surround yourself with things that get you in the mood for action and get some momentum – you will not regret it! 


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If you need help, inspiration, support, content and camaraderie to reach any of your goals, we’d love to help.

We have three 28 day online bootcamps starting on Monday 9th November – Best Body, SugarHIIT and Tummy ATTACK. They are fun, enjoyable and get fantastic results if you want to get fitter or change shape this side of Christmas.

Plus we have a 5-week confidence-boosting program starting on the 9th November too. It’s for women who want to understand and beat their confidence issues and we promise you will end the year a much more confident person (whatever area of your life you lack confidence) – perfect for kicking off 2016 with a bang!

Finally, we are now taking bookings for BEST 2016 – a 40-week mindset and motivation program aimed at helping women become the best versions of themselves and reaching their full life potential. We do recognize that some of you may prefer to end the year on a high, knowing that next year you’re in good hands and can turn anything or everything around. If that’s the case, come and grab one of the earlybird places that save you £80 off the program.


Have a great week, a great month and a great rest of 2015!


Janey X

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