3 MINUTE READ: Why exercise is the core of self-care!

Last week I was asked by the fabulous ‘Our Edit’ website to write a feature around exercise and self-care and I was happy to oblige!

It goes like this….

“The self-care umbrella for me includes eating nourishing foods, thinking positive thoughts, being kind to myself, having good work-life-kids boundaries, resting when I need to, relaxing and having fun guilt-free, living a life that is authentic to me and my values, not worrying what others think and of course, creating the time for EXERCISE!

As a busy working single Mum of three (8 year old twin boys and a 1 year old girl), the ultimate act of self-care is to get my trainers on and escape from the daily grind! It keeps me sane, it energises me, it shatters any stress I have going on, gets me away from dirty nappies and homework and it makes me feel SO good (well afterwards at any rate!). It makes me a better coach, writer, speaker and manager of my team and without a doubt I am a happier and more relaxed mother too…..”

Read the full article on Our Edit HERE.

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