Embrace the day

Janey Holliday christmasOn Saturday, after a week of training in the cold, snow, dark and wind (anyone in the UK will know exactly what I mean!), I’d had enough as I woke up to more snow and more freezing conditions. This is something that is usually behind us by this time of the year and we’re swapping Uggs for flip flops and jumpers for layers. Everyone I meet is fed up, complaining about the weather and I must admit, even I’ve been partaking in these types on conversations.

In the last 11 months, the UK has seen the worst weather, back-to-back and I think if someone had said this time last year we’d have had the wettest summer (I think 10 consecutive weeks of rain), a dull, windy and wet autumn and then the coldest three months since Christmas, we a) wouldn’t have believed it and b) would have been SO depressed about the thought of it!

One day, when we are old we will tell these tales to our children and grandchildren, ‘Ooh, do you remember 2012 and 2013? The UK was colder than Mount Everest basecamp in the last week of March, and it will be told with laughter, because by then it will be a distant memory and we’ll have had some sunshine!

But back to Saturday morning… I could feel my mood lower as I focused on the all the negative things and I started to think about not being able to be in my garden and do the things I normally do at this time of year, wondering whether Fit for a Princess could survive another wet/cold season if it continues, about how this time last year we were experiencing an out of season heat wave. I felt rubbish and for a second it nearly took over me and ruined my day. Being a mindset coach and someone who is very creative, I put my thinking cap on and thought ‘if you can’t beat it, join in’.

I said to my four year old twins, ‘Do you fancy having a pretend Christmas Day?’ They jumped for joy, ‘ Yes, yes, yes, please!’, and as the snow fell down and my Easter/spring window display looked as out of place as a BBQ at Christmas, we switched frequency and had one of the best days ever. We went to Sainsbury’s, bought Christmas dinner ingredients, I even asked if they had any crackers out the back (we had to settle for balloons and party hats), came home, put the fire on, played Christmas songs, watched Christmas DVDs, got out all the Christmas games and created some really special memories – something I think life is all about. Just one simple shift in my mindset, took us to a totally different place.

Time is time, some argue an illusion (Einstein) and it’s the thing we want most but are so mindless with. It’s so precious and it doesn’t last. The best way to spend our lives is to live in the here and now. The past has gone, the future may never come (nor the sunshine for a while longer!) and so being in the present is one of the most positive things we can do.

Don’t wish time away, wish the weather was different, make the weather (or the economy for that matter if you’ve spent the weekend watching the news and reading the papers) affect how you live your life. It’s a waste. Embrace the situations we are faced with, monitor your mindset and instead of having days that you wish were different; be glad that you have a day. When you come to the end of your life, you just want one more day. One more day to experience things that make you feel good and very rarely do they involve money and weather. You want to talk, cuddle and kiss the people you love. You want to laugh, smile, and maybe indulge in your favourite foods. You can do these things every single day of your life if you let yourself.

Finally, ever noticed how much more you appreciate something when you’re deprived of it – food, seeing those you love, sleep, money… It’s the same for weather. Yes, it can lift our moods, but you have the power to do that too and the sun will come out soon. In the meantime, create your own sunshine.

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