Feeling guilty after Bank Holiday weekend? Read this!

Feeling guilty after having a little bit of fun?

Starting this Tuesday morning punishing yourself for drinking too much or eating the wrong foods?

Has the self-loathing having not being able to restrain yourself the way you’d planned to, already kicked in?

Emails in from clients already, discussions on my online forums, Facebook posts after Facebook posts are  already telling me there are quite a few of you out there today!

Well stop.

I could write a post about how your actions aren’t aligned with your goals, maybe you don’t want what you say you do as much as you think you do, or perhaps I could suggest you’ve even set the wrong goals?

But I’m not.

Whatever you did or didn’t do is done. Eaten, drank, spent, experienced. It’s done and you can’t turn back time! So my advice to you is to put every single inch of your energy as to what you can do today to make yourself healthier, better, happier (if you perhaps compromised these over the weekend) and lay those punishing, loathing, guilty feelings to one side.

After all there’s no point having any regrets because it (whatever you did or didn’t do!) was what you wanted to do at one time, right?

Life is to be enjoyed. And yes, it’s about balance.But it’s also about giving yourself permission to do what you want to do short term, yet at the same time keeping a check on what you want long term.

It’s about being realistic, accepting that you’re human and that sometimes, even with a great goal with lots of focus and discipline, you’re all entitled to go off track a little.

But it’s not the falling down, it’s the staying down.  

It’s also about understanding that part of successful long term health is being consistent 9 times out of 10 so that when you choose to go off track (and it is a choice and every single one of us needs to take responsibility for these choices), that it is OK. In fact it can even be GOOD for you!

I had a couple of cocktails, a few glasses of wine and even a take away pizza over the weekend! Over all I drank and ate more than I thought I would. But (and this is pretty important), I balanced it out with some exercise, long sleeps, work and fun with the kids. It’s also crucial to balance any indulgences (controlled or out of control ones!) with some super-goodness.

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