Fast Track VIP Day

My FAST TRACK VIP DAYS are one of the greatest ways to create powerful progress, swift solutions and rapid results in your life.

Three and a half hours of coaching / mentoring, delivered in three separate sessions –  BUT IN JUST ONE DAY – is hugely beneficial if you have lots that you want to sort out in your life. But don’t have much time, or patience!

You’ll be truly amazed as to what we can get covered in such a short space of time with the momentum and flow that builds when working intensely like this.

How it works –

These sessions take place on Zoom with the outline as follows:

  • 930-1045am – Session 1
  • 1045-1115am – Break 1
  • 1115am-1230pm – Session 2
  • 1230pm to 1pm – Break 2
  • 1-2pm – Session 3

(we can flex these times slightly if need be)

We work together for 3.5 hours in one day and then a 30 minute top up session within a month of your Fast Track VIP Day.

You also get all session recordings to download and keep.

VIP Fast track days can only take place Wednesday and Thursday in term time

These VIP FAST TRACK DAYS are available for men as well as women.

Split Day now available!

If doing in one day is difficult from a diary perspective, we have recently trialled a two day split which worked really well; two hours one day and two hours the next. Includes full follow up report and replays, but no 30 minute follow up session as per the one day experience. The price and hours are still the same.

About Me

I am an experienced mindset, life management and small business coach. With a previous background of health and fitness. I’ve been in the wellbeing and coaching industry for 22 years – so we can cover different areas of your life in your FAST TRACK VIP DAY. Which is another huge benefit of working with an experienced coach like me in an acceleration experience like this.

Janey x 



“I did a 121 coaching day on Zoom with Janey last year and found it really helpful. Doing it this way meant we covered an awful lot of ground. And being able to mix and match the different areas of my life across the sessions was so valuable. We covered everything from mindset, stress management, overwhelm, relationships, motivation, career, self-care and home. I highly recommend doing a day like this, if you’re someone with a lot of life stuff that needs sorting out, but you don’t know where to start. Or need someone to roadmap it for you, I can’t imagine making the progress we did in one day if the sessions had been spread out over a month or so. We built a lot of momentum and I came away with a plan of action and a lot of relief.”   Claire Goding, SW London


The cost of the FAST TRACK VIP DAY is £699.



Please just email in to to book your VIP day or VIP split days and we will organise the dates with you.  And once your booking comes in, you will be sent a very short questionnaire so you can let me know where you are at and where you think you need help!

Any questions, let me know! –

I look forward to working with you.

Janey x