End Emotional Eating

It IS possible to end emotional eating, I should know as I used to be one!

  • Ready to free yourself from the emotional eating trap?
  • Fed up of being stuck in an exhausting progress-sabotage-guilt cycle?
  • Tired of think about food all day long, yet still not getting where you want?
  • Questioning whether what you say you want IS actually what you want, or even possible?
  • Crave food freedom and are desperate to change your story and create a a positive relationship with food and health once and for all?

If you answered yes to any of these, you will LOVE my Emotional Eating Bundle!

Emotional eating and health psychology is such an important part of creating enjoyable and long lasting health.

The beliefs, habits, triggers, cravings, motivation, consistency and sabotages we have, ALL come from our minds!

That saying “Get the mind right and the body/health will follow” is something so many of us forget.

Back in 2020, I put together an annual program called 3PHealth, which was all about helping people create optimum health, food freedom, and effortless food and health management for life.

The 3Ps stood for principles, planning and psychology. And it was a very successful program. But it was BIG!

And so now we’ve broken this program down into bite size chunks!

This is the Emotional Eating bundle and the Food Management Made Easy bundle (out in September) will cover the principles and planning side of health and food management.

This End Emotional Eating bundle is co-hosted with my co-coach Gill Harvey-Bush, who is a psychologist, NLP practitioner and emotional eating expert.

She was anorexic in her late teens, had cancer in her fifties and coaches people with emotional eating, disordered eating and health blocks in her coaching practice. So she has a wealth of professional and personal experience around health and mindset.

I too, had disordered eating until my late twenties. But when I became a health coach in 2006, I transformed my eating mindset. And I completely freed myself of years and years of sugar addiction and soul destroying restriction.

The End Emotional Eating bundle has 9 hours of must-know information for anyone wanting to leave their crappy emotional eating habits behind.

Plus some Q and A replay audios from when we ran it live. All of these can be listened to on the go!



It covers the following topics:

1. Understanding your thoughts and the impact these have on your health choices and mindset

2. Emotional and controlled eating/drinking explained

3. Overriding habits, breaking anchors and triggers.

4. Subliminal beliefs and messages

5. Self-sabotage

6. How to deal with the influence of others

7. Communicating better to inspire others

8. Creating your new health story

9. Re-programming for consistency


Each of the above can be watched on a zoom replay, or audio version if you prefer.

There is also a selection of brilliant emotional eating and body image related Q and A replay audios too.

And the cost of this bundle is just £39.99, or it’s included in The Women’s Mindset Club subscription.

SIGN ME UP for £39.99!

Or, access straight away by joining The Women’s Mindset Club

As you’ll hear Gill and I share on the calls, if WE can move away from emotional eating and negative health cycles, ANYONE can!

And my goodness, life really does become a whole lot better.

What are you waiting for?!

Janey x